Learn to say goodbye before love

Learn to say “goodbye” before love

The first lesson in love is to “get together and get together”.
  True love is not about possession, but about giving each other happiness.
  ”Love is like having a high fever, and when it comes and goes, it is not controlled by the will.
Really, even with deep hatred, can be light and light!
  Not to mention, lovers who once loved each other.
  Man, woman, what a strange animal!
When in love, love is like paint, and it is difficult to separate. When in hate, it is against the eyes and hate it!
  There was a woman in Kansas in the United States who clashed with her boyfriend for some reason. They had a big fight in the apartment!
After the conflict, the boyfriend wanted to return to his old age, and kissed his girlfriend tenderly. After all, the quarrel and the quarrel, the two still had feelings; but the woman was still angry, angry, and unwilling to reconcile so quickly,When her boyfriend kissed her, she bit her tongue out hard and hard!
  Do you know?
The boyfriend’s tongue was bitten and fell off. The boyfriend screamed in pain and was full of blood. He was anxious to find the tongue on the ground!
In pain, the boyfriend angrily pushed his girlfriend to the ground and beat her!
  When the police arrived at the scene after receiving the report, they rushed the man with the picked up tongue to the hospital for treatment.
However, my tongue was bitten by my girlfriend, and even if I could “take it back”, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t speak as brightly as before, and I might not be as fluent as before when I quarrel again!
  Later, the police arrested the couple together. The man was charged with “domestic violence” and the woman was charged with “grave assault”!
Alas, hate is born from love.
  In New York City, there are also many strange “men and women love ending events”.
  At about three o’clock in the morning, a 51-year-old man named Roosevelt couldn’t find his girlfriend Anna, so he searched in restaurants and bars on the street.
Later, Huang Tian finally bears the hard work, this man really found Anna in the bar.
  But Anna, a “hundred-year-old, 40-year-old” girlfriend, was talking and laughing with another man in the bar at the time, and she looked very intimate. Of course, in Roosevelt’s eyes, it was very unpleasant, soBurning in jealousy, he rushed into the bar immediately and had a big argument with Anna. The two had a serious pull and quarrel.
  Later, Roosevelt was so angry that he waved two or three punches and knocked out two of Anna’s incisors, causing Anna to be covered with blood and looking for incisors on the ground!
Then, Anna, who weighed 100 kilograms, was not a fuel-saving lamp, and immediately launched an attack!
  How did she fight back?
Such a fat woman pushed Roosevelt to the ground as soon as she shot; she pressed a hundred kilograms of fat on her boyfriend’s body, and then used her “twelfth thick heels” on her boyfriendHit his head and body desperately!
After anger and a wild beating, the flesh finally lost to high heels, but her boyfriend was beaten to death by sharp heels and killed!
  Afterwards, Anna was arrested by the police and she was charged with “homicide” and “holding a criminal weapon-high heels”.
  Alas, how easy it is to have good relationships!
How dare we tell us to bite off their tongues?
No matter how the relationship breaks down, there is no need to bite off their tongue or cut off their lives!
  Besides, it is such a “difficult move” to take off your high heels to beat others or even kill them alive!
But why should people be so fierce and unrelenting?
Alas, people are crazy!
I lose my mind!
Therefore, my wife recently helped me buy two pairs of “lanew soft-soled leather shoes” and told me to wear less “hard-soled leather shoes”. I was probably afraid that I would be crazy for a while and took off the hard leather shoes to beat people!

  Beyond your own handouts Some local governments in the United Kingdom have recently introduced a new measure of “celebrity gum sticks” in order to clean the city and improve the habit of spitting gum. They have made photos of some unpopular people into largePaste board, let people put the gum residue after eating.

However, after setting up the “Celebrity Gumball Board”, if people still spit chewing gum anywhere, they will be severely punished.

  Later, in some areas, some people posted pictures of President Bush and Ferguson of the British professional football team on the boards; because many British people do n’t like President Bush, and they do n’t like to chew gum on the pitch.Ferguson.
  Sometimes we do n’t like some people, so we scold them behind, for example: scolding a teacher, scolding a boss, scolding an official, scolding the president to get angry, some people even post their photos on the wall to “shoot darts” toHit their heads, their faces come out of breath.

And when the lovers are together, if they want to break up, they must be more careful about the “lover watching the sword”, step into one of them and do not want to break up, and fight fiercely, out of control, or devastatingly.

  In fact, the first lesson of love is that both men and women have a consensus-“Good together, good to loose.”

It ‘s really a question of emotion. It ‘s not taught in the textbooks, and it ‘s not tested in the exams. However, “emotion management” and “conflict management” in real life are compulsory lessons that we have to learn by ourselves!

  In the workplace and in life, everyone will encounter unsatisfactory things, but we all have to learn-“Don’t oppose each other, talk!

People stand in opposition, covering their ears, they cannot hear what the other party is thinking; but as long as they open their ears, listen to the voice of the other side, and understand the other’s mood, misunderstandings and conflicts will be reduced.

  Maybe, both men and women have “destined”, but it’s a good ending to get together and break up!

  Sometimes think about it, “Let ‘s let go of bad words, leave room for others, and leave room for others.” Is n’t it a beautiful life?

Really, even with deep hatred, it can be light and light!

Not to mention, it was lovers who once loved each other.

Therefore, true love is not about possession, but about making each other happy!

But this is really not easy!

  French writer Stendhal said in “On Love”: “Love is like a high fever. It comes and goes without the control of the will.

“We still have to learn to love, to know how to love, and to be a happy person; when the waves of love are over, we should not hinder friendship, break up rationally, and say” goodbye “lightly!