In the crash course of the head of Kong, Inter Milan gradually recovered himself

In the “crash course” of the head of Kong, Inter Milan gradually recovered himself
The new coach Contire is very popular.Picture / Visual China Inter Milan, who returned to the Champions League in May last year, after a short period of joy, immediately experienced the dangers of the rivers and lakes, and they encountered the “death group” of their last wheel overturn.This season, the Inter Milan group stage is still poorly signed Inter, but after a flat start, gradually recovered himself.With the 2-0 defeat of Dortmund this morning, after jumping to the second of the group, the Nerazzurri sailed out of the dangerous beach.This season, with the board’s spare no effort to invest, and the new coach Contire, the fierce and popular training, that heart is higher than the sky, hit the thin blue and black army.”New Inter” is coming.There is not much good news for Inter Milan before it is expected to tame the Hornet Champions League confidence to win the Champions League group stage against Dortmund.After losing the national derby with Juventus, the Nerazzurri lost the Serie A “leader” position and took the second place, and the rest time was one day shorter than Dortmund.Sanchez, who had a dislocated toe, hung up a free card, and midfielder Sensi, who had a thigh muscle injury, was also absent.”We just want to get 3 points and never let Dort go back.Conte, who gave his nickname “Head of the Hole”, showed his belief in winning before the match, which is not common among previous Inter coaches.The last person who spoke in this way led Inter Milan to win 3 crowns.In this life-and-death battle where the generals still have to score 3 points, Conte once again showed the true character of “dare to say bet”.Except for the three central defenders who can’t move with the thunder, the two wingbacks Asamoah and Candreva are both midfielders. Conti is more important than the defense for the two’s running and coverage and their strength on the other side.The restrictions of Sancho, Brandt and others, as the game went deeper, the rhythm finally returned to Conte’s expectations.The whole game fell, and the Inter Milan ball control rate at home was 16% less, but the shots and shots were parallel to the opponent. Only 461 passes have a 88% success rate, which also shows the simplicity of Inter Milan ‘s play.The three-line connection is compact.Even though the “Bumblebee” is also known for attacking the East and not the West, but the whole game, the Bundesliga runner only shot 2 times and did not have an excellent chance to break the goal.2-0, 0 opponents, with the advantage of mutual confrontation and returned to the second team of Inter, came out of the first game was tied by Prague Slavia, the second game regretted losing the shadow of Barcelona, out of the line turned into a crisis.Inter Milan’s qualifying indicators have turned safe.Figure / Visual China transforms running undead kicks instead of abandoning old styles. “We have a great coach. He has been on the team for 100 days. We support him 200% and 300%.”After defeating many outstanding players this summer, Zhang Kangyang, Inter’s” Young Master “, was overwhelmed with excitement after signing the contract with Conte.Admittedly, Juventus ‘s former contributor to the former revival of Juve ‘s former rivals, and in the last season of Chelsea, he and seniors, players and peers were too old to die, but Conte was certainly just for his own use, but it was the best long-term “quick” in the entire European continentOne of the coaches.Although the Nerazzurri Air Force seldom uses the 352 formation, and there are not many players who meet Conte ‘s requirements, but in only five months, Conte ‘s “run undead” kick has completed a perfect graft on Inter.Delving into Conte’s road to fame, the huge coverage of the midfield and high-intensity running have always been one of its characteristics.Marquisio of Juventus, Kanter of Chelsea are all so.Today, it is Brozovic who is Inter Milan’s “eye”. As the starter of the Nerazzurri’s longest running distance per game this season, the ubiquitous combatants make the opponent particularly uncomfortable, if not consumed on an equal basisRestricting “B Ronaldo” comes at the cost of being robbed by Inter Milan and arrogant.So far this season, in addition to Juventus, who is relatively familiar with Conte’s tactics, achieved this goal, as strong as Barcelona, but only by Messi and Suarez’s personal abilities to barely complete the turnaround.In the chaotic world, the heavy code is used, and the fierce medicine takes the pill.Conte’s strength is precisely what Inter Milan lacks-defensive focus, because the team has conceded the second-lowest number of goals in the first 8 rounds of Serie A and Juventus; the striker has improved efficiency and the firepower output is second only to the more flowering Atlanta.More importantly, Conte advocated the “dog fighting spirit”, so that the Inter Milan generals’ desire to win was unprecedentedly stimulated.Admittedly, when Spalletti was coaching, the average age of the Nerazzurri was not big, but there was a “veteran style” on the court. Not only was he “teachable” when he was in a strong dialogue, facing the hardships of leagues such as Sassuolo,Often, they have never been discouraged and have been completely discouraged.Compared with AC Milan, who is still superstitious about the team’s reputation, and has refused to face the reality, Inter has already been one step ahead.Lautaro became Inter Milan’s U23 player in the Champions League.Figure / Sports new nuclear Laotaro broke out in a row to devote to the era of Spalletti, Inter is certainly at the same time sitting in the Serie A giants, but the former captain Icardi is the team ‘s most reliable weapon for grabbing points.”People” were misfired or injured, and Inter attacked habitually.After Conte appeared in Meazza, the first person he ordered was Lukaku.Although only handed over 45 bleak 15-game transcripts at Manchester United last season, they are strong, but the “little Warcraft” who is used to pulling the edge is the most mobile pawn in Conti’s double forward formation.During the dialogue, the Belgian’s response, containment and fulcrum value cannot be expected. It is precisely the advantage that Air Force Inter Milan has made them rare.The sudden effect of Icardi’s departure was almost replaced by the outbreak of fellow Lautaro Martinez.Height 1.The 74-meter Lan Heixin 10 is an equally reliable “small steel cannon”. Compared to his eldest brother, Lautaro is better at fighting tough battles, and has the ability to resist incompatibility with his height. He also runs on the field.More diligent.The Champions League faced Barcelona and Dortmund’s strong enemies, Lautaro was the first to win.After becoming Martins in 2005, he was the second U23 player to break Inter Milan in the Champions League for two consecutive games.Now it seems that the team rejected Barcelona’s offer in the summer and chose to make room for Lautaro’s growth. It is really wise.Although the two strikers have no counterpoint substitutes, the thickness of Inter Milan’s frontcourt is still considerable.In addition to Sanchez, who was loaned from Manchester United, the bright young teenager Esposito during the summer warm-up and former international Politano can also form a “dwarf front.”The penalty missed by Lautaro came from Esposito’s breakthrough, and the other one was replaced by Lukaku.The coach is courageous and the players have long faces.With the depth of double-line combat, Conte’s division and combination will be more comfortable.Afterwards, the winter window wants to be strengthened and eventually upgrades to hire Conti and General Manager Marotta two “Juventus”, Inter has solved a coupled “Kowloon water control” chaos situation.However, no matter how savvy the leaders are, they still have to rely on players to implement them.In the past few seasons, Inter, which has suffered from the financial fairness law, has been unable to play in the ball market, but after reaching a settlement with UEFA this summer, the team immediately spent 1.With 5.5 billion euros in reinforcements, Serie A is only behind Juventus.The team first introduced the iron-blooded central defender Godin from Atletico Madrid, and then grabbed the new national team Barrera in the competition with Rome, and the small commander Sensi.Lukaku and Sanchez, the former Manchester United partner, are certainly expensive, but they also bring valuable experience and richness.In fact, players such as Naingoran, Perisic, Miranda, Icardi, etc. who are getting older or who do not match the club’s philosophy have left the team in a flexible manner, and have also “weighted down” and improved the teamThe team’s strength in the future operation of the ball market.But even so, Conte is still not satisfied with the existing length.At the moment, Vidal and Rakitic, who are not popular in Barcelona, have entered Inter Milan ‘s “recruitment radar”-the former has passed the Juventus inspection, and is also known for its omnipotence.As far as Inter is experienced, it is a useful supplement.Inter Milan, who introduced Eto’o, Milito, Lucio, Mota and other generals 10 years ago, did they achieve the goal of dominating Europe with similar ideas?Overview / Editor Yang Jian Wang Xihuang