Even though the long sword in his other hand is attacking Chen Xiu fiercely,But all the offense,Were all resolved by Chen Xiu with a small sword,In his feeling,Chen Xiu is like an ancient well,Unfathomable,Can’t find the end。

suddenly,Chen Xiu grabbed his left hand and flicked it。
“what——”Under Chen Xiu,Bai Qinglin suddenly felt an irresistible force,Rushing like mountains,He only had time to yell,The body can’t help but rise into the air。
Chen Xiu cuts out with a sword,At this time, Bai Qinglin has no leverage in the air,There is no room for dodge,Chen Xiu is confident,This sword can kill the opponent。
Bai Qinglin’s best is not swordsmanship、Not fist,But light work,Raise a sigh of anger in the crisis,Arms shaking,I don’t even need to borrow,Followed and went up again,Kankan escaped the Promise Slash from Chen Xiu,Floating on the ground。
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1156 Shocked
Bai Qinglin fell to the ground,I didn’t find it when I just competed with Chen Xiu.,At this time, I saw that the long sword in my hand was cut out by Chen Xiu’s little sword.,The sword body suddenly broke into ten pieces,Can’t help but sigh:“Good sharp sword!”
Staring at it, I saw that the small sword in Chen Xiu’s hand looked unremarkable,There is no sharp weapon,My heart trembled:“Is this……Flying sword!”
“you……Who are you!”
Chen Xiu saw the other party avoiding his Wuji Slash with a brilliant light effort,I also admire,But said funny:“You attack me,He asked me who I am,I want to know who you are!”
Bai Qinglin also recovered from the shock,Sneered:“I don’t care which great god’s nephew you are,You swayed the market by giving Feijian cultivation so low,I won’t grab you,I’m sorry for my conscience!”
With a sound“Up”Word fall,Bai Qinglin stepped out suddenly,The figure floats close to Chen Xiu like a light smoke,Hit more than ten palms in a row。
Chen Xiu didn’t expect Bai Qinglin’s speed to be so fast.,The little sword in his hand just performed a move,Bai Qinglin’s hand knife is about to be cut on his shoulder,Wipe your feet,Dodge the past with the new body method that you just understood。
Bai Qinglin missed a hit,Body shape is even more erratic,No matter how, it flashed to Chen Xiu’s left side and slashed again,Let Chen Xiu be embarrassed and evade again with a new understanding。
Although the light exercise is only an auxiliary martial skill,But practiced,Advance can attack,Retreat can defend,Miss a hit,Travel a thousand miles。