Some urban administrative director appeared at 100%, Wuhan released the administrative case of the city’s court administrative case.

Changjiang Daily Dawu Client November 8th News "People" case acceptance and concluding situation? What are the outstanding problems? On November 8, the Wuhan Middle School Judicial Bureau held a press conference that announced the "Judicial Review Report of the Administrative Case of the City of the Municipal Court" (hereinafter referred to as "Report").

This year, the person in charge of the administrative organ was significantly improved, and the executive head of some urban areas was 100%. The Press Conference on the Administrative Trision Judicial Review Report.

The Yangtze River Daily reporter Yan Shanshan photo "Report" from the preservation of administrative trial work, the basic situation of judicial review, the existence of administrative law enforcement, and the proposal to promote the construction of the rule of law government is launched.

Data show that in 2020, the organic affected by the epidemic has declined in the next year. Since the gradual recovery of trials in April, the two-level courts have accepted 5,179 administrative cases, downloaded uploaded uploads. Although the number of cases decline, the trial quality is rampant.

The city’s two courts have undergone 4,620 administrative cases last year, and the correction rate is reached. Although the administrative litigation case covers multiple administrative sectors, it is relatively concentrated in urban construction, public security, social security, real estate registration, etc., and directly involves the majority of people, property rights.

The above types account for more than 50% in an approval case, accounting for the ratio of the second trial new reception case.

At the same time, the responsible person of the administrative organ preached in court should be fully promoted, and the head of the administrative organs increased significantly. In 2020, the heads of the whole city attended the court, including Jiangxia District, the open (Hannan) area, and the head of the East Lake Scenic Area took the trip to 100%. The "Report" pointed out that in 2020, the administrative law rate of the administrative lawsuit case of the two-level court of Wuhan is%, far below the overall loss rate of the administrative organ of the province. In a certain sense, it will illustrate the government departments at all levels of the Han Dynasty and the overall administrative response capacity in the province, and the rule of law is remarkable.

At the same time, it should also be seen that there are many problems in the administrative law enforcement and respiration activities, such as the administrative organs to circumvent risks, ignoring their duties, and insufficient administrative awareness according to law, standardizing law enforcement procedures, etc. As far as the issues in the administrative law enforcement, the "Report" proposed recommendations to promote the construction of the rule of law, to strengthen the source governance, communicate and coordinate the complaint, through the introduction of social forces and government synergy, give full play to grassroots government, community , Professional mediation institutions and other joint resolution, and build a multi-resolution dispute pattern shared by coincidence. (Changjiang Daily reporter Yan Shanshan correspondent Song Shuang Guo Yu Wang Tian).