She swept the nervous look in all people,Laugh:“what happened?Why do you look at me like this?。”

Lu Haozheng asked nervously:“Blue,Is it tasty?”
Blue Xin is watching him slightly,“still alright。”
Everyone:“……”Just watching her time,Obviously very good,How is it not bad??
“hehe……”Lu Hao Cheng smiled,“Blue,This is my first time to kitchen,You feel,I am already very satisfied.。”
“Help,Really changed a person,Lu Hao Cheng,Old people see you like this,I am afraid that I will doubt that you are Lu Hao Cheng.。”Le Yu。
In the face of others, there is a quiet and indifferent,Blue baby,Just like people from the water,Judging two people。
Lu Haocheng did not see her ,Unhappy answer,“How do you see me?,I do not care。”As long as the blue blue feels happiness,He is satisfied。
NS858chapter:elder brother,Do you have money
Le Yu smiles,Looking at Mu Qing,“Mu,You have raised a good son。”
Mu Qing looked at the son,Laugh:“Gather,You are all good children。”
“Ha ha”Yi Tianqi smiles,“Qingqing,You said this.,No one is guilty。”
Mu Qing looked at him,Sincerely speaking sincerity:“I said it is true.,These good children are good children。”
Just because of the reason,Xi Xi’s child is not too much.,The company is also very busy.,Hurt the heart of the child,She has always been very interesting in her heart.。
these years,Their brothers have always accompany them around them.,She is grateful and happy。
Now,She only hopes that these kind children can find their happiness.。
“Uh-huh!It is said that good people have good news.,You are a good child.,Will be happy in the future。”
Yi Tianqi looks at them,A family of people today,Eating is also hot in trouble,Watching TV, noisy,When you read the book, you can quietly,This day is both fun and happiness。
“dad,First of all, you have to be happy.,We can happiness。”
Blue Xin laughs at their husband and wife,Since mother married to Dad,There are more smiles on your face.,These months,I finally didn’t see my mother and shed my mother alone.。
Mu Qing reached out and knead her head,A pet:“Silly girl,Now all the misunderstandings between you and A Cheng have solved,A Cheng and Sisi are better than it.,Your father loves me again.,Now I am now,Happiness than at any time。
I am very happy with your father.,Now we have to look at your happiness.。”
“Mother,I will definitely find a good man.,Marry yourself,Will you worry about you。”
Lu Si is also laughing aside。
Such home,How good,Can let her feel affection and love。
Yi Tianqi smiled,Laugh, love,“Think,I saw that Lei, who sent you back, was quite good.,He is the richest country in Hainan,Almost all ages,It is also good for people.。”
Constims,Facial face,“Yi Dad,People still a young boy,I am a woman who is married away.,Also with a son,How can people see me??”
I haven’t thought about this.,Last a drunk,Let him send himself back,She has always been very interesting in her heart.,I would like to ask him to eat a meal.,Thank you for,Under what he has already returned to Hainan.。
Mu Qing glanced at her,“Then I also take two of you two towers.,Your dad has never been disappointing me.,There is no disappointment of your brothers and brothers.。”
Constims,Eyebrows look at my mother,“Mother,This is different,We are all adults.,Flying or a child。”
Mu Qing looked at it,road:“okay,Don’t say these words in front of children.,This kind of thing is not anyone to say,Depending on your two。”
Lu Si was smiling and nodded.:“Mother,I know,Yet?
I can see it on the eye.。”
Mu Qing low eating,Side:“You are too picky,Finally, I picked a cake.,And you have been biased in the second generation,I always feel that people are old people.,Not working hard enough,you are wrong,The current rich second generation is also very hard,You look at the child,Landscape,Scene,Which is not from going to work?。”
“Mother,Will those people and the child mens??