Young shirtless,With a white undershirt on his shoulders,Wearing big pants,Flip-flops,There is also a safety helmet commonly found on the construction site on the waistband,A full outfit of migrant workers,The off-road vehicle just came back from outside,It might be five or six minutes,Young people are here。

at this time,He has drunk soy milk,Three fried dough sticks have been eating for a long time,But still can’t determine which building the people on the off-road vehicle went to。The house here is too messy,The laneway entrance is two five-story buildings,Behind is a large bungalow,There are also a variety of privately built two-story small buildings,Densely packed,Inch of earth。
The young man is Gu Jian,He followed the off-road vehicle all the way,I was harassed by the opponent when I entered the fork in the double building,Wasted time,When he finds the off-road vehicle again,No one in the car long ago。
After Gu Jian’s group was tricked by Li Tianzheng in the development zone,But the atmosphere,Intend to contact local counterparts,Look for clues again,Even if you dig three feet, you must find Li Tianzhi again,But at this moment,Gu Jian received the news from the instructor,Order him to abandon the task,The group withdrew to Fukuyama on standby,And he changed to track and protect Shen Yingjie。
Then the instructor sent Shen Yingjie’s coordinates,Gu Jian’s plan to be ashamed is reimbursed.,Very frustrated to send my colleagues away,Gu Jian built a Yamaha motorcycle,Rushed out of the city。
Unfortunately, it’s still a step too late,Seeing Gu Jian getting closer and closer to Shen Yingjie,The other party’s signal suddenly disappeared,And there was a traffic accident ahead,Gu Jian slows down,Observe carefully the blocked vehicles near the accident,I hope to find Shen Yingjie in it。
I thought it would take a lot of effort,But I didn’t expect someone shouting not far in front‘Fight!’,Then an off-road vehicle suddenly turned around frantically,And then go retrograde quickly,Gu Jian didn’t see Shen Yingjie being assassinated,But when the car rushed past him,He returned the future and closed the car window through the back,I saw Shen Yingjie lying sideways on the back seat。
Although the opponent’s speed is fast,But Gu Jian, who has developed a pair of eagle eyes, is sure that he will not be wrong,He even saw a young man sitting in the back row facing the viciousness。
it depends,Shen Yingjie must have been hijacked,Gu Jian said nothing,Turn the front of the car to keep up,But not long after,He saw another white pickup in the inverted mirror,Are rushing up quickly。
Gu Jian immediately realized that the other party had more than one car,And associates,Thus,He seems to be exposed,I followed too tightly,I didn’t expect the other party to be so cautious,Flanking,His situation was immediately troublesome。
He tried to slow down,Test each other,I didn’t expect to almost take Xiaoming in,The white pickup suddenly accelerates,I hit the motorcycle butt straight up,Fortunately, Gu Arrow is skilled,And also made some preparations in advance,Otherwise it will really break the bones。
Gu Jian can’t help it,Speed up again,Following the Toyota SUV in front,Retrograde is very dangerous on the road,Not only have to deal with opponents,Also always pay attention to oncoming traffic,He is already in danger。
Just persisted for a while,Gu Jian had to be in a gap in the isolation zone,Turned to the opposite lane,Two cars seem to be in a hurry,Didn’t pay attention to Gu Jian anymore,Whizzing away one after another。
On the normal road,There is no danger,Gu Jian simply let go of the chase,It didn’t take long to see two cars still racing on the retrograde road,This time he dare not bite so tightly,Adjust vehicle speed,Far away,But even so,He knows,The other party must know it’s still behind。
Soon to enter the western suburbs of eastern Guangdong,Two cars rushed to the fork on the right,Gu Jian looked up and paid attention to the direction of the industrial park and the two buildings,In slow motion,Although it is too late to inform the instructor,But he has already sent a call signal to his team members through his watch,They have location sharing across the group,Brothers can easily rush to respond according to location guidance。
No worries,Gu Jian accelerates again,Hurricane all the way,I saw each other from a distance,But unexpectedly, the white pickup was missing,The black off-road vehicle is turning right at the T-junction,This T-junction has a wide view,The left leads to the industrial park,The right leads to the double building,There is a row of vehicles waiting for traffic lights on both sides of the intersection,Just didn’t see the white pickup。