Chen Geng didn’t know Royce·When will Michael Roy be officially promoted to lieutenant general,But now it seems,This guy won Elliott·Richardson’s Trust,Elliott·Richardson could not train him to take his own class。

“That’s it,”Elliott·Richardson smiled:“But you also know,Busy for so many years,I really feel a little uncomfortable after I am idle,So I started a defense contracting company with a few friends,I am now the CEO of this defense contracting company。”
That’s it!
Before,Chen Geng still wondered how he met Elliott at this banquet tonight·Lieutenant General Richardson,But now listen to Elliott·Richardson said that after he retired and“A few friends”Established a defense contracting company,And he is also the CEO of this defense contracting company,Flint Room,Chen Geng has figured out everything about this banquet tonight:tonight,Elliott·Richardson just wanted to meet him specially,Even the banquet host organized the purpose of this banquet tonight,Is to match and promote this!
Elliott·After Richardson retired from the position of Deputy Secretary of the Pentagon,,Form a defense company,And served as chief executive officer of this defense company,Is this situation normal?
Too normal!
We said before,In American politics、academia、Military and capital,There is a“Revolving door”,A person,May now be a core senior official in a large enterprise group,But a few years later,He will enter the government department as a senior official,After several years of senior government officials,He transformed into academia or returned to finance、Real industry……It’s like traveling through an invisible revolving door、Shuttle to。
As for Elliott·Richardson,This guy is definitely not because of“Lack of energy”And the chosen retirement,This guy is ready to make money!
In the U.S,Defense contractors do not make money?
It depends,If it matters、People,Don’t make too much money!
If it looks like Elliott·Richardson was established with deep connections and influence in the military、Behind it is not clear what other defense contracting company with deep background,The money is made just like Qian’s own feet,Go to the account——For example03During the Iraq War,The Pentagon has entrusted the military defense contractor with the task of providing living supplies for the U.S. military,The result is that American soldiers drink only bottled water in Iraq,And because“Inconvenient transportation、Danger”Wait for sake,Per bottle500MLThe price of bottled water is as high as2.3USD!
all of these,Flashed through Chen Geng’s mind like an electric flint,He thought quickly about Elliott·Richardson deliberately found his own reason:This guy recruited himself,What do you want?
While thinking,Chen Geng calmly told Elliott·Richardson raised his glass:“is it?Your ethics and your deep feelings for America really make me admire,Unexpectedly, you still use this way to serve the interests of the United States after retirement,General,Respect you!”
“Ha ha……”
Elliott·Richardson smiled happily,He happily touched a wine glass with Chen Geng,Then lowered my voice:“and so,Mr. Fernandez,Are you interested in buying a share in my defense contracting company??I promise,Your income will not be lower than this number。”
Talking,Elliott·Richardson gestured to Chen Geng“3”Gesture。
The meaning of this gesture is:As long as you buy shares,I guarantee your annual rate of return will not be lower than30%!
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