Hear this,The two men who stopped Lu Menglin from going,I was relieved,Unanimously relax the body,But still did not give way。

“Don’t go!Go back to the capital with me, OK??Aren’t we friends?I invite you to be a guest at my house,Is this the head office??”Hu Lin saw that Lu Menglin was leaving,Can’t help but softly ask for the truth。
All four people present were taken aback,They have never seen such a pleading tone in the palm of the Hu family,She Hu Lin is notorious for not giving any face,I’ve never confessed to men,How did it become like this?
Lu Menglin paused,Said without looking back:“I still have things to do!Since it is a friend,Then don’t force it!Have a chance in the future,I will go to the capital to find you。”
Talk about it,Lu Menglin takes a big step,Walk forward。
The two men did not stop,But admired。
The man who dared to reject Miss Hu’s family,This is really the first one,Can’t help but be respectable。
Hu Lin bit her lip,Staring at someone’s back,Without blinking,Full of sorrow in my heart。
But in front of the family,She’s done enough,If the attitude is more humble,,There is no face at all。
and so,Hu Lin had to watch Lu Menglin float away,A look of helplessness,Even reunited with my family,The feeling of being out of danger is not so strong anymore。
“Who is he?”Hu Lin’s mother lifted the mask,Showing a stunning face,Asked with a smile。
Hu Lin shook her head,Tao:“a friend。He saved me in the jungle,And escorted me here。and also,Our branch manager in the border city,Is Tie Qin Guo’s undercover。They almost caught me,He also saved me!”
Hearing these words whispered from Hu Lin’s mouth,The four people present had a tingling scalp。
Just before they came,I have already thought about the situation in the border city more complicated,But still unexpected,It will be so sinister。
I thought Hu Lin was only looking for the Guangxin Bank branch in the border city,Should be safe,I don’t know that the person in charge of the branch is an undercover agent。