2021, Hunan cuisine released 13 award-winning dishes on-site cooking

2021 Annual Awards in Hunan.

Reviewing unit for map People’s Network Changsha November 12 electric spicy cabbage beef, red-burning cinnamon, rural blood duck … November 11th, 2021 Xiangcui Global Conference and "Hunan Cuisine" small procedure launching ceremony held in Changsha .

The event site, Xiang Thai Kao Yaoquan, Xu Ju Yun announced that seven prourse dishes became the 2021stion, and 6 dishes became a 2021 classic Hunan.

This year, the world’s global release of the gathering of the food, focusing on the Hunan vegetable industry, exploring the excellent products of Hunan cuisine, enhances the influence of Hunan cuisine products, the wind direction of Hunan cuisine innovation; based on big data, through real, professional, authority evaluation system, Cultivate a batch of popular names and hunger, establish a group of well-known brands that have been highly respected, intended to fully show the boom and vitality of Hunan cuisine, leading all Hunan vegetables, and returns to the product.

Today, Hunan dishes have more than 4,000 dishes, more than 300 famous dishes, become a big cuisine that is comparable to Chuancai cuisine. In the "2020 Chinese Catering Brand White Paper" mentioned that Hunan cuisine has jumped into the most exclusive dinner of the most popular eyeball in 2020, with the strongest expansion capability.

The booming of the Hunan cuisine industry, the inheritance and innovation of Hunan dishes, is needed to show.

After statistical analysis of the Hunan’s overall catering market in Hunan Province, from the sales volume, technical index, epidemic trend, praise rate and other aspects, a total of seven roads 2021 Xiangcub, and six 2021 classic Hunan cuisine. The chef from the major catering companies exhibits a hand, and there are 13 award-winning works at the scene, and in the face of T-Xi Shi.

After the show, Wei Zheng, Vice President of Hunan Province Catering Industry Association, Vice President and Secretary General, Secretary-General of Hunan Province, awarded the awards of the 2021 Hunan Cuisine Winners. 2021 Classic Hunan Cuisine was issued by Director of Changsha City Internal Trade Industry Management Office. Under the witness of many guests, the "Hunan Cuisine" applet officially launched the line.

Liu Ke, a "Hunan Cuisine" magazine, Hunan Cuisine, Executive, Liu Ke, said that a small procedure for serving the Hunan Cuisine is intended to provide a more convenient and comprehensive information exchange platform for Hunan vegetables, and create a better development environment for Hunan cuisine. .

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