The first Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival will hold 47 games

The first Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival Saturday opened this newspaper (Reporter Qin Dongying) Introduced the press conference held yesterday morning, the opening ceremony of the first Changda Triangle Sports Festival will be held on Saturday.

The Long Triangle Sports Festival is a new national fitness brand event jointly organized by the three provinces in the Yangtze River Triangle. The first year was hosted by Shanghai.

Basketball, road running, roller skating, bicycle 4 events have become a formal project, rugby, martial arts, darts, skipping, etc. 8 events have become a promotion project.

According to statistics, the sports festival will hold 47 games, including 28 official projects, 19 promotion projects, 10 cities in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Hefei, etc., the total number of participants exceeds 8,000 people. Gu Jinsong, Director of the Municipal Sports Bureau Group, said that through the holding of the Yangtze River Delta Sports Festival, it will build a cross-regional national fitness event platform. It is Shanghai actively create "fitness everywhere, every day wants fitness, everyone will fit body" city environment Important measures.

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