brothers,Don’t forget,You are also a shareholder of the company,The two of them are your employees again,This is the best。

Let them sign our company’s internet celebrity contract。”
Chen Xiu understands now,Still can’t help but complain:“Silly brother,You are also a big brother、The boss of an entertainment company,How to scout、Grab all the paparazzi work
173 Speak by ability
Fang Qiong and Zhang Yun also knew that their appearance was the cause,Naturally no objection,It turned out that Song Shihe who helped Chen Xiu fight was kicked out of the warehouse.。
Repairing the huanghuali cabinet is a carpentry job,But it’s more sophisticated than the average carpenter,From craftsman to artistic level。
Chen Xiu’s big Huanghuali cabinet was originally made by a master in the Daoguang period,Flower from above、The dragon and phoenix ornamentation is carved to life,There is a vivid paper texture。
Chen Xiu imitated、I have studied carving for a while,It is not a big problem to be able to make the appearance exactly the same,But the gods always feel that something is lacking,So for the past few days, he is still practicing with ordinary wood,I dare not use real huanghuali wood for sculpture。
174 Go home
See Chen Xiu back,Mother Chen organized a table full of ten bowls,Like a banquet,Chen Xiu’s belly swells up after eating。
The family talked and laughed at the dinner table,Chen Xiu took the opportunity to learn something about Chen Han at school,After the beginning of school,No one dares to find fault with her on purpose,From her conversation, she found that she is now fully integrated into the life of the city;
Different from Chen Han’s high spirits,Father Chen and Mother Chen looked erratic in their eyes,Obviously something。
After dinner,Chen Han and Chen mother went to the kitchen to wash the dishes,Father and son went to the balcony to smoke。
“dad,Did something happen,I see you and mom are both upset。”