Shannan Qiongjie County Children’s Intelligence Expand Center

  Recently, the Juqi County Children’s Intelligence Expands Center, the ninth batch of 10.1 million yuan, the ninth batch of Trench teams in Fuyang City, Hubei Province, officially delivered.

It is reported that the newly completed children’s intellectual expansion center infrastructure is complete, and the comprehensive function is complete. The school teachers and students provide high quality, convenient hardware for the school to expand the "second class" for the school. Base.

  Qiong ‘s complete elementary school is located in Qiongjie County, Shannan City. The school is a newly built primary school on the basis of the primary and Qiongjie Town Primary School and the Primary School, and is currently 596 students. Over the years, the ninth batch of Tibetan Treasures in Fuyang has been investing 35.1 million yuan. It gradually built a multimedia recording room, campus safety monitoring network, campus broadcast platform, intelligent teaching system, heating supply system, etc. Improve the students ‘learning and living environment, enhance the management level of the school, enrich the students’ cultural life. In order to create a "second class" brand in Qiongjie County, the "Second Class" brand, the ninth batch of Trench team in Fuyang City surrounded "Wuxi, Jianzhi, Yumei, Knowledge" goal, Actively innovate the new model of quality education, organize the first primary and secondary school students’ science and technology festival, and the song competition. A series of extracurricular activities organized by the Tibetan Teachers Team and the "Genzang" obligations, not only active the campus atmosphere, but also learned the party history for Qiong ‘s children, and learned that the world provides a new window.

  The ninth batch of Tibet Treasures in Fuyang City firmly seized the key points and weaknesses of education, and constantly explored the new model of the two places.

In August 2020, the 35th Middle School in Fuyang City and Qiongjie County Middle School realized joint schools. The two schools have carried out remote online teaching, jointly thinking, online party members and other activities. At the same time, the reporter learned that the "Qihua Bookstore", which is a "Qihua Bookstore", which is the establishment of Social Love Entrepreneurs, the ninth batch of Tibetan team, is also officially opened on August 30, and the book house has popularity, education and society. There are more than 2,000 kinds of books such as science, natural science, and children’s books. The completion of small book house will greatly open the children to understand the world, understand the society, and understand the field of nature.

(Editor: Chen Mengmeng).