Followed by,A crescent shape,A scimitar weapon with intricate Buddhist inscriptions cut through the void,Whistling, turning into a black shadow, slashed towards Li Ming’s head。

Li Mingyi hum,A bead-shaped magic weapon filled with thunder sprayed out,The orb releases countless thunders,Abruptly stopped the scimitar。
“He is indeed a rare talent in Lei Yuan’s small world in millions of years,Fellow Dao Ming’s strength is beyond my expectations。”A hoarse voice came。
An old man,Shrouded in white robe,Withered face,But the eyes of the yin bird are a little frightening。
“Saito Patriarch?”Li Ming said with certainty,Except for Saito ancestor,I am afraid that no one in Saito can burst out such a powerful power。
“Not bad,it’s me!”The ancestor Saito looked at Li Ming, his eyes were also full of jealousy。A hundred years ago,The opponent is only able to compete with the Cangxian assisted by the formation.,And the opponent also has a useful formation。
But a hundred years later?It’s actually quite as good as myself。
not to mention,The contradiction between the two parties cannot be resolved,Saito ancestor is killing。
Finger,A black flowing water under his control,Power explosion,Tumbling violently。
Simultaneously,Four scimitar magic weapons fly out,Flying side by side with the previous one,Strangling。
Just when Li Ming’s deity made an all-out effort to fight against Saito’s ancestor,Thousands of miles away,Entrance of Leiyuan Small World。
With a loud noise,A giant with three heads holds six different weapons,Tear Saito’s layout in the Winter Tour World,The formation to seal Lei Yuan’s small world。Then the weapon waved at random,Quickly kill the Yuanshen Taoist of the Saito clan guarding here。
“go!”The head in the middle gave an order,The huge giant ran away,Huge body,So that every step of the span is tens of feet,And the action speed is extremely fast。
Less than a quarter of an hour,Three giants have appeared on the periphery of the Saito clan。
All three faces showed a hideous smile。