Three people walk to the dormitory direction。

Pointed a curved grass,Two thumb will turn around,Side, turn around:“cousin,When will we go to Yancheng??”
“Two days。”
“Oh。”Buns,“Can you go to work??”
“All finished,You still work?”
“Um。”Bunny,“Ticket money I want to earn back。”
“……I have bought you back.!”
“Oh,Then I will save the money of the earned ticket.,I have earned some money.。”The buns still look at the turnover,“Can these two groups adults can go to work??”
“I asked her.。”
Nano spit weeds in their mouths,Suddenly turned:“correct,She said that you went to see her red dyeing.,She goes with you。”
Zhouzhi oh。
There is no reaction around the buns.,I didn’t ask who she is.,Not interested in this matter。
Chapter 644 Again to bamboo garden
Zhou Qianqian:Holiday
Zhou Qianqian:get home safe
Chang Xiaoxiang:Good ghost/cute
Li Daishi:Summer vacation black
Zhou Qianqian:/ok
Zhou Qianqian:What special food in your Yancheng?,I will remember to give me a point in the next semester.
Li Daishi:Have a hammer, do you want?
Zhou Qianqian:Laozi killed you
The news of the group is ignorant,He has never loved to bubble in the group,Unless I am really interested。
At this time, he is busy cleaning up the baggage.。
Computer naturally bring,Did not finish the snacks,Take away from the like of the powder protein powder。
Bed linen is set to remove,The clothes that change it will take away,The public washing machine in the bedroom is not only poor quality.、Washing ratio,Not too sanitary,He is still more trustworthy。In addition, the ancient books in the bedroom should also take away,Summer vacation is to see,Textbook,He has learned enough lesson,If you take it, you won’t look away.,I don’t bring it.。
In addition, there is nothing to bring.。
For example, mobile phone charger,He has a few sets,The bedroom in the bedroom is fine.。
Pack a small box and a school bag,Zhouzhi will put it on the side,It is dinner with the rest of the rest of the bedroom and the rest of the bedroom.——Unfortunately, I can’t agree.106,Because there are about a thousand thousands of thousands。
After eating, he left school.,And often Xiaoxiang three will wait until tomorrow will go。
Next morning。
Nan Ge played the game last night and played all night.,I don’t know if she is in her own.,Still,To make the king of the 榆, you can appear during the day today.。
When you come out from the room,Some worried about watching the color of Nange,But it finds that her skin is as smooth as ever.,I will have a dark circle before staying up late.,When she was high school, she often stared at the dark circles.,But now is so irregular,The color is very good,Better than normal people。
This skin,Youth girl who carefully care is not so good.,It is the horizontal of the star intensive map.。
Watching some monsters。