“Really not afraid!”

Zhang Haibao said with a smile:“I want to kill you,Lao Zhu can’t cover you anymore!”
Old Zhu pointed to Zhu Huiwei。
“This guy is not afraid of the sun,The argument is really superior to Zhu Huiwei!”
Chen Xiu really dare not yell now,After all, Zhu Huiwei and him are both zombies,They are a family。
If Zhang Haibao insists on killing himself,Zhu Huiwei really might not fight for his own human being and his own ethnic group.。
“Lao Zhang,Don’t scare him!”
Zhu Huiwei said to Chen Xiu with a smile:“Don’t be stubborn。The Zhang Tianci you are going to kill today is the incense of Lao Zhang left in mortals。
He didn’t kill you to give him……Great-grandson revenge,I’m already giving you great face!”
Chen Xiu said strangely:“Zombies can breed offspring?”
“Still have children?”
“Don’t you all inherit it by biting people??”
Zhang Haibao scolded:“I’m not born or zombie!”
Zhu Huiwei explained:“Zombies cannot breed like mortals。Zhang Tianci is the bloodline left in the world when Zhang was still a mortal,More of a single seedling,It’s also a thought of Lao Zhang in the mortal world。
So you put Zhang Tianci like that,Lao Zhang didn’t kill you,It really gives you enough face。”