It is because,Eat melon people now have a regret……

If you don’t feel the moon, if you have no gas, you have a unless you have.,Chu Deirers must ask loudly:Don’t you ask me??Then you have said,What are you?!Anyway, two kinds of death have been seen.,Choose one……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 841 Bun
Feng Tian is cold,The heart of everyone is also cool——It’s not sympathy.,But distressed yourself。
Even someone who breaks the sky reviews yourself in your heart.,Why do you want to make this lively?!
Good guy,I can directly kill the swords of the sword.,Now the moon in the moon is also arrived.……
We can only eat melon,Do not stand up?
In the face of the question of the moon,East is playing:“Gigbling,What dares dare,Qun Yizhen’s news,Our brother wants to tell who、Who told?,Don’t want to tell?、Don’t tell……Transfusion?Entering the door of our house,Naturally, we must keep the rules of our families.,What to get the laminar、Trees,Province。”
Invitation month, how to live so?
Even the Chu Deirers also ate——What is not broken??But it is《Ming Yucheng》Clearly……
I saw that I was invited to the month. At this time, the whole body is like jade.,Not just“Roll-glow”Degree,Instead, the whole body is full of jade,Present translucent appearance,It seems that the whole body is close to“Luminous”Effect,And this is no longer“Luminous”,But a big black hole in the fist!
The Oriental This time the orchid refers to one,Thousands of pink quenched needles surrounded,Floating around,Imitate。
Jade,At this time, one lift left hand,One of ten feet outside the house,At this time,Can see in human form,Fist“Black hole”At this time……
Half,The bottom of this building starts cracking,It’s actually unbusted directly.,Directly to the East。
I was originally happy to see the middle of the rivers and lakes.,At this time, there were birds and beasts.,I am afraid to escape.,Secondary、Even the impulse is nothing!
Biah is taken,I am broken.,If the ordinary person is so smashed,It is definitely broken,but……
People leaping on the roof, etc.,That time you follow,I saw it in the ruins of the house.,Blooming a large red lotus diameter of two or three feet,The broken wall is on the Red Lotus、No sinking。
Next moment,I saw the red lotus,The ruins of pressing it are also flushed,And everyone has now discovered,This Red lotus……Herne is a fine needle consisting of countless red!
At this time, renegable,Dense,Seems to be a giant,Wrap around the red body shadow in the neutral hair loss。
Then I saw the Eastern Jade hand.,A fine needle clamping in the orchid finger,Turn out。
Although just one,But countless fine needle,At this time, it seems to have lead sheep.,A fine needle throwing this is the head,They have swept their climbs……
At first glance, it seems to be a red dragon.、Red puffy,Rushing to the moon of crystal as jade。
Invitation, the moon is not hiding,Hands together,at the same time,I saw that the five senses were blurred behind behind.、God like a cold goddess half body,It seems like“French sky”Huge hands,Also close in the moon,Focus on the blessing,Emerge in“Black hole”。
Dragon’s countless red needle,After hitting the black hole,Quick four、No recurring,Although still ejection,But it’s all in the black hole.。
Received red needle,There is only a group of people with a countless red needle in the goddess.“ball”,Invitation of the moon,The goddess of the Tommah is also slammed……
at the same time,Many fine needles are also forcibly turned into blooming red lotus!
A loud noise,Midway,Double dissipation。
But with this,The battle of the two is just beginning,Fang is just the progress of each other.。
Smoke has not been exhausted,I saw a red figure,Anthropo……
I only saw Dongfang raise hands.,Red needle“Long dragon”,Or in the air,As if the eagle,Rush;
Or break the ground,Leave only a delay on the ground,In the invitation moon, surging;
Or hovering,I want to trap the prey;