Although I don’t understand why it happened so suddenly,But since it was an appointment with the cabinet minister,It’s impossible for Qin Feng and others to break their appointment,Because the other party just said a word,May affect the subsequent election results of the prime minister!

(End of this chapter)
Chapter One Hundred and Eighty One Cabinet minister
Sitting in the official conference building,Qin Feng felt uncomfortable。Because this place is for official staff,And it’s the kind of meetings held by powerful people who often show up on TV。
of course,More than one cabinet minister,But everybody is not small。
the most important is,He saw that in addition to the members of their Miyamoto family in the conference building,People from the Oda and Tokugawa families are here。
In addition to the members of these two families,Qin Feng saw a few foreigners,You don’t have to think about it or know that these white-skinned people are clergy and reformer organizations that fought before。
But Qin Feng hasn’t seen these people。I was relieved just after thinking about it,After all, those who work hard outside must be the younger ones,It’s the high-level people who are meeting here, or the high-ranking existence within the organization.。
Otherwise, they won’t be brought here by the two big families!
At this moment someone coughed,Then said,“All come in here。Sit down and talk slowly!”
Follow the lead of others,Everyone also entered a formal conference hall,But this conference hall looks very big,It’s like a room used by many people during cabinet meetings。
And after entering,Qin Feng saw a middle-aged man sitting in the first place,His eyes are very deep,It just reveals some sadness。
“Take your seats。”The man said lightly。
At this moment Futian whispered in Qin Feng’s ear:“This person’s name is Kurosawa Jiro,It should be the cabinet minister who invited us。”
Qin Feng is a little curious,After all, he didn’t understand why the cabinet ministers on the official side would invite them to the office.。It’s actually quite obvious here,It’s the building used by officials。And the surrounding security measures are done very well,It should be of the same nature as Zhongnanhai in China。
At this moment,The white man with a hooked nose looked disdainful,Then said dissatisfied:“What do we call for no reason?Don’t you know we are busy?Or,You also need a price tag,As long as the price is right,You openly support one of us?”