Hui Yinghong: Because Zhou Xun starred in The Imperfect She, she agrees with the role bias

Hui Yinghong: Because Zhou Xun starred in “The Imperfect She”, she agrees with the role bias
The woman who is becoming a popular video on Tencent is full of online drama “Imperfect She”, which attracts attention because of the collection of powerful actors such as Zhou Xun, Hui Yinghong, Zhao Yazhi, and Jin Shijie.Hui Yinghong plays Lin Xuzhi (Zhou Xun) ‘s adoptive mother Yuan Ling in the script. She accepted the sauna and admitted in an interview with Yeewang that her acting was mainly due to her ability to cooperate with Zhou Xun.The strong side of retreat.”Imperfect She” Huiying Hong stills.The picture is from Network 1. The reception is mainly because Zhou Xunhui Yinghong has won the Golden Award several times, and the Golden Horse Awards have performed many classic roles.Yuan Ling, who she played in “Imperfect She”, is the president of a listed company. Her career has been quite successful, and her marriage life has been ruined.Because no boy was born, her husband divorced her and she raised her three daughters alone.Among them, the eldest daughter Lin Xuzhi was the child adopted by Yuan Ling before marriage. Although she loved Lin Xuzhi in fact, she was kept away from everyone because of her psychological shadow of being abandoned by her biological mother in her childhood.Hui Yinghong told the sauna, Yewang, that she was acting in “Imperfect She” mainly because of Zhou Xun in this drama.”She (Zhou Xun) is an actor I like very much.As soon as I heard about her in this drama, I was very excited to work with her.After reading the script again, it was also very good, I felt it was necessary to shoot.”Yuan Ling in the play is the person who knows the most secrets. She has always been in contact with Lin Xuzhi’s biological mother Zhong Hui (Zhao Yazhi), but for a secret old thing that is not good for Lin Xu, the two met to hide Lin Xuzhi.Hui Yinghong believes that the key to shaping Yuan Ling’s role is to show the strong side of her character through her handling of difficulties.”She has faced so many difficulties, is still so strong, and has become a successful business woman. I believe that the audience can see something very positive from her, and see that women will not shrink from facing side.”2. Identify Yuan Ling’s” eccentric “drama. Yuan Ling’s second daughter Lin Yizhi and her third daughter Lin Guozhi were born of her and her ex-husband. They did not know that the older sister Lin Xuzhi was adopted.Yuan Ling’s love for Lin Xu was especially “eccentric”. For the fact that Lin Xuzhi suddenly brought a granddaughter Lin Xiaoou back, Yuan Ling didn’t ask the reason at all, and even said that he knew this thing long ago, and later helped Lin Xiaoou contact private schools.Therefore, her second daughter Lin Yizhi often joked that it seems that only the eldest sister is a mother.Adopting a daughter is better than having a biological daughter, which is rare but also contrary to human nature.Hui Yinghong expressed understanding and approval of Yuan Ling’s approach in the play.”Because she (Yuan Ling) knows that this daughter’s heart is particularly fragile, she fears that if her love is not enough, the wounded heart of Ou Zhi will be even more hurt.If I were her, I believe that my approach is the same, and I will try my best to use love to repair the pain in my heart. “In fact, being able to raise three daughters with different personalities but strong and independent, Yuan Ling’s performance as a mother is excellent.But in Hui Yinghong’s view, Yuan Ling also has imperfections-she is afraid of losing Lin Xuzhi, and she is also afraid that the two biological daughters do not accept her so much.”She has to deal with such fears, which is her imperfection.”Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na proofreading Li Lijun