Spot countermeasures: TCM conditioning

“Spot” countermeasures: TCM conditioning

Experts interviewed: Li Shuping, Liwan District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, attends Dr. Li Shuping. The scope of TCM treatment is generally chloasma, and it is believed that “spleen wetness and kidney deficiency are the cause of the onset of the disease.Caused by maintenance. ”
Therefore, Chinese medicine classifies chloasma into two types: kidney deficiency and liver stasis and spleen deficiency and liver stasis. For these two spots, the following prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine are prescribed:The color is dark and dark, the shape is thin, mostly with waist and knees soft, less menstrual flow, upset and irritable, nocturnal dreams, less red tongue, and thin pulse strings.
  Prescription (Use: Tonifying the kidney, nourishing blood, nourishing the liver and draining the liver) Ligustrum lucidum 20 Echinacea 15 Huaishan 15 Mature land 10 Mangosteen 10 Motherwort 10 Angelica 10 White peony 12 Salvia 12 Chaihu 6 Chuanxiong 6 Pine shell 6 (Unit: g)   2. Spleen Deficiency and Liver Stasis Type: Color spots are distributed on the two palate and the periphery of the mouth. They are full in shape, with abdominal distension, thin stools, dark red tongue, and white greasy fur.
  Prescription (use Shugan Liqi Jianpi Huashi) Chaihu 6 Angelica 10 Angelica 10 Stir-fried pine shell 10 Rose 10 Safflower 10 Atractylodes 10 Yunquan 10 Atractylodes 10 White silkworm 10 Winter melon kernel 15 White aconite 10(Unit: grams) Requirement: Use three bowls of water to brew the herbs for half an hour, then fry for another half an hour.
Generally good recovery can be achieved in half a month.
  Special reminder: In the stage of traditional Chinese medicine, even in the summer, you should drink less pork bone soup. Things that are too greasy are the most likely to cause spleen deficiency. In addition, excessive drinking of beer in the summer will also be detrimental to the liver.