Petty female beware of 5 mental illnesses

Petty female beware of 5 mental illnesses

Many girls want to live a petty bourgeoisie. Petty bourgeoisie seems to them to be relaxed, enjoyable, leisurely, and entertaining. From this point of view, people who live a petty bourgeoisie should be happy and worry-free, but the reality is not so good.Beware of petty bourgeois girls suffering from 5 deadly mental illnesses.

  1. Ease of death: Except playing mahjong and sleeping, I can’t find other life pleasures, the passbook is basically unchanged, and my head is basically not used.

Because of the long-term “two ears don’t hear things outside the window, and only look at petty bourgeois books”, it leads to short-sightedness. For example, a woman who is raised on the twelfth floor of the deep girl is behind the times and eliminated by the times.Forced to death by strong men.

The ancients said: “Born in sorrow, died in peace.


  2. Depression: Petty bosses are still talented, playing piano, playing violin, and playing with classical poems, so Gu Ying is always in self-pity, “I was born with no use.”

Their mantra is: “They are sad.

One day God will bring them paid, and die in sorrow.

  3, Internet poisoning: online love, online lover, online dating, they want to be familiar.

In my spare time, I went to the chat room to pretend to be innocent, to make troubles in the BBS, and it was very crazy to occupy it, without any seriousness.

  4, heart failure: showing great disinterest in social life, showing great interest in indulgence and enjoyment.

When they see fun, they seem to have exhausted physical energy and need to vent. They go to hotels, mountain climbing, outings, and any opportunity to play, they all report.

To speed the car, to bungee jump, to drive PARTY, to send text messages endlessly . 唉!

In the end, heart disease can’t help but die.

  5. Autism: The word they admire most is “on the road”, so they are looking for it all their lives.

They don’t like stargazing, they are keen on chasing stars, and they want to chase after seeing the best of the opposite sex. What to do after chasing it is not a matter of new human beings.

Their love principle is: only love a little bit, only strangers, only love not to marry.

Petty men think that a good woman is always someone else’s wife. Petty men think that a good woman is always someone else’s wife. Petty women think that a good man in this world is dead, and the rest is either a coward or a satyr.

So the final outcome is two kinds: Either Wang Xiaobo died in sorrow and indignation after yelling, or Zhang Ailing died silently in the American guest house.

Only one thing is the same: they are all too lonely.