But Yushu Ruyi should be true,Just he has some curious ginger too until there is no human movement.。

“Xiao Li,Do you have a house rent in your village??
Maybe you have to stay here at least one month.。”
Although this is a fake,But there are still many things in the inside, it is still very important.。
“Have,What is Jiang’s grandfather wants to rent??”
“Haha is just good,I am not so much attention to this.。”
One heard this,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“Hey-hey,You said so.,That must give you a few good,How many people are you?,I am going to give you a look.。”
I immediately went to find someone directly to pick up.。
More than a dozen people,He directly found a harmony close to the foot of the mountain.,The whole alley is ready to live for Ginger.。
One of the most intermediates is a big jujube tree.,It is a sweet flower in front of the door.,Although it is not a season of flowering results,But the tender and tender spring bud gives people an inexplicable feeling.。
Several otherstings are the same,The phoenix tree in front of the door, even there is already one person.。
Although there is no sedage tree in the hospital,But the spring flowers are also climbing the wall.。
Everything is fine,Li Hui Hui also found someone to packed the yard with the house.。
After packing it,Li Hui is going to find Jiang Taiyi,Then I took Jiang Taichen.。
Just a look,Jiang Taiyi already likes this house.,Even he has a little missing your childhood.。
Tallhouse building in big city now,Where is the appearance of a living,Even if you raise a few pots,A few pots,How can I better than the number of participants here?,There is also high jujube tree,Spring flowers that have already bloomed from the wall or even have bloom。
These are all in the city.。
In those high buildings in the city,He has a kind of living is a toolman’s feeling.。
So much,He is also hilarious,He is doing this like this,The people who really live in the city,Isn’t it even more。
“Xiao Li,How much is this row for a year??”
for free,I am free to stay for free.。”
Li Hui, listening to ginger, he listened.,It’s also stunned.。
“Haha Yixian,This house is not yours,And people living here are a bitter life.,Staying in the house, don’t give people money?
Why can’t I say it??”
“Hey-hey,Grandfather,These are my house,No need to give money。”
Are yours?”
Seeing Jiang Tanyi’s doubtful look,Li Hui also explained the previous things.。
I heard Li Hui’s explanation,Ginger is a smile:“You are forced to accept it.,But rent is still to give,This row is eight households.?”
“Um,Every household has five houses。”
“That line,One year room rent 100,000 pieces,It is owed to you.。”
Li Hui, listen to this,Hurry:“Don’t want money,If you want to pay with Jiang Grandpa,Then what kind of person I have??”
“Hahahana,The one I live in, you don’t want money.,You must have someone else,10,000 pieces per person,I will give you it.。”
Li Hui Fengqi also wants to stick to it.,But Jiang Taicheng said so.,He can only accept。
But a family of 10,000,He feels that the price is reasonable。