Under the power of the crushing class,Wind Beast Mountain Master successively displayed several life-saving methods。

A cloud of shining thunder,A leaf formed by intertwining golden silk threads,A dark rock dagger exploded one after another。
These ones,They are all treasures similar to the one-time talisman of the Three Realms,Treasures of the Three Realms,It is comparable to the attacks of three masters beyond the pinnacle of the world。
As for Taoist talisman treasures?That was not obtained by the top world realm of Wind Beast Mountain Lord。
One shot。
Thunder clouds were blown up frontally,Although Qiansi Jinye is heavily bound,Turned into countless threads,But still failed to stop。
The last explosion of the rock dagger,Turn into a black shadow to kill,Li Ming was forced to wave a gun。
But even so,It’s just that the wind beast mountain lord’s lingering breath time。
After a breath,Li Ming dropped the Chaos Gun that was broken in the collision,A palm pierced the chest of the wind beast mountain master。
If he is the world god,Have superb body protection supernatural powers,May be able to support it。
But just the wind beast mountain lord of the Chaos Fairy,With the power in Li Ming’s hand, he spit out,Directly crushed the chaotic golden core in his body。
Golden Core Broken,Even the chaotic fairy has only one way to die!
First1chapter Uproar
Great Wasteland,Eternal world。
Compared to the rather gentle and peaceful Tianqiong Eternal Realm,It’s bloody and brutal here。
fighting、Kill,Except for the nine big cities,Savage land everywhere。
But under such tempering,But he is the leader of the eternal world–The great desolate god and his subordinates are extremely powerful。