“Medal bar!”Hu Yang said。

His voice just fell,The auctioneer will announce the answer:“This is a medal,Champion medal of the first Olympic Games。To know,The first Olympic Games were held in1896year,Held in Athens, Greece,More than a hundred years have passed。There were not many competitions at that time,There are not many championship medals。This one,It took us a lot of effort to collect it,Significance……”
The auctioneer kept boasting,This is his job。
I saw the front of the medal was the head of the main god Zeus in Greek mythology。Zeus holds an earth in his hands,On the ball stands the Greek goddess of victory,Legend is in Greek“Olympia”。The back of the medal is the ruins of the Acropolis,Printed in Greek“1896Athens International Olympic Games”Typeface。
“Champion medal?Why not gold?The silver medal is the runner-up, right??”Not only Huazi questioned,The audience in the live broadcast room was puzzled。
Hu Yang had to tell them,Greece at the time felt that gold was too tacky,So no gold medal,Only silver and bronze medals were cast。The champion was awarded a silver medal and an olive branch wreath,The runner-up was awarded a bronze medal and a laurel wreath,The third place only has a bronze medal。Each contestant will get a commemorative certificate。
“Uh!Tacky?Isn’t it because of insufficient funds??”Jiangnan joked。
Hu Yang glanced at him unexpectedly,Nodded:“It seems like this,It is said that in order to host the Olympic Games,Although the Greeks donated、A lot of money was raised by issuing stamps,But the sports meeting can be held smoothly,In the end, it can be helped by the rich Greek businessman George.Averov donated a huge sum of one million。
To thank him for his contribution,Greece built a statue for him in Athens square,And held the opening ceremony one day before the opening of the sports meeting。”
Jiangnan and the others froze for a while,Smile suddenly,Ok!Got it right。
Greece is also miserable,Not mentioned in the first Olympics。The second Olympics directly bankrupted the country,Change to another country,I’m afraid I’ve stayed away from this sports meeting.?
“1896Year!then,We are still ruled by the Qing government,I guess the Qing Dynasty didn’t even know about this sport。”Zhang Qingliang sighed。
Populus shook his head:“Brother Zhang,you are wrong。At that time, Greece sent an invitation to the Qing Dynasty,But Empress Dowager Cixi objected and rejected the invitation from Greece。”
I fucked!
The audience in the live broadcast room suddenly looked black,The Qing Dynasty really disconnected China from the world。no doubt,This is a dynasty that plunged the Chinese nation into a century of shame。
Ok!The Manchu was pulled out again by everyone。