“Then you will make the money come to Donghua Bank.。”Qi Rui said that the yellow chassis left。

Yuan San hit last time, I have got a hurt for a little.,He knows that you want to buy opium from Donghua Ocean.,He has already made a good abacus.。
Because Wang Tianwu is lying in the hospital,There is nothing on the surface of this side.,Back to the villa Gu Junru immediately report:“curator,Call at home,The military Shanghai station and the jellyfish killer group have recently been in the Long Pool Mansion,Just at last night,Miss Huizi was killed by people.!”
Rui sharp asked:“Telegram?”
Gu Jun is the receiver,Because her work performance is very good,Hurry to her password,Let her also translate the general text,Because Wang Tianmu can now be self-careful,She returned to the villa to continue to be responsible for their own work。
Qi Rui said that the telegram is very sad.:“Miss Huizi!I will definitely revenge you.!”
Hankui Huizi has been removed with Pool Tiecheng and Hurricane Action,Containment with more than 20 waves and traitors,There were more than one hundred people in the pool.,There are only more than 70 people left now.,The people who have received the list of Zhejiang Zheng Yao first have been removed in addition to Iraq and Xianren.。
“curator,Do we want to hurry back?”Tang Rui asked,
“Need to go back,But what there is still finished。”Qi Rui said to Gu Jun:“Release home now,Tell Yi and Xian people let them temporarily obey the command of the special class,I will report to the Wine Well.。”
“Don’t we go back??”Tang Rui asked,
“I arranged this side and went back.。”
After Gu Junru has finished the newspaper,Rui Guan Gao Telemia,Let the wine well, beneficial, take care of the manager,Say yourself go back as soon as possible。
Zheng Yao, how to design kill, Hanxi Huizi, I don’t know,Six brothers believe that this is definitely a perfect ambush。
Be on the night,Hospital was attacked by four military killers,They are the failure of the ward of guns who have a hard king,Two of them were killed on the spot,Two serious injuries suicide。
This time, I didn’t leave a living port.,In order to make Wang Tianmu to get the trust of the devil,Dai boss is also really reluctant。
Three days later,A drug factory ruins near Haiguang Temple,Qi Rui surveyed the scene to Mao Chuanxiu and said:“Mao Chuanjun,The aircraft should be a combustion,And they specialize in picking up the wind.,It is difficult to extinguish once the fire is,And the fire covers all traces,I didn’t find anything.。”
“Long pool,Just get the message,Last night, the two drug factories in the city were burned by people.,There are two other situations outside the city.,This time there is also a Japanese-funded factory。”Mao Chuanxiu and said,
Rui Rui is a long saying:“Mao Chuanjun,Not me not to help you,Look at this ruins,What is your feelings to have any clues?。”
“I still feel that I have a common party.。”
“I just listened to you and said that two drugs have died more than a dozen people.?”
“The body is burnt together,According to the autopsy, they are all killed after being killed.。”
“Kill?Does anyone hear the gunshot??”Qi Rui,
The goods from Zhuang Xiaoman have been received.,According to the indication of the embroidery,Shen Xilin gave the part of the weapons from it to the military team,Among them, there is no effort to modify it.1935pistol,These guns are all with silencer。
“No one heard the gunshot。”Mao Chuanxiu and shook his head,
“No one heard the gunshots, Mao Chuanjun, why is definitely a common party??”
“Not what they can??”
“Do you know what the dead is shot??”
“Mont Blanhen University Power Pistol,This kind of gun seems to have only the special agent of the military bureau.?Is there such a gun in the guerrilla between the earth??”
“Can you be strange if it is a long spring??”
“Why do you mean that these powerful characters don’t assassinate Wang Tianwood??”
“Yup,Does the assassination Wang Tianmu is not the primary task of the military Tianjin station??”
“Mao Chuanjun said that it is very reasonable.,But there is a Brony pistol with a silencer??”Rui Rui is now let Mao Chuan Xiuhe and the special class class more and more prominent。
“Long pool,This kind of gun can buy in black market,It’s not a lot of earth road.,But not absolutely no。”
“Then let’s take a check from the black market.!”
NS405chapter Shen Xixin, crying
The smuggling gun to check the black market is unable to manage it.,He just returned to the villa, I saw that Yuan San took gifts in the gate.。
“Yuan Sang,How did you come?”