How to eat the big belly

How to “eat” the “big belly”

Generally, the fat accumulated in the abdomen, which is the so-called “big belly”, is relatively stubborn.
Not only does it deduct points for its appearance, but it is also a “type” killer for health.
  So we need to “relieve the abdomen” and reduce the big belly on the belly, we need to “relieve the burden” and reduce the burden on the body.
  Immediately after the thirties, I unknowingly got a big belly, which has become a problem for more and more successful men.
  In fact, your troubles are on par with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
Not long ago, while Sarkozy was rowing on vacation in the United States, a photo was taken by a Reuters reporter. Sarkozy’s naked upper body and waist fat were clearly visible, which was ridiculed by many media.
  Zhang Lifeng has been a personal fitness trainer for many years. Many company CEOs and state-owned enterprise leaders came to him. As soon as he met and couldn’t talk for three words, he asked: “Look at my stomach, it’s too big to bend down.鞋带都难,您能帮我减减‘负’吗?”People like this account for 70% of the members brought by coach Zhang, and he usually praises them first.
“Because at least he has at least a sense of health, he is always prouder than those who have a stomach every day, feels prestige, and feels ‘official’.
“To reduce belly fat is the most difficult part of losing weight. Without exercise and diet control for more than three months, I don’t want to remove the” hill “on my stomach.
  The longer the belt, the shorter the life.
The abdomen is large and the waist is thick. It has been pointed out by the World Health Organization for a long time. It is the most dangerous factor for hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetes.”.
  Obesity is the result of fat accumulation. You eat and drink more, and exercise less. According to the saying, “you get in more and get out less.”
But human obesity is “orderly”. Coach Zhang picked up the pen and drew on the paper and said, “When we feel that our body is getting fat, we usually start with the increase in fat accumulation around the abdomen, then the limbs.The last is the face; when losing weight, the order of fat consumption is reversed, starting from the face, then to the limbs, and finally the abdomen.
“” This is why many people think that the belly is really difficult to reduce, you think, weight loss is already difficult enough, and the last hurdle of weight loss is to reduce belly-naturally it is more difficult.
“Coach Zhang said.
  Therefore, if you really want to reduce your belly, you have to be a little stupid. You do n’t have more than three months (sometimes even half a year) of continuous systematic exercise and scientific and reasonable diet control.Remove.
  Eating steamed eggplant for three months will definitely reduce your belly!
Exercise does not necessarily reduce belly fat.
  Zhang Lifeng recalled many of his students, most of whom were unable to reduce their belly even though they had been exercising for a long time.
Speaking of reasons, coach Zhang was helpless: “I can’t stare at them for 24 hours!
They exercised for an hour with me, consumed 800 ~ 1000 calories, walked out of the gym, went directly to the restaurant to participate in various entertainment, and eat back 1000 calories in a meal . this way of fitness, can reduce weightDoes it work?
So, the basic principle of weight loss is to balance “in” and “out”. No matter how you exercise, if you don’t control your diet, you won’t be able to stop your mouth.
  People who want to reduce their belly fat should reduce their intake of high-sugar foods (candies, drinks, Chinese and Western desserts) and high-fat foods (fried foods, certain meat products), and foods high in fiber, such as corn, Cabbage, bamboo shoots, etc. should eat more.
  Coach Zhang Lifeng especially recommended a “minus belly dish”: steamed eggplant.
  ”Choose two purple-skinned eggplants. After cleaning, cut them into four petals from the middle, remove them and put them on the pot and steam them. Mix them with ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. You can eat them directly.
“Coach Zhang said,” Eggplant contains very little fat and sugar, and is a low-calorie food. It has a significant weight loss effect. Ginger and garlic can be added to lower blood lipids.
People with intestines insist on taking one serving a day, and it will definitely work.