Nima!Children of own country,It’s hard to get thousands of scholarships a year。A gringe,A young man can easily get more than 100,000,What the hell?

even,Some school leaders publicly stated,Over 100,000 scholarships for international students a year,Actually a little bit less。
As soon as this said,The whole network rioted。
A big boss like Jiangnan shot,Even the school where Viet Nam lives can’t stand it,Hurriedly issued a statement,Said to expel the Vietnamese student Yuan Hongwu from school。
Everyone knows,Turns out it was just a pheasant university,In order to win international students,A lot of conditional treatments that can be said to be completely spineless。
That school,I was sprayed beautifully by netizens in an instant。
Simultaneously,Expressed anger at some international students in the school who have two girlfriends,More anger,What a shame。
Vietnam’s Tsai Yuan Hongwu can be said to live like years,He was beaten,No one mentioned it,Just emphasize things that discredit the image of the Chinese,Sure enough, the Chinese are really mean。
just,He also received a call from the embassy,That he will be sent home soon。
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam does not want to cause trouble,Last time,Chinese customs directly inspected their export fruits,Thousands of tons of fruit are still piled in the warehouse,I’m afraid it’s rotten in the warehouse,Can be described as a huge loss。
More than that,There are tourists,Many scenic spots in their country,After the Chinese tourists ran away,They started to miss Chinese tourists。
Left Chinese tourists,Their tourism income plummeted by more than half。
To know,Their country,Except tourism,Is agriculture。Two industries now,Are all held by China,Very uncomfortable,Also regret,Shouldn’t cause trouble。
therefore,Now an international student is making trouble,Gave up。