“This map is relatively empty,‘Big pineapple’This kind of melee weapon does not have a lot of room to play。”Shunzi told Lu Yi his understanding。

“If it’s Mr. Feng’s‘Big pineapple’What?”Lu Yi asked softly。
“what?President Feng right‘Big pineapple’Of course, the degree of use and proficiency of,But I haven’t seen someone like him……”Shunzi replied。
“Ok,well。I understand……”
Lu Yi said,willM249The required bullets are packed into the backpack。
When he lifted“Big pineapple”The moment,Recalling my records in my notebook,Including the character of Feng Xichuan、Analysis of technical characteristics and tactical options,By establishing a three-dimensional system“Ermapingchuan”Character model,Lu Yi tried to imitate a use“Big pineapple”The game logic of the master。
The far end of the desert,Almost the twilight direction connecting the skyline,Along with the yellow ocean, rolling waves,A red off-road vehicle appeared,Driving on the rolling sand ridges of dunes and valleys,A team of people in the car is fully armed,The goal is to detonate a military fortress marked with a clear sign on the map。
“Long Shao?Where to celebrate after the game?”Asked the banana who drove。
“Winning this trash team also needs to be celebrated?!Is your head broken??of course,I will not treat my brothers badly,In order to wish to enter the next round,Everyone’s spending today at Longteng Century International Hotel,Including eating、live、massage、Convalescence……I pay it all!”Long Xiyue promised with a smile。
“Oh!Oh!Long Shao!Is Long Shao!”Several members of the Oscar team cheered。
“Follow me,Naturally delicious and spicy,but,You guys have to fight hard,Don’t pit me,If you can’t win the college student professional league tickets……I will throw you one by one into the recycling bin,Reengineering……”
Long Xiyue’s words made the other team members shudder,Even the pineapple as the captain,I also know that the Oscar team now,I didn’t join when I was in high spirits,A team fighting for the honor of the Golden Legion,It’s a selfish team controlled by dragon fruit。Captain’s name,It’s just a display of nothing,After all, who can bring benefits to the team,Who is the king of this team。
“Long Shao!Someone seems to be found in the direction of the fortress ahead!”A telescope given by Scout Sweet Orange with his initial professional talent,First discovered the enemy。
“Who?Is it that Anna baby??See a woman playing games,It makes me feel bad!Very uncomfortable!unbearable!”Pitaya uses one“pain”Emoji。

“You wash first,Lie down on my bed for a while,Meal will be ready soon”Murong Sisi is talking about people,Took something and went out with,It seems that she made herself a small kitchen on the second floor。

Xia Jian didn’t regard himself as an outsider,He washed his face,And fell on Mu Yi Sisi’s bed。Girls’ beds are generally cleaned up。But Murong Sisi was sleeping just now,He called down,So her bed is a bit messy。
Xia Jian took a look,Too lazy to clean up,Lay directly on the quilt。This driving is actually very hard work。A driver used to drive him,He doesn’t think,This time he drove from Bucheon to Pingdu in one breath,Really tired。Xia Jianyi lay down,Fell asleep。
He slept so soundly this time,When he opens his eyes,Found that the room was dark with lights,Feel like night。Xia Jian stood up,Then I found out that he was lying next to him。
At this moment,The man lying beside him also sat up,It turned out to be Murong Sisi。She reached out to turn on the light in the room,Then asked with a yawn:“Are you awake?”
“What time is it now?Why don’t you call me?”Xia Jian complained softly。
Murong Sisi got out of bed,Stretched and said:“You sleep too soundly,I’ll call you after making the noodles,But you turned over,Not get up at all。I want to forget,Let you sleep well first“
According to Murong Tian Sisi,Xia Jian just felt hungry and screamed。Murong Sisi smiled at Xia Jian:“Fortunately, I made you cold cucumber noodles,You can eat now“
Summer build horse jump out of bed,Walked out the door。On the coffee table in Murong Sisi’s office,Put a bowl of cold noodles,Covered it with a transparent glass cover。
Xia Jian said nothing,I took off the glass cover myself,Eat cold noodles,He is really hungry,Three or two bites and a bowl of noodles are all done。Murong Sisi, who looked aside, smiled。
“Hey!How is the taste?“Murong Sisi asked with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled embarrassedly:“Eat too fast,I really don’t know what it smells like,Any more?I’m sure to taste another bowl“
“Definitely more,I knew it,You can’t get enough of a bowl“Murong Sisi smiled and went back to the kitchen,She brought another bowl of noodles。And also took out two bottles of beer from under the table。
Xia Jian has a look,This suits his appetite,Eating cold noodles and drinking beer is indeed her favorite。Murong Sisi found two cups,Pour her and Xia Jian separately,Then he raised his glass and said with a smile:“welcome back!“
Xia Jian was taken aback,He asked with a smile:“What do you mean?“
“Mr. Guo has told us all about you,It’s nothing,The boss is wherever you go。Not to mention the venture group in Bucheon,How inconvenient for you to run around,You almost don’t know me“Murong Sisi said with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“OK then!Since you know that I am not the boss of the startup group,Then stop calling Mr. Xia,Just call me Lao Xia“
“cut!You are seven or eighty,Still old summer。My name is Xia Ge,So affectionate,dont you agree?“Murong Sisi said,Secretly glanced at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Then I have to go after eating,There is no reason for brother and sister to sleep together”

While saying:“child,Of course mom believes。

The old family in our country said,There is a god,Of course I believe。”
“mom,The god I’m talking about is not that god!”
Chen Xiu quickly said what had happened to him。
of course,So as not to frighten mother,He has done all those dangerous things。
“so,The world we know now is not all。
In addition to what we currently know,There are cultivators……They are just like the gods in the legend……” Chen Xiu said everything slowly,I saw my mother and Chen Han were silent,Staring at myself。
Mother Liu Jifen suddenly patted the dishes on the table,Shouted at Chen Han:“fast……Call your dad quickly,That your brother is sick,Let him come back soon!”
“……” Sure enough, it was considered a neurosis,Although I was mentally prepared,Chen Xiu was still speechless for a while,Hurry up:“mom,I’m really not crazy,You have to believe me!”
“mom,My brother is not a mental illness,He speaks so organized,Not like a madman at all!”
Chen Xiu was relieved,Sure enough, my sister knows herself。
Just listen to Chen Han continuing:“I know,My brother liked writing when he was in junior high school,This must be the fantasy story my brother thought about when he went to travel。
Chen Xiu hit the dinner table directly,I really look down on her,This sister seems to be in love。
“You said your brother is not sick,You see he hit the table with his forehead,you……Call your little uncle soon,Let him catch your brother,Let him self-harm。
My poor boy……What’s going oniSouth Tourism……watch movie,Said that the place where the most people have been,Isn’t your brother being poisoned?……” “……” Say you have good imagination,I don’t think my mother can make up my brain better than myself,Chen Xiu was crying without tears,Hurry up and say:“mom、Chen Han,I’m really not mad……” “Mom knows……all know,You must have been poisoned by someone, right。

“what!Good job,Be careful!”Tianmen Road people greetings,No longer hesitate。

In the end, Chu Deirers used the enemy five,And every person in the enemy,It must be a sword method of the other party!
More shocked is,No matter how strong,Still inner force, many fixed,When the sword trick and the Chu Demin Game,On the sword,Almost is a strong enemy……
Chapter 717 Anti-shock
Chu deer has“Solitary sword”Hide,Even if the sword method is limited in the corresponding five-bedroom sword,There is also a lot of money to break the five-school head.,even……There is more than a power to calculate five people’s internal strength,Control yourself does not pressure people!
In five people,Only the internal strength of the left cold,Can fight with Chu Deirers,Even if you can’t call it?,It’s just a little bit——After all, the Chu Deirers are not good for internal strength.。
Even after moving the foundation,I have not recovered the peak now.。
Feng Zenai,I saw the six people battle,Weapon strike、Sword,Endless。
At this time, I see the Chu Deirers for five enemy.,Outstanding,Group of people……
Originally, I was left for Zen.,After preparing,、Located the taking of scattering against the sound,Whether you have a small Torger,It is silent at this time.。
Some famous rivers and lakes,At this time, the sorry begins to leave the post.,Similar to the stream of Qingliang Temple,It is also the number of people,Be silently。
Only see Six people this battle,Undoubtedly a Chu Deee……
Just when you really want to break,Although it is not difficult for Chu Deirers.,Even not mentioned outside the Wuxue Sword,Only use more power,Not out,The four of the left cold Zen must be lost。
But the trick is controlled by the inner force and the other side.,And only use the five-bedroom sword method corresponding to others,It is not so easy to win.……
after all“Solitary sword”In one“break”Character,Ashamed the imitation force、That kind,It’s easy to break the other’s swords.,But after breaking,Total to be able to win!
It seems that five people are fed one by one.,I have to be broken by Chu Deirers without two.,However, because there are some people’s policy,As long as you return it, you can fix it.。
Left cold is the most depressed,Now he is very suspicious,Chu Deirers are deliberately!
Obvious yourself,Already a crown five-school,But by the Chu Demen,It’s like I am not much better than other four pauses.。
Instead, Lin Ping is taken by Chu Deirers.“Play”,Look very bright——And it is indeed the secondary,Lin Ping also has to exceed other four people!
Great、Heaven、Singge three people are clear,Chu Deirers are already“play”,The reason why,Not because of the heart of winning,I want to see some of my own exquisite priests.……
It is indeed as the Chu Deirers said,Many of them,It has been lost in this door.!
However, five people intend to attack,Chu Deirers are difficult to win,at last……
Chu Deirers have taken a little,Put out“Wuyue Real Solution”Some of the mystery,Keep everyone to recognize“This should be the Wuyue Sword”Degree,This first picked down the sword in the left of the left.——Be right,Chu Deirers are deliberately。
If you really want to share the win,How can I turn around the first out of the left?,However, at this time he was stabbed,The first of the Shan Sword……
But just do this in Chu Deirers.,When you break other people’s swordsmanship,Suddenly a cold came from behind!
“Be careful……”
Before,It is Lin Ping to see that the left cold is not face.,Actually after the sword,Also palm“Sneak attack”Time,Temporation,After,But the reminder of the left cold Zen himself。
This is not so much“Sneak attack”,It seems that it is really reminding Chu Deirers to be careful.,But……
He said that the forefront of the export is slow.,Dictionary is not ready to give the Chu Deirent Reaction!
I saw the left cold Zen,Directly printed in Chu Tai Siy,Moemu people obey,I have also been angry.,However,The color of the face is not the churi of the palm.,But the left cold Zen。
Left cold zen this cold weather,Not the Kung Fu,It is he, don’t know where to come.,Repaired cold ice,It is a cold,The strength is not yin soft、Instead,So I was used by him.,Due to a set of open ahead、Sweeping the world“Cold ice”。
One is this martial arts,Not so easy to succeed,Two……Sucked,It is also the forces of the other party who can’t stand this overbearing.!
So I was dedicated to the bottom card to deal with me.。
I am afraid that I am in the east ten years ago.,Zuo Coenz this self-sufficiency with me“Hero”,I have always been looking forward to the one-day.、Successful……Beat itself!
But now I am playing on Chu Tai.,Next moment, it is the left and cold zen’s face.,Chu Deirers maintain the qualifications of the original thorn,Moving、All-relying on the vest,However, the left cold is still supported,I was shocking by Chu Deirers.。
I saw that the left cold is shocked more than ten steps.,And only the last three steps are retreating。
Front 10 steps,It’s all flying.,Believer,Retrieve a few steps,The flagpole hung after the burner, the flag of the black dragon pattern,This is reluctant to stand、Not fallen。
But it can’t go in three times.,Vomit,Felt,Obviously, it is hot in the cold.!

Li Xinghua shook his head。

Not everything,She can see it。
After all, many predictions,All break in like a dream。
“what,Zhu Minglang……”A shining koi suddenly floated out,I was swimming towards Zhu Minglang with a blank look。
“I know,My old chen。”Zhu Minglang interrupted Mr. Koi’s words。
“Where are we?”Mr. Koi is swimming around the table。
The shop next to Xiao Er thought he had the wrong food,Got a live fish,Want to come up for another one,But after watching for a while,Left with a weird face。
“Miguo,In the capital。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Did you go to Mianshan?,I remember,There is a sword mound in Mianshan,Go there for a while,Should be of great help to the sword spirit dragon。”Mr. Koi said。
“A few days before we go,I have to wait for Bai Qin’an’s response。”Zhu Minglang explained。
“Mr. Koi,We found the ancient lamp jade,On the cheek of the princess in the capital。”Nan Yusu said。
Just let Mr. Koi give some advice,Mr. Koi knows well,Maybe there is a better way。
really,Mr. Koi can’t remember what the god ancient lamp jade is,Just keep asking Zhu Minglang about the status of the dragons。
“Pity,If Shenmu Qingshenglong is not maimed,We can reshape a dragon in a short time,And to ensure that the cultivation and strength of Shenmu Qingshenglong will not be lower than Bai Qi and Mo Xie。”Mr. Koi sighed。
“First raise the big black tooth to the dragon master level?”Zhu Minglang said。
“Yep,Bai Qi’s Dragon Armor,You can also start forging,This can greatly enhance its strength。”Mr. Koi said。
“Niannian has already learned about the spiritual capital market in advance,Some resources here should be cheaper。”
“There is a dragon girl hall in the country,Is one of the seven halls of Canglong Palace,Canglong should have more spiritual resources,Gu Long is hard to say,But you can go and see if they have any good dragon scales,Used to build dragon armor for Bai Qi。”Mr. Koi said。

For a moment,Zhu Minglang feels like he and Li Xing’s painting just passed through the stone wall,Arrived at the other end of the valley,But when you step into the valley,After discovering that everything here is too huge,Zhu Minglang only then realized,Theirs has stepped into the ancient ruins!

So-called huge,Refers to everything Zhu Minglang can see。
Trees here,Cover the sky in the true sense,Make the entire valley ruins look a bit dim。
There is a dense grass in front,But people are walking in this grass,Will be completely submerged in,More exaggerated,A few wild rabbits,Like an adult ox,Obviously a cute little creature,It’s scary here。
“There should be a stream in front。”Li Xinghua said。
Through this grassy forest,A valley and long stream appeared before them。
Said it was a stream,In fact, there is no difference from Yijiang,Everything in this ruin,It seems to be enlarged several times by the creator,Even the pebbles in the stream,There are also people fist size,Not to mention the creatures in this stream!
Zhu Minglang saw a long-necked ancient dragon,Its shoulders are fifty meters,Not to mention when the neck is up,People standing in front of such creatures,It’s no different from mosquitoes。
Long-necked cologne drinking water,It is obviously a herbivore,Have no interest in human beings,Even if you pass by it,It won’t attack。
Zhu Minglang took out the prepared water bag,I took the clean water here。
There is Xiao Baiqi’s universe magic,He can hold the amount of water that everyone and all dragons drink in three days。
After getting enough water,I wish Minglang took a sip of water,Taste the difference between the Wannian Stream in this ancient relic,really,Water or water!
There was a burst of noise,Just in the grassy forest where Zhu Minglang and Li Xing painted,A group of poisonous flies with black stripes and red heads flew out,They attacked the gentle long-necked ancient dragon!
The poisonous flies are big,Can catch up with the eagle outside,Swarms of such poisonous flies,The poison it carries can’t even bear the dragon beast。
really,It didn’t take long for the long-necked ancient dragon to be captured,Toxicity spreads throughout its body,So it doesn’t even have the strength to escape。
“Look at the stream。”Li Xinghua hurriedly pointed out。
Some of the poisonous fly’s venom was sprayed into the stream,And the stream soon showed signs of pollution……

So loud,Xia Jian flicked his left hand,Punch out with the right hand。Bald shocked,He never thought that Xia Jian was so fast。He hurried to one side,Flash to the left。

Xia Jian strikes out with two punches,Lifting the foot is sweeping,The bald head escaped Xia Jian’s fist,But I didn’t escape Xia Jian’s feet。To know,If Xia Jian’s kick is full,,A big black dog can be kicked to death。
Just heard a scream from the bald head,The whole person fell to the ground with a plop。Xia Jian didn’t chase forward,But ran to the grandma’s side,I lifted up my grandma。
But the grandma shouted:“my waist,My waist broke”
At this moment,A woman sprang from the iron gate in two steps,This woman looks 35 or 6 years old。She is not tall or short,And exquisite。
Short hair,Handsome mixed-race face,Especially small lips with a little lipstick,I saw Xia Jian forgot what he was doing。
“grandmother!What’s wrong with you?Who are they?”The woman’s silvery voice came over。At the same time she glanced at Xia Jian。
She glanced,With a wave of disdain and indifference。It’s possible that Xia Jian’s somewhat unscrupulous look angered her。
The old grandma yelled at someone with a bald head:“These bastards trampled my food,Also interrupted my waist。Luo Yi,You’re going to make such a bad breath for grandma”
“Your waist is broken?”The old man named Luo Yi by the old lady asked in surprise。She rushed over in two steps,I want to take the grandma from Xia Jian。
But the old lady couldn’t stand up at all,The whole person is like being held by Xia Jian。Luo Yi’s body approached,A good smell of perfume came from her immediately。Xia Jian couldn’t help his nose twitching。
Luo Yi stared at Xia Jian with a bit disgusting eyes:“who are you?What are you doing here?”
“Damn!You die girl can’t even understand,This bald guy hit me。Didn’t you see him supporting me?”Grandma has a very bad temper,Yelled at this Luo Yi。
Luo Yixian said with a smile:“I know grandma,I think who is blind,Dare to beat Luo Yi’s grandma”
At this moment,The bald head stood up with the support of a few yellow hairs,He looked at Luo Yi,It’s like seeing a ghost,The color of the face changed immediately。
“Sister Luo!Hu Liu has eyes but I don’t know Taishan,I didn’t expect this to be your vegetable garden,Also pushed grandma,Damn i!Damn i!”Bald head down,Said hurriedly。It feels like his birthday has come。

Under the power of the crushing class,Wind Beast Mountain Master successively displayed several life-saving methods。

A cloud of shining thunder,A leaf formed by intertwining golden silk threads,A dark rock dagger exploded one after another。
These ones,They are all treasures similar to the one-time talisman of the Three Realms,Treasures of the Three Realms,It is comparable to the attacks of three masters beyond the pinnacle of the world。
As for Taoist talisman treasures?That was not obtained by the top world realm of Wind Beast Mountain Lord。
One shot。
Thunder clouds were blown up frontally,Although Qiansi Jinye is heavily bound,Turned into countless threads,But still failed to stop。
The last explosion of the rock dagger,Turn into a black shadow to kill,Li Ming was forced to wave a gun。
But even so,It’s just that the wind beast mountain lord’s lingering breath time。
After a breath,Li Ming dropped the Chaos Gun that was broken in the collision,A palm pierced the chest of the wind beast mountain master。
If he is the world god,Have superb body protection supernatural powers,May be able to support it。
But just the wind beast mountain lord of the Chaos Fairy,With the power in Li Ming’s hand, he spit out,Directly crushed the chaotic golden core in his body。
Golden Core Broken,Even the chaotic fairy has only one way to die!
First1chapter Uproar
Great Wasteland,Eternal world。
Compared to the rather gentle and peaceful Tianqiong Eternal Realm,It’s bloody and brutal here。
fighting、Kill,Except for the nine big cities,Savage land everywhere。
But under such tempering,But he is the leader of the eternal world–The great desolate god and his subordinates are extremely powerful。

brothers,Don’t forget,You are also a shareholder of the company,The two of them are your employees again,This is the best。

Let them sign our company’s internet celebrity contract。”
Chen Xiu understands now,Still can’t help but complain:“Silly brother,You are also a big brother、The boss of an entertainment company,How to scout、Grab all the paparazzi work
173 Speak by ability
Fang Qiong and Zhang Yun also knew that their appearance was the cause,Naturally no objection,It turned out that Song Shihe who helped Chen Xiu fight was kicked out of the warehouse.。
Repairing the huanghuali cabinet is a carpentry job,But it’s more sophisticated than the average carpenter,From craftsman to artistic level。
Chen Xiu’s big Huanghuali cabinet was originally made by a master in the Daoguang period,Flower from above、The dragon and phoenix ornamentation is carved to life,There is a vivid paper texture。
Chen Xiu imitated、I have studied carving for a while,It is not a big problem to be able to make the appearance exactly the same,But the gods always feel that something is lacking,So for the past few days, he is still practicing with ordinary wood,I dare not use real huanghuali wood for sculpture。
174 Go home
See Chen Xiu back,Mother Chen organized a table full of ten bowls,Like a banquet,Chen Xiu’s belly swells up after eating。
The family talked and laughed at the dinner table,Chen Xiu took the opportunity to learn something about Chen Han at school,After the beginning of school,No one dares to find fault with her on purpose,From her conversation, she found that she is now fully integrated into the life of the city;
Different from Chen Han’s high spirits,Father Chen and Mother Chen looked erratic in their eyes,Obviously something。
After dinner,Chen Han and Chen mother went to the kitchen to wash the dishes,Father and son went to the balcony to smoke。
“dad,Did something happen,I see you and mom are both upset。”

Young shirtless,With a white undershirt on his shoulders,Wearing big pants,Flip-flops,There is also a safety helmet commonly found on the construction site on the waistband,A full outfit of migrant workers,The off-road vehicle just came back from outside,It might be five or six minutes,Young people are here。

at this time,He has drunk soy milk,Three fried dough sticks have been eating for a long time,But still can’t determine which building the people on the off-road vehicle went to。The house here is too messy,The laneway entrance is two five-story buildings,Behind is a large bungalow,There are also a variety of privately built two-story small buildings,Densely packed,Inch of earth。
The young man is Gu Jian,He followed the off-road vehicle all the way,I was harassed by the opponent when I entered the fork in the double building,Wasted time,When he finds the off-road vehicle again,No one in the car long ago。
After Gu Jian’s group was tricked by Li Tianzheng in the development zone,But the atmosphere,Intend to contact local counterparts,Look for clues again,Even if you dig three feet, you must find Li Tianzhi again,But at this moment,Gu Jian received the news from the instructor,Order him to abandon the task,The group withdrew to Fukuyama on standby,And he changed to track and protect Shen Yingjie。
Then the instructor sent Shen Yingjie’s coordinates,Gu Jian’s plan to be ashamed is reimbursed.,Very frustrated to send my colleagues away,Gu Jian built a Yamaha motorcycle,Rushed out of the city。
Unfortunately, it’s still a step too late,Seeing Gu Jian getting closer and closer to Shen Yingjie,The other party’s signal suddenly disappeared,And there was a traffic accident ahead,Gu Jian slows down,Observe carefully the blocked vehicles near the accident,I hope to find Shen Yingjie in it。
I thought it would take a lot of effort,But I didn’t expect someone shouting not far in front‘Fight!’,Then an off-road vehicle suddenly turned around frantically,And then go retrograde quickly,Gu Jian didn’t see Shen Yingjie being assassinated,But when the car rushed past him,He returned the future and closed the car window through the back,I saw Shen Yingjie lying sideways on the back seat。
Although the opponent’s speed is fast,But Gu Jian, who has developed a pair of eagle eyes, is sure that he will not be wrong,He even saw a young man sitting in the back row facing the viciousness。
it depends,Shen Yingjie must have been hijacked,Gu Jian said nothing,Turn the front of the car to keep up,But not long after,He saw another white pickup in the inverted mirror,Are rushing up quickly。
Gu Jian immediately realized that the other party had more than one car,And associates,Thus,He seems to be exposed,I followed too tightly,I didn’t expect the other party to be so cautious,Flanking,His situation was immediately troublesome。
He tried to slow down,Test each other,I didn’t expect to almost take Xiaoming in,The white pickup suddenly accelerates,I hit the motorcycle butt straight up,Fortunately, Gu Arrow is skilled,And also made some preparations in advance,Otherwise it will really break the bones。
Gu Jian can’t help it,Speed up again,Following the Toyota SUV in front,Retrograde is very dangerous on the road,Not only have to deal with opponents,Also always pay attention to oncoming traffic,He is already in danger。
Just persisted for a while,Gu Jian had to be in a gap in the isolation zone,Turned to the opposite lane,Two cars seem to be in a hurry,Didn’t pay attention to Gu Jian anymore,Whizzing away one after another。
On the normal road,There is no danger,Gu Jian simply let go of the chase,It didn’t take long to see two cars still racing on the retrograde road,This time he dare not bite so tightly,Adjust vehicle speed,Far away,But even so,He knows,The other party must know it’s still behind。
Soon to enter the western suburbs of eastern Guangdong,Two cars rushed to the fork on the right,Gu Jian looked up and paid attention to the direction of the industrial park and the two buildings,In slow motion,Although it is too late to inform the instructor,But he has already sent a call signal to his team members through his watch,They have location sharing across the group,Brothers can easily rush to respond according to location guidance。
No worries,Gu Jian accelerates again,Hurricane all the way,I saw each other from a distance,But unexpectedly, the white pickup was missing,The black off-road vehicle is turning right at the T-junction,This T-junction has a wide view,The left leads to the industrial park,The right leads to the double building,There is a row of vehicles waiting for traffic lights on both sides of the intersection,Just didn’t see the white pickup。