This is just great,Wu Fangwu Cannon is back,Naturally, Xu Wen was pushed to the instructor to ask for a fight,But I didn’t expect to receive a severe reprimand,Wu Fang was actually hid in the snow because of violation of discipline。

Xu Wen, who was about to run away, showed extraordinary eloquence when facing the instructor,And a resolute attitude,After being repeatedly rejected, I couldn’t help but open my mouth to curse.,It turned out to be tragic。
The instructor who has always been calm and gentle is furious,In the office,No scruples,A storm of fists and kicks Xu Wen smashed.,“Get out to see the doctor,Dare to come and talk nonsense,I lock you up!”
The extremely abnormal performance of the instructor made Xu Wen feel even more unreliable,A very bold idea suddenly popped out of my mind,But soon he was forcibly pressed down by himself,Look at the few people in the group,He can’t bear it,If Li Tianchou is still there‘Ranger’,That situation may be another matter。
Li Tianchou in the jungle suddenly couldn’t help but sneezed a little,Almost alarmed the sentry not far away,Are you scolding me or thinking about me?He rubbed his nose and felt a lingering fear,After this incident, I don’t know how to face the instructor again。
But now it’s useless to think so much,turn up‘Doctors’Waiting for talent is a top priority,The little black house in front of you,Li Tianchou has been observing for several minutes,Because of the sentry directly opposite,Never get close,When I was scratching my head and ears in a hurry,Two people in white coats came from behind the second-story building。
it depends,The goal of these two people is the little black house,Li Tianchou in an anxious state had to be patient。
“Bang”Bang,The lock in front of the door was opened,The two dragged one out of the house,From the dress and appearance,Li Tianchou doesn’t know this person,But you can tell the rough grade and race of the opponent at a glance,Not a native of Southeast Asia。
This person’s limbs are bound by chains,When I went out, I was rather sluggish,Who knows suddenly went crazy after walking a few steps,Keep shouting,And tried to break free of those two white coats。
This time attracted the attention of the front post,Poking out a head,Gloating viewing。And the two white coats will naturally not be used to this prisoner bound by chains,So punch and kick it,But unexpectedly, this person’s resistance was extremely tenacious,Dangerously knock the tall man on the right somersault,Annoyed the companion on the left,He flew,Kicked on the prisoner’s belly,Finally, this middle-aged man knelt on the ground and trembled。
This person is a doctor,He knows that today’s deadline is approaching,So I tried my best to resist,But the exhaustion that has been tortured for days,And the injury was serious,And under the heavy chains,Naturally hard to do。
But Hu Dehai will not give up resisting,Few days,Hu Dehai has been unremittingly looking for a chance to escape,I almost fumbled the little black house,Finally he found a weak place,I abruptly cut out a small gap with my fingers,Ten-fingered blood hullah is also not hesitating。
He knows very well,I will be the next experiment,Was transformed into a cold-blooded violent machine,Call it‘Destroyer’。