“The place is chosen by the Korean police officer,As long as it’s not too expensive,Thank you Officer Han for giving me this opportunity to bribe,It’s a pity that I’m relatively poor now。”

Xiang Chen wants to change a comfortable posture,But found that the pillow behind him had been requisitioned by the Korean language Xiang。
“You are still poor,Almost one person monopolized the food delivery business of Wanghai University,You dare to cry poor in front of me?”
“I just rely on my hands,Create a world for yourself,People want to live,So there must be a career。”
“Your complaint has been piled up in my office,And today I received another report,These are all you hit with your hands。”
“What would Police Officer Han want?,Don’t save me money。”
“Then give you a chance to buy me!”
Seeing Xiang Chen subdued again,The smile on Han Yuxiang’s face makes people see a little brilliant。
Chapter Fifty-Three At home
In the hospital,After having a bargain with Xiang Chen, Xiang and Yan Yue in Korean,The two set the dinner table at the most famous Xiaojin Cave in Wanghai City——At home。
Walk in the door,Xiang Chen took a look,Even if I jumped up with all my strength,There is absolutely no way to touch the door。And look into the home away from home,Luxuriant,Remove the splendor,Xiang Chen can’t find other more appropriate words to describe all this with his eyes.。
Equal distance vase,Is it Antique Xiangchen can’t infer,But after a closer look,How Xiang Chen feels like his fourth uncle Bai Fengyu’s collection。Look up,Mural flying,Xiang Chen believes that this should not be the handwriting of the famous master,But drawing these flying people,After death, he will be a master in the book。
As for the handsome men and women on the left and right,Xiang Chen seriously suspects that the boss here kidnapped a certain model agency to serve him。There are hanging chandeliers,Xiang Chen has seen the same style in Europe,I even broke two of them,I heard that a certain rich man has been heartbroken for two months。