14 initiatives in Henan Province have accelerated service industry disaster resumption

Reduce a certain rent, reserve the housing provident fund, open up the "green channel" … Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Henan Provincial Government that the Provincial Government Office issued a number of policy measures to increase the development of the service industry, 14 initiatives as the service industryRestoration of the development of "protecting the escort", it can be described as "dry goods" full.Classification and Shi Bi promotes the recovery of the disaster transportation station, bus station, and subway station into the disaster recovery and reconstruction plan, basically complete the recovery of reconstruction tasks, pass the ability, and the quality of service, the quality of service is returned to the prematurity before the end of June 2022.

Encourage tolls and below the damaged country, three emission standards for diesel trucks operating early retirement, phased out in advance before the end of 2021, according to the provisions written off with the vehicle license and proof of dismantling receiving benefits.

Culture and tourism, and actively coordinate airlines, travel agencies strive to produce disaster, epidemic refund during the refund process by non-destructive. It has been allocated to accelerate the central, provincial national film industry development funds allocated progress to ensure timely funding, allocated in full to the relevant project units. Business services, the heavier the affected farmers market, wholesale markets, large supermarkets provide appropriate support, leniency, from fast approval of large-scale commercial ultrasonic special maintenance fund property use application. The leading platform companies are encouraged to reduce platform commissions, small-scale interest-free loans, such as small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households such as wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering. Allow market management subjects to take "shop exterior" "open market" in the premise of regulation, the "open market", etc., and prosper "small shop economy" "night economy".

Water and electricity "measures" referred to appropriate subsidies to enterprises, service industry in our province to open up the affected property claims "green" channel, simplifying claims procedures, optimize the claims process, damaged vehicles to carry out free site survey, free weather proof, free rescue , direct compensation after the damage to the shop "has three free" service. Energy costs on businesses, encouraging the use of non-residents around the piped natural gas to the affected service enterprises, urban water price concessions given stage, business users volume reduction, pause and resume business from the original time limit, according to the actual number of days suspended waive the basic tariff. Required to pay the production and operation of gas, water and other expenses is really difficult to service small and medium micro enterprises, the implementation of "delinquent non-stop for" measures, companies can defer for three months to pay the costs. Broadband, the province is affected customers for service enterprises and business broadband free 安装调试费 free one-month broadband user fees, free replacement of 1 light cat, set-top boxes and other devices, to provide return to work and resume production of digital publicity a "digital free Hui enterprise "on-site service.

Reduction of some holdover rent housing fund "measures" mentioned on the lease of state-owned assets like houses and affected business sentiment, the epidemic can not affect the normal operation of the service sector of small and medium micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, waive one month’s rent, minus half charge 2 months rent; sublease, sublet, to ensure that relief policies to benefit the final lessee.

The affected situation, the epidemic affected, housing provident fund deposit is indeed difficult service enterprises or units, according to prescribed procedures review, approval, can reduce housing provident fund deposit ratio, a minimum of not less than 5% for a period not exceeding 12 months ; or holdover housing fund, for a period not exceeding 12 months, does not affect the holdover staff during normal loan. Service enterprises or units can not normally paid into the housing fund, may apply for pay within a certain period, deemed normal continuous deposit. Credit, to encourage service industries hard-hit small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households and other market players to Zhengzhou, Anyang, Hebi, Xinxiang, Zhoukou and other places, paid $ 300,000 mortgage-free, collateral-free credit loans, loan interest rate no higher than year lending interest rate market price. For since July 1, 2021 maturity of the loan principal repayments difficult to service enterprises (including small and micro business owners, individual businesses), banking financial institutions shall by Xudai, extension, etc. to give a temporary extension of arrangements for repayment of principal, payback date can be extended up to December 31, 2022; enterprises (including small and micro business owners, individual industrial and commercial households) to pay interest on loans, the banking financial institutions should be combined with the actual situation of their disaster situation, the impact of the epidemic, given deferred interest arrangements, interest payment date can be extended up to December 31, 2021, and to waive the penalty.

Debit card fees from September 30 2021 to September 30, 2024 happened to be favorable for the accommodation and catering, wholesale and retail, transportation, culture, tourism and other market players in accordance with the relevant regulations. Steady Kong enterprises optimize the tax service assistance to implement the stability Kong enterprises aid policy, the province will continue the phased implementation of reduced unemployment insurance, work injury insurance policy rate to 30 April 2022.

The services sector of small and medium micro enterprises more serious disaster areas, the implementation of the basic pension for enterprise employees holdover, unemployment, work injury and other social insurance policies, holdover period is tentatively scheduled for three months, after the expiration of holdover return to work in accordance with enterprise production complex situation It may be extended, but should be held over the implementation period in the year 2021.

During the holdover waive late fees, the insured enjoy normal treatment does not affect the rights of the individual records. Co-ordinate the province’s unemployment insurance fund $ 100 million for serious disaster, a place to post steady demand for the implementation of the unemployment insurance policy steady return of post. Tax business services, business services because of the disaster, epidemic or suffered significant losses due to heavy losses, in line with the difficulty of relief conditions, may apply for property tax relief, urban land use tax.

Implementation of small-scale taxpayers VAT threshold increase, small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households inclusive tax and other tax cuts drop fee policy, can not be scheduled to pay tax, approved by the tax authorities may defer the payment, shall not exceed 3 months, excluding late fees during the extension.

The affected sentiment, market players epidemic affecting new taxes, and taxes suspend release announcement.

Streamlining processes to provide "green" channel to simplify the investment approval process in our province. The establishment of post-disaster reconstruction services project approval "green" channel, for a total investment of less than 10 million yuan project, the direct approval of the project feasibility study report, which over a broad area of similar projects can be combined approval. Do not change size, without changing the original alignments, no new land the damaged water conservancy, transportation services like infrastructure reconstruction projects, direct or conduct the feasibility study report approved construction design review; do not change the construction site, not new Water Damage increased land for construction of other class service infrastructure reconstruction projects directly approved the feasibility study report. (Reporter Li).