Bai Ai saw the student badge worn by Fuming,Not surprised“Congratulations,Promoted to student”

Fuming waved his hand“Nothing to congratulate”
“Wouldn’t you just ask me to congratulate you on being promoted to a student?”Bai Ai stared at Fuming and asked。
“I’m not so boring yet,I have a party for you, I hope you can attend,It’s also a celebration of my coming back alive from the so-called dead abyss”
White head down in thought,He is cold,Don’t like to be with others“Ok,time and location”(Really fragrant)
Fuming told him and then turned and left。
“How could this little beast come back alive,what!!!!”Sun Yuan’s roar echoed in the room,With a grim face, he is like a beast at the moment。
But after the anger,He started to worry again“I don’t know if the person who chased him died.,In case you leak the secret to that little beast,I ruined myself!”
Sun Yuan’s face is cloudy,I felt even more tormented inside,Always thinking about whether to ask the situation,The hand is one finger away from the communicator and suddenly stops,Sun Yuan struggled inside,Forget it。
“hold on,If there is no news tomorrow,I just asked!”Sun Yuan leaned on the chair,A name displayed on the communicator‘Yun Kongming!’
After taking a shower, I came to Qingling’s small courtyard,Li Le and Murong Qingling are playing meat and wine。
“I’m coming”Yelled,Li Le saw Fuming rushed over and gave Fuming a bear hug“Hey Hey hey,I am strangled to death”Yelling with tongue out。
“I heard you fell into the abyss,I just wanna go,But Sister Qingling advised me not to go,Just shut me up,But you can come back”Li Le wiped a tear and said。