And the most speechless thing is,The Dai Zong ship they used to seize air supremacy,It was also captured from the South Korean military at Ye Ye。

Hu Lin will all this,Faithful record,And broadcast live to the entire chaos circle。
Her intention is very direct,The various tactics used by the Sandstorm City army,Can be understood by other human army,Then learn and imitate,It is likely to change the passive situation of other battlefields,Add up,Maybe this will affect the general trend。
One thousand two hundred and sixty-two chapters Decapitation
“Gao Dajin,You will be in full command of the next battle!Dragon Battlefield,Tu Shanming,Liu Yiqing,Strictly guard the copper,The four of you each bring a flying brigade,Let me disembark。”Lu Menglin solemnly ordered。
“what?You have to go down?Is it so fast?”Gao Dajin once again felt that his IQ was crushed,Although Boss Wu Hao gave the command to himself,But he has no sense of superiority。
“Ok,This is our first battle,Have to show momentum!Don’t miss the opportunity!”Lu Menglin replied。
“but,There are millions of monsters below!You brought too few people, right?”Gao Dajin has already faintly guessed what Wu Hao wants to do,I just think this person is too courageous,This is almost impossible to succeed.。
“So we only bring flying soldiers。”
Lu Menglin paused,Continue to tell:“You four listen,A group of Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming,Strictly guard the copper and Liu Yiqing team,I’m an independent team,We split up,Landed respectively in these three key areas where Lord Zuma may haunt,As long as I see the Lord Zuma,Signal immediately,The other two groups provide timely support,If you can’t kill the leader,We don’t have to come back,Understand?”
“understand!”Tu Shanming and Long Zhanye shouted in a deep voice at the same time。
Thousand Miles,Kill the enemy general,This for them,It’s already commonplace,Used to it。
Liu Yiqing didn’t say anything,He whispered in his heart,There are millions of monsters in the battlefield below,Just a few teams descended,It’s just like sprinkling sand in the desert,This way you can find the head of the monster?And can you kill the opponent??
He used to be Ye Korea’s super combat power,Of course I know the leader of the monster army,Individual combat power is very strong,Otherwise I can’t be the leader。
He himself is not sure to beat those monster leaders。
but,People under the eaves,Had to bow,He even handed over the lowest level authority of the Horned Dragon Battlegear on his body,This is equivalent to surrendering his wealth and life to Commander Wuhao,If the other party is unhappy,Can directly take over the authority of the Horned Dragon Battlegear,Whether it is cutting off the respiratory system,Or just let myself explode,There is only one end,Just can’t live。