And myself?But ignore her,I just know how to play in the game,It seems to be excessive。

“Sorry,It is my fault。”Lu Menglin was talking,I want to hug Kim So Yeon。
I didn’t know that Kim So Yeon stopped his arm,And said seriously:“do not say sorry!I don’t need this kind of apology。If you think I am a woman who can be despised,Then continue like this!”
“There is nothing between me and her。Don’t think about it。Really。”Lu Menglin said hurriedly。
“It doesn’t matter,What matters is your attitude towards me。This is the problem between us,Have nothing to do with others。I think we should calm down,Re-examine the relationship between each other。”
After Kim So Yeon finished,Grow up,Walk out the door。
Lu Menglin was a little surprised,But he didn’t chase it out immediately,But lowered his head。
Maybe Kim So Yeon is right,I have a problem with her。
Lu Menglin can coax her,But I can’t deceive my heart,This time,I do think she thinks too little。
One is a half-life regret,One is a close companion in this life,These two girls make Lu Menglin feel uneasy,Care is chaos。
“Maybe I’m really a scumbag!”Lu Menglin sighed in his heart,Don’t want to think about anything,Limp on the sofa。
Since the last month,Legendary Pictures can be said to have been mixed in the entertainment circle of Hong Kong Island,Various good news continue to be exposed。
Since Legendary Pictures came out,First cooperate with superstar Zhou Xingchi,Then I got strong support from Chai’s Pictures,Resources in various circles continue。
Tentatively titled《Legendary Hegemony》’S game-themed movie has entered the formal script creation and shooting link,Funding and pre-publicity are in place。
The three newcomers who starred in the movie,Chen Jiannan、Xu Ling and Zhong Liying also appeared frequently in public,Won unanimous praise from the media on Hong Kong Island。
As for the other leading actors,Two actresses such as Zhu Qiuhong and Zhou Min,Has already been well-known to the audience on Hong Kong Island,Coupled with the high-profile joining of several big-name stars under Chai’s Pictures,Adding more extra expectations to this big production movie。