Zhang Sangui is a tall man,Plus he has practiced kung fu,I saw his legs bend slightly,Butt sinks slightly,Brother Xiao,Zhang Sangui didn’t even move。

Brother Xiao couldn’t help but his eyes widened,He laughed and said:“sure!It seems that I’m still a practitioner,But today I met my Master Xiao,You’re unlucky,These brothers behind me,But a good fighter,Let’s start the practice“
“Really unlucky,I wanted to go home early,I didn’t expect to run into a group of flies again,Don’t affect the cityscape,How bad is the effect of fighting here,In case the police see it,Wouldn’t it be more troublesome,Find a place!“Xia Jian deliberately said to Zhang Sangui。
“Don’t don’t leave this boss,After six o’clock in this place,Only passing vehicles,It’s difficult to find someone,The police don’t even talk about it,This place belongs to the boundary”Bald head talking,Put his foot on the front of the BMW car。
This guy seems to be a habitual offender,I am very familiar with the situation in this area,No wonder there are so many people here,But not even a person watching the excitement。
Every driver loves his car very much,Not to mention Zhang Sangui,Bald head and feet on the front of the car is obviously provocative。
“Take your stinky feet to me,Be careful, I’ll remove my legs with you”Zhang Sangui said,Lifted a kick and kicked it。
I saw this bald body leap slightly,Then cleverly avoided,He laughed:“You should step back!Since your boss doesn’t want to pay this money,Just ask him to do it!”
What kind of shit logic,Obviously I think Zhang Sangui is not easy to deal with,Pick Xia Jianlai,Since everyone has named them,Don’t do it again,It’s not Xia Jian’s character。
The anger that has been suppressed in my heart for a long time,Xia Jian wanted to squirt,He yelled:“Give you four thousand yuan”So loud,Kick out。
The bald brother Xiao avoided Xia Jian’s left foot,But didn’t avoid his right foot,Just listen to a bang,Xia Jian’s right foot just hit the bald left shoulder。
Bald head back three steps,But the body still hit the big tree behind,Plop,Then crawled on the ground,Haven’t got up for a long time。
First0275chapter Get out
“Xiao Ge!Xiao Ge!…”Seven or eight people circled around,Everyone was yelling。
It’s possible that Xia Jian used his kick too hard just now,This guy hit a tree and fainted。It would be a big trouble if it is killed,Xia Jian thought of this,Can’t help but hang a heart,He never expected,This guy who looks pretty rude,So I can’t help but fight。