Science Sports can guarantee health and safety

Recently, the two friends around the author were hurt because of the exercise. One is when practicing yoga, sprained the waist, and the other is running, the knee suddenly feels abnormal pain. Movement, do not blindly imitate.

Some "sports video" on the network is very hot, and there are many fans blindly imitated. However, everyone’s body flexibility is different. Plus the specific environment when exercising, some seemingly exercise movements, some netizens have imitated accidental injuries, and even exercise accidents. Sports, you have to gradually enter.

Some common sports, such as walking, running, but some people feel the body discomfort, even accidental accidents, this is actually related to exercise. Some people who have little exercise, after participating in exercise, pay attention to the level of exercise and time. We often say that it is not a big fat man in a mouth, in fact, sports must be followed by step-by-step principles.

For the health of the health, I hope to improve the quality of life through fitness exercise, in advance to the doctor, choose the way to exercise, scientifically moderately move, more valuable and practical.