Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty One Zhu Ziqing2
Xiang Chen and Mo Mo’s itinerary from Wanghai to Magic City Zhu Ziqing knew,Just find a job in its place,Because of work,Zhu Ziqing didn’t think that Xiang Chen and Mo Mo’s trip would disturb much.。
It just so happens that there are some urgent things to deal with,Zhu Ziqing let Xiangchen and Mo Mo travel in the magic city,Hit someone or something。
But when Zhu Ziqing heard the report,When Qu Tianyi of the Dragon Group was dispatched to the magic capital,He knew,This time Xiang Chen played in the magic city again!
Too late to solve the trouble at hand,Zhu Ziqing first sent Shirley to the magic city,And I take the fastest plane,Starry night。
After reaching the magic city,Zhu Ziqing learned that Xiang Chen and the others had started fighting in Li’s villa,Listening to Shirley’s report,Even if not involved,Zhu Ziqing was sweating unconsciously。
Drive as fast as possible to Honolulu,The import and export have been blocked,Too late to wait for them to check their identity,Zhu Ziqing,Rushed to Li’s villa as quickly as possible。
Heard Shirley’s report,He has prevented a large-scale shootout,Zhu Ziqing was also quietly relieved。
I jumped directly over the wall and entered Li’s courtyard,Falling in a very eye-catching position,Everything is going in the direction that Zhu Ziqing expected。If there is no whip that Xiang Chen suddenly attacked,,Zhu Ziqing thinks that his appearance is still perfecthjfjd.。
Suppressing the anger in my heart,After dealing with those who watch the excitement,When Zhu Ziqing looked back at Xiang Chen and Mo Mo,I don’t have the same resentment and anger in my heart。
Long time no see friend,Mutual commercial compliment。Said in Xiang Chen“Squat to speak,I am injured now,So tired to speak up”after that,Zhu Ziqing really squatted beside Xiang Chen and Mo Mo,Chatted with two people。