Until Dean Wang appeared in front of Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan,The two of them had the opportunity to take a closer look at the heart-warming dean’s mother’s。

This is a middle-aged woman who looks almost 50 years old,In terms of age,She should be Lin Yuna’s mother,Which is about the age of Liu Chunlan。
but,Although the two people are the same age,but,Let’s just say separately if the heart-warming Dean Wang and Liu Chunlan stand side by side,That should be whoever it is,It’s impossible to tell that these two people are the same age, right?!
Liu Chunlan has very little to worry about in her life,Usually,There is a lot of time to do various maintenance,So no matter from any angle,,I can’t tell that she is in her 50s。
But Dean Wang, the heart-warming home, is different,She may have put all her hard work in her life on the children in Warm Heart Home,So she looks like,But a very old pair,Very tired look。
“Mr. Xiao,Miss Lin,First of all,I want to represent all the children in Heartwarming Home,For the coming of you two,Express my heartfelt thanks,To know,We have been here for a long time,No outsider has visited them。”When Dean Wang said these things,Obviously her expression and tone are somewhat lost。
“Dean Wang,You really don’t have to be so polite,If we knew there was such a place in Yunshi,Then we should have come here long ago!”Lin Yuna said to Dean Wang very politely。
Chapter 275 Reasons to abandon children
“Yes,Dean Wang,And when we came here today,And didn’t bring any gifts to the children,This is because we have not considered it well!”Xiao Fan after Lin Yuner,Also very politely。
“Do not,Do not,Do not,how could be?As long as you can come,It proves that you have a heart for these children!We won’t pick this。”Dean Wang also said。
“that,Dean Wang,If you can,Can you take us to visit your place now??We want to have a comprehensive understanding of the heart-warming home。Don’t know if it is convenient or inconvenient?”After Lin Yuna arrived at this heart-warming home,,Talk to Dean Wang,That can be said to have always been polite。
“Convenience,Convenience,Of course it’s convenient!Please come with me,I will take you two to find out。”Dean Wang heard that Lin Yoona was coming to visit the Heartwarming Home,I’m very happy。
Since it’s Tian Xingyao’s friend,And after learning about the situation of Warm Heart Home,Came here the first time,and so,If nothing happens,Then they should be helping the warm heart home!
wrong,Not necessarily,But will definitely help the warm home。
after all,No one is idle,I want to come to this place as a tourist attraction。
Moreover,Even if Dean Wang is not very sure about the character of Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan.,They should also trust Tian Xing Yao。
After all, this Tian Xingyao was picked up by the heart-warming Dean Wang,Of course,Dean Wang also rejected the crowd,Stand by,Must pay a huge sum of money to treat the baby Tian Xing Yao。
Let’s talk about the condition of this heart-warming home,The conditions are fairly acceptable,Compared with the current situation where you have to worry about three meals a day,That’s a huge difference!