While saying:“child,Of course mom believes。

The old family in our country said,There is a god,Of course I believe。”
“mom,The god I’m talking about is not that god!”
Chen Xiu quickly said what had happened to him。
of course,So as not to frighten mother,He has done all those dangerous things。
“so,The world we know now is not all。
In addition to what we currently know,There are cultivators……They are just like the gods in the legend……” Chen Xiu said everything slowly,I saw my mother and Chen Han were silent,Staring at myself。
Mother Liu Jifen suddenly patted the dishes on the table,Shouted at Chen Han:“fast……Call your dad quickly,That your brother is sick,Let him come back soon!”
“……” Sure enough, it was considered a neurosis,Although I was mentally prepared,Chen Xiu was still speechless for a while,Hurry up:“mom,I’m really not crazy,You have to believe me!”
“mom,My brother is not a mental illness,He speaks so organized,Not like a madman at all!”
Chen Xiu was relieved,Sure enough, my sister knows herself。
Just listen to Chen Han continuing:“I know,My brother liked writing when he was in junior high school,This must be the fantasy story my brother thought about when he went to travel。
Chen Xiu hit the dinner table directly,I really look down on her,This sister seems to be in love。
“You said your brother is not sick,You see he hit the table with his forehead,you……Call your little uncle soon,Let him catch your brother,Let him self-harm。
My poor boy……What’s going oniSouth Tourism……watch movie,Said that the place where the most people have been,Isn’t your brother being poisoned?……” “……” Say you have good imagination,I don’t think my mother can make up my brain better than myself,Chen Xiu was crying without tears,Hurry up and say:“mom、Chen Han,I’m really not mad……” “Mom knows……all know,You must have been poisoned by someone, right。