“what!Good job,Be careful!”Tianmen Road people greetings,No longer hesitate。

In the end, Chu Deirers used the enemy five,And every person in the enemy,It must be a sword method of the other party!
More shocked is,No matter how strong,Still inner force, many fixed,When the sword trick and the Chu Demin Game,On the sword,Almost is a strong enemy……
Chapter 717 Anti-shock
Chu deer has“Solitary sword”Hide,Even if the sword method is limited in the corresponding five-bedroom sword,There is also a lot of money to break the five-school head.,even……There is more than a power to calculate five people’s internal strength,Control yourself does not pressure people!
In five people,Only the internal strength of the left cold,Can fight with Chu Deirers,Even if you can’t call it?,It’s just a little bit——After all, the Chu Deirers are not good for internal strength.。
Even after moving the foundation,I have not recovered the peak now.。
Feng Zenai,I saw the six people battle,Weapon strike、Sword,Endless。
At this time, I see the Chu Deirers for five enemy.,Outstanding,Group of people……
Originally, I was left for Zen.,After preparing,、Located the taking of scattering against the sound,Whether you have a small Torger,It is silent at this time.。
Some famous rivers and lakes,At this time, the sorry begins to leave the post.,Similar to the stream of Qingliang Temple,It is also the number of people,Be silently。
Only see Six people this battle,Undoubtedly a Chu Deee……
Just when you really want to break,Although it is not difficult for Chu Deirers.,Even not mentioned outside the Wuxue Sword,Only use more power,Not out,The four of the left cold Zen must be lost。
But the trick is controlled by the inner force and the other side.,And only use the five-bedroom sword method corresponding to others,It is not so easy to win.……
after all“Solitary sword”In one“break”Character,Ashamed the imitation force、That kind,It’s easy to break the other’s swords.,But after breaking,Total to be able to win!
It seems that five people are fed one by one.,I have to be broken by Chu Deirers without two.,However, because there are some people’s policy,As long as you return it, you can fix it.。
Left cold is the most depressed,Now he is very suspicious,Chu Deirers are deliberately!
Obvious yourself,Already a crown five-school,But by the Chu Demen,It’s like I am not much better than other four pauses.。
Instead, Lin Ping is taken by Chu Deirers.“Play”,Look very bright——And it is indeed the secondary,Lin Ping also has to exceed other four people!
Great、Heaven、Singge three people are clear,Chu Deirers are already“play”,The reason why,Not because of the heart of winning,I want to see some of my own exquisite priests.……
It is indeed as the Chu Deirers said,Many of them,It has been lost in this door.!
However, five people intend to attack,Chu Deirers are difficult to win,at last……
Chu Deirers have taken a little,Put out“Wuyue Real Solution”Some of the mystery,Keep everyone to recognize“This should be the Wuyue Sword”Degree,This first picked down the sword in the left of the left.——Be right,Chu Deirers are deliberately。
If you really want to share the win,How can I turn around the first out of the left?,However, at this time he was stabbed,The first of the Shan Sword……
But just do this in Chu Deirers.,When you break other people’s swordsmanship,Suddenly a cold came from behind!
“Be careful……”
Before,It is Lin Ping to see that the left cold is not face.,Actually after the sword,Also palm“Sneak attack”Time,Temporation,After,But the reminder of the left cold Zen himself。
This is not so much“Sneak attack”,It seems that it is really reminding Chu Deirers to be careful.,But……
He said that the forefront of the export is slow.,Dictionary is not ready to give the Chu Deirent Reaction!
I saw the left cold Zen,Directly printed in Chu Tai Siy,Moemu people obey,I have also been angry.,However,The color of the face is not the churi of the palm.,But the left cold Zen。
Left cold zen this cold weather,Not the Kung Fu,It is he, don’t know where to come.,Repaired cold ice,It is a cold,The strength is not yin soft、Instead,So I was used by him.,Due to a set of open ahead、Sweeping the world“Cold ice”。
One is this martial arts,Not so easy to succeed,Two……Sucked,It is also the forces of the other party who can’t stand this overbearing.!
So I was dedicated to the bottom card to deal with me.。
I am afraid that I am in the east ten years ago.,Zuo Coenz this self-sufficiency with me“Hero”,I have always been looking forward to the one-day.、Successful……Beat itself!
But now I am playing on Chu Tai.,Next moment, it is the left and cold zen’s face.,Chu Deirers maintain the qualifications of the original thorn,Moving、All-relying on the vest,However, the left cold is still supported,I was shocking by Chu Deirers.。
I saw that the left cold is shocked more than ten steps.,And only the last three steps are retreating。
Front 10 steps,It’s all flying.,Believer,Retrieve a few steps,The flagpole hung after the burner, the flag of the black dragon pattern,This is reluctant to stand、Not fallen。
But it can’t go in three times.,Vomit,Felt,Obviously, it is hot in the cold.!