“What’s your name?How long have you been here”Xia Jian suddenly asked which little girl。

The little girl smiled and said:“My name is yuan li,Been here for almost half a year”
Xia Jian beckoned,Let Yuan Li approach,Then he lowered his voice and asked:“How does Director Ho treat you normally??Isn’t it a bit powerful”
“Of course she is amazing,She is Mr. Guo’s cousin”Yuan Li said it smoothly,When she realized,Maybe a bit late,The little girl bowed her head unhappily。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Nothing,Don’t be afraid,I am the boss of the group”Although Xia Jian said,Yuan Li who realizes her failure,Don’t say a word,This put Xia Jian in a hurry。
at this time,Heiwa opened the door and walked in,Xia Jian hurriedly sat up straight,Tasting slowly while holding tea。Soon,Guo Meili and He Juan,Maybe from a few financial staff outside,Brought a few thick books。
It seems that people take the financial investigation as real,Xia Jian frowned,Began to turn over the ledger,Fortunately, he has a good memory,He only needs to read these accounts once,Some important figures,He remembered it all in his heart。
More than ten books,Xia Jian spent http://www.art0393.cn less than half an hour,I have read it all,He Juan on the side,His face couldn’t help showing joy,She might be thinking,Look like this,Can remember a fart,It seems that this young boss is just a paper tiger。
After reading the last book,Xia Jian threw the account book on the table,His face changed slightly and said:“Mr. Guo,The company has regulations,No more than two thousand white bars per month,You just last month and January,Just white strips53246yuan,Please explain to me”
“President Xia,Did you remember wrong,There shouldn’t be so many”He Juan’s mouth curled up,Slightly despise the taste of Xia Jian。
Xia Jian said coldly“Can’t go wrong”
Guo Meili hurriedly said:“Director Ho, look again,See what’s wrong”
“How could it be wrong?”He Juan picked up the ledger reluctantly,Read it carefully。
Xia Jian asked coldly:“how about http://www.shenggoulipin.cn it?Who is wrong”
“That’s right!The one who hit the white strip3246yuan,Slightly exceeded the company’s financial regulations,But there is nothing like Mr. Xia said53246yuan,I signed this list,Can’t be so outrageous”He Juan said aggrievedly。
Guo Meili laughed and said:“It’s fine,President Xia is just to let everyone do their work more carefully,We should thank Mr. Xia”
“slow!Director Ho,Scrapped**,Is it a white bar?”Xia Jian sat up straight,Raised his voice and asked。
He Juan was taken aback,I hurriedly pushed the glasses on the bridge of my nose with my hand,Said timidly:“If it is**If it is scrapped,Its function is a white bar”
“Well!You have a fortune50000Meta**,It is obviously covered with a special stamp for scrap,Why is it still accounted?”Xia Jian hurriedly asked。