Summer speed is very fast,Blink。

Opposite,In the eyes are unlimited killing。
Just——Daoh next action,But let the summer frown。
“Give you。”
With the sound,Dora throws an angel thorn。
Summer can’t be stunned,Bulk the arm to catch an angel thorn,Gradient to the opponent,“So will I let you go??”
Daoute laughs,Also shake your head,“My family and an adult have made a transaction,What is the specific?,I will not say more.,And our people have to pay,But it is secret to protect you.,Let you escape the killing ring……Not this time,But the ninth mountain,I originally in the ninth mountain,If you encounter danger,I will come out。”
Toned,Also,“But I didn’t expect you to be so strong.,Later, I learned a message from the mouth of Jah.,Say someone murders you in the dark network……Certainty,Ja’er does not know the trading,So he killed you,My family is not blame you.。”
Speech,He will also throw it to the respected ring.,“Letter don’t believe you,I didn’t want to kill you since I since I was.,Otherwise,Why is the two holy places in my hand?,I haven’t given Idi,A blood family,These two holyers can play a bigger power in them.。”
Summer frown。
Other person’s words,Let him feel doubtful,Semi-skeptical。
“Protect me?
A few days ago in the abandoned factory,You are not like this.……”“I don’t want to。”
Dora laughs,“But the adult requires this,She said that she wants to force your potential,What is the specific,I don’t know。”
Summer squinting,The eye is more dangerous in the eyes,“What you said,Who is it??”
“I don’t know,She is a woman,White yarn cover……”He describes some,Eye flow exposes the color of fear,“She also said,If you don’t believe me,Just tell her dress up,You will definitely believe。”
I heard this sentence。
Summer is immediately shocked。
He just have to continue to ask,Dao is turned to turn forward.,Sound,“Don’t chase me.,Didn’t you find it?,I am playing with you.,Fundamentally does not show our ability,Otherwise,You won’t be so easy to kill those people.,There is also before you abrupt,If it is not my deliberate blocking Baker,How can you kill him?。”
First1933Chapter Victoria’s ambition
Summer did not continue to chase Dao。
Returned to the park of the park with full doubts。
He quickly saw Xianti。
It is not visible Victoria。
Xianti suddenly turns a smile,Hurry and welcome it.,“You are fine.。”
Summer shink,眼 眼 看 周,“Victoria。”
“She is there。”