One day at the office

One day at the office

[Get up early]Spring is great, dawn is early.

Joining a morning exerciser can make your day full of work.

The best exercise methods are: jogging + qigong first move your hands and feet before running, shake your hands, press your legs, and turn your waist.

The length of the run can be determined according to your own and objective conditions. You can also run with your legs high outdoors or use a street treadmill.

Walk around and ask the body to relax, and you can practice aerobic breathing qigong by taking a deep breath: legs open with your shoulders level, your body relaxed after closing your eyes, inhaling into the abdomen, and holding your breath for 10 seconds from Dantian through the chest and throatThe small tongue, the back of the brain to the spine of the waist, and then slowly exhale the gas in the body, so the cycle is 20?
30 minutes.

  Rope skipping + doing rope skipping can promote blood circulation and provide the brain with more oxygen and nutrients, thereby improving the ability of thinking and imagination through the effects of activating the collaterals, strengthening the brain, and warming the internal organs.

Skipping for 15 minutes, and doing exercises is to calm the emotions, so that all parts of the body muscles get exercise, so it is also appropriate to take 15 minutes.

  Cycling to work is also a good fitness exercise!

Have you tried jogging or walking to work?

If the office is close to home.

Put on a leather suit in the office, wear sportswear and running shoes to be active on the road. This is the world’s most popular white-collar work song.

  [Lunch]Diet Diet is also a guarantee of a healthy body, and lunch is especially important.

Care should be taken to choose foods that are fresh, low in trace and sugar content, and high in vitamins and minerals.

Such as: vegetables, fruits, dairy products, kelp, juice, etc.

The right amount of fruit wine or health vinegar will not only help you digest, but also make you full.

  Sports If your work unit has activity conditions and venues, the best exercise after lunch is not intense ball games-table tennis, tennis, badminton, etc.

When the line of sight moves up and down, left and right, and high and low, the ciliary muscles and extraocular muscles continue to relax and contract, rebuilding the blood supply and metabolism of the eyeball tissue, and improving the vision.

  [Evening]Mr. Office is appointed as a person who will return home from work, full of food and drink, and the most unhealthy thing is to endlessly lie on the sofa and watch TV.

With this every day, it is better to take two nights a week to go to the pool for a night show.

Studies have found that all aerobic fitness exercises have weight loss effects, but exercise with both hands and feet is superior.

Skiing, swimming, basketball, and mountain climbing are particularly effective for temporary consumption.

But the average person should take short time and small amount of exercise as the primary conditions at night.

In the case of working late at night, the choice of meals is very important.

Do not overdo foods that are easy to digest, such as milk, porridge, pasta, and egg soup.

Because at this time the blood will be concentrated in the stomach to help digestion, easily causing adverse reactions such as drowsiness, stomach pain, unclear thinking, etc., which is harmful to the body.