“Have you seen it??”

Red dyed voice。
“Not the highest。”Red dyeing pointed to the top of the tree,There is a flat place there。
“No road。”
Zhou Zhiyou looked at it。
Can just finish,He feels that his arm is caught.,Ear sound:“My sister took you.。”
Chapter 451 Can anyone tell me this is really fun?
The sky is gradually dim。
This world begins to enter the night。
Zhou has already dropped from the treetop.,Stepping on the ground,Moss under the foot of the foot,I don’t know when I started to have some small spot.,Let this scene like a dream。
Along with the group’s twist in his arms。
“Bright worm coming out!”
Zhouzhi holds a group,Solve her fall,This is finally looking to these small spot。
These small light spots are in fact a bugs of a peanuts.,Just they have love,Like a small elf。It is important that they really have a pair of hands.,Hands carrying glowing small lanterns,The light emitted by these lanterns is still different.,Take Yellow Guang’s most common,Brightness is strong。
Careful investment。
They are flying from a flower from the http://www.haijs.cn roadside.,That kind of flower is just a flower bud,On the evening bloom,Flowers also exude weak fluorescence,Dress this forest。
The little elves are flying in the air.,Not much number,Rough,Fly,They fly into the street lamp。
So the road light is on。
Zhou Zhiyou stunned,I am busy turning back and turning back.,Watching four sides。
Far deep road、Aerial branch,Including houses on the tree,Both began to pick up two-year-old,The whole forest is instantly loaded with a light.。
The night of the city began。
The little elves fly out again.,Start hosted in the forest。
Sometimes,Seems to do nothing,Sometimes they will fall on them or other monsters,Sometimes you drill from the window to others.,Sometimes three or two two two gathered in a pile,Like social turnover, I also found that I am welcomed by them.,They often http://www.syw111.cn flies around him,Stare at him,Like watching rare。
At the same time, they don’t dare to get close to the sequin.。
This makes Zhou feel very interesting.。
“Do they also demon??”
“Not awkward,Be a bright worm!”The group rushed to answer,Also say twice,“Be a bright worm!”
“Thank you, adult。”Zhou Sheng continues to look red dye。
“It depends on how you understand.。”Red dyeing mouth,Explain,“In theory, as long as it is the hometown of the hometown.、Thoughtful,We all treat them as the same kind,Despite some individual wisdoms, it is more stupid than a speech.。But they are obviously different from us.,We are the same as a long time.,And they are new life that is gestated after your universe.,You can see。”
“Humph!”The group is very dissatisfied。
“This way.”Nod,Touching the head of a group,“But what is this?http://www.ljyg0591.cn?”
“Humph!”Adults continue to dissatisfaction。
“It is very complicated,But it can also be very simple.,The two worlds have intersected after all.,The general will affect each other。This can be understood as a change in the world’s influence of the world.,It can also be seen as an invasion of your world to our world.,Soft invasion。In fact, we don’t know how this process is going.,See what you use to look at it.。”Red dyeing is very calm,“For example, intrusion is the common statement of your humanity.,Because you have been accustomed to invading,From your racial birth, you will continue to witness the collision between species.。And we are not thinking so,Don’t you think this is not good?。”
“What happened to a group??”Zhouzhi quickly bowed。