“Still a bit short,Perhaps the blood of the sword master is the best。”Zhu Minglang looks at Wen Mengru of Mianshan Jianzong。

Wen Mengru holding a sword in his hand,All her attention is on the body of the sword spirit dragon。
same,She has never seen such a dragon。
No dragon,Like a sword,Even more powerful than real swords!
Zhu Minglang said the sword master,Of course it is Wen Mengru。
And the sword spirit dragon has been taken from the sky,The crimson sword strikes,Wen Mengru looks solemn,Hurriedly raise the sword to parry。
The dexterous sword spirit dragon,The weight is extremely exaggerated。
Wen Mengru contends with his sword power,But immediately felt my palm、Palm numb,Even the pace is a bit disordered。
“Fast sword!”Zhu Minglang said。
Ten years of sword practice,The sword spirit dragon knows all the sword styles of wishing Minglang,It’s smart and fast,After Shen Jian, he directly attacked with fast swords。
Sword flower dazzled,Wen Mengru also responded with a fast sword,From the beginning, others could see the sword colliding with the sword,To Jian Yujian, only the afterimage remains,In the end, you can only see the sparks of the collision!
“clang!!Clang clang!!!”
“Clang clang clang clang!!!!”
Sword like a shower,Wen Mengru keeps stepping back,Her eyes are focused,Dignified,It’s as if you are fighting a master swordsman。