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His voice trembled with unprecedented anxiety and tension.

Then he carefully held Li Yuyan in his arms and said to the two bodyguards who had just helped Xiaoyan, "You can’t even look at who is not moving and don’t stay with me." He turned to his cronies and said, "Take it directly."
I was horrified.
Is it because those two bodyguards helped Xiaoyan abuse Li Yuyan that he was punished so severely?
Then why is he so defensive and nervous about Li Yuyan?
It is not surprising that he and Li Yuyan know me. After all, the Korean family has always supported the Li family, and it is normal for them to meet.
But now he is tightly holding Li Yu smoke, which is something wrong …
Xiaoyan estimation is slow lead spirit pointedly laughed "Han Qingshan, at least you are a character who would like such a terminating woman. I think you are also blind. How can you fight with Ye Er Shao with this kind of vision!"
Han Qingshan ignored her. She was gently wiping her face with paper towels for Li Yuyan.
I quietly looked at my heart and set off a terrible wave.
It turns out that Han Qingshan likes Li Yuyan.
No wonder he kept pestering me about falling in love with me at first sight.
It’s just because my face looks like Li Yuyan.
I couldn’t help laughing.
Finally solved a mystery.
I used to think it was abnormal for him to like me, but now it’s confirmed that I’m relieved.
But he actually likes Li Yuyan, which shocked me very much.
Just like Xiaoyan said that Han Qingshan was a lean man who would see Li Yuyan.
It’s really a little weird
But who can say about feelings?
Don’t Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun also like Gu Changyu, although it seems to me that Gu Changyu is not a good man.
Chapter 316 Childhood love
Soon the doctor came.
Li Yuyan was not only wounded in the face, but also beaten. Han Qingshan probably didn’t want to call a doctor to check Li Yuyan in front of everyone, so he planned to pick her up and go upstairs.
But as soon as he got up, he was pushed away by Li Yuyan, who regained some strength.
Xiao Yan, who has been lying on the ground, suddenly laughed even more. "You like her, but she doesn’t like you … you are poor!"
spa会所Han Qingshan coldly swept her "shut up if you don’t want to die"
It may be that his eyes are too cruel to make Xiaoyan afraid. She is full of resentment but still keeps her mouth shut.
Han Qingshan once again went to embrace Li Yuyan but was slapped in the face by Li Yuyan.
Then I heard her trembling voice shouting "get out!"
I can’t help looking at it in surprise.
Li Yuyan’s eyes are full of disgust. I think I really don’t like Han Qingshan.
But Han Qingshan is affectionate and doesn’t mind her bad attitude at all. "Don’t be angry. I’ll let the doctor look at the wound."
Li Yuyan sneered, "Don’t be hypocritical. If it weren’t for you, I would be beaten like this by her."
Han Qing-shannai smiled with a good temper and admitted that "it’s all my fault …"
"get out!" Li Yuyan rudely interrupted him.
Xiaoyan laughed. She dared not speak again, but she laughed enough to express her irony.
The more I look at it, the more surprised I am.

"Xiao Yu said that you have been pregnant. It’s not true, is it?" Gao Xiaoxiao said with a smile on her face.

"Third brother, let’s take Sansao to the hospital for examination." The doctor Feng Chenan also said.
Lu Ziheng nodded directly in the past and picked up a suit and coat. "I’ll take Kohane to the hospital and you continue to play."
As soon as the table was closed, the atmosphere was gone, and Gao Xiaoxiao said, "Let’s go home when it’s getting late."
Han Shao just nodded but listened to Yan Nansheng and then cried, "Oh, don’t all go. Didn’t we agree to have a good time tonight? Let’s go on without them. Come on. "
All "…"
Sealing Chen’ an didn’t resist turning over a supercilious look directly.
No wonder people like to gang up on you every time you love him so much!
After leaving the night of sin and Gao Xiaoxiao, they often go home by car after parting ways.
It’s already the lights outside the window, and the parking spaces are always smiling and leaning against the shoulders. I think it’s interesting to play cards in the box just now, and I can’t help laughing, "You friends are so funny."
Yu Yu has a low but warm voice. "They are all very interesting. You can study more when you interview later."
Chang Huanyan turned to look at him when she heard this.
Neon lights flashed by the roadside outside the window, and his lines were tough and his facial features fell, and the shadows were dim and hazy, with an unspeakable taste.
She rolled up her lips and deliberately said, "But I think you are more interesting and want to study you more."
Yu Yu "…"
He always smiles when he doesn’t talk, so he knows that he is shy.
She rubbed her hands as if she were flirting with a good woman. She raised her head and exhaled. He said in his ear, "Do you want me to study?"
Yu Yu was silent for a while, put her waist and hand slowly, and the magnetic voice sounded in a low voice. "How do you want to study?"
约茶Chang Huanyan "…"
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☆, 3 duplicity
Yu Yu was silent for a while, put her waist and hand down slowly and asked, "How do you want to study?"
Chang Huanyan "…"
Her cheeks are a little hot, but she is not willing to be asked by him. She has the cheek to continue to say in a low voice, "Study carefully, study deeply, study enthusiastically … mm-hmm."
For a second, her mouth was directly covered by two warm and flexible thin lips.
Before she could react, the kiss was over and she whispered "Stop it" as if nothing had happened.
Chang Huanyan "…"
I hate that she was kissed by him. Why should she stop it?
As if she had kissed him …
Chang Huan-yan pursed her lips and continued, "Just say that you will answer or not?"

Then Lu Wenbin completely dominated the China team’s attack.

Although the Koreans tried their best to surround Lu Wenbin with many people, they still couldn’t prevent it, so they couldn’t spare the energy to attack and defend passively.
Strive for the China team’s desire to win at home and score points. Lu Wenbin’s strong attack is rooted in the mirror.
Lu Wenbin almost single-handedly crushed the whole South Korean team to move by half-court.
In the 19th minute, Lu Wenbin kicked a rock-breaking long-range ball from outside the forbidden area and flew into the goal like a cannonball. The goalie of South Korea could not see the ball into the net.
In the 34th minute, Lu Wenbin assisted his teammates to score a goal and changed the score by 3.
In the 42nd minute before the half-time, Lu Wenbin once again forced his opponent to foul by taking the ball himself to win an Italian goal and score it.
Lu Wenbin scored a hat trick and an assist before half-time to help China lead 4 away.
U23 Lu Wenbin at this level is the natural enemy of the tiger into the flock.
The goalkeeper of the China Olympic team fell asleep at the goal line for the whole half.
The Asian team with Lu Wenbin’s China team didn’t even fight back.
Moreover, Lu Wenbin’s half-time hat trick also made his total number of goals in the year reach 9, which is close to 1 goal.
However, many fans expected Lu Wenbin to score two more goals at halftime and directly break through the annual total goal of 1. At halftime, the head coach changed Lu Wenbin.
Because the Olympic preliminaries are not national team competitions, clubs that do not belong to the compulsory recruitment category of the national team are favorable refusals.
Real Madrid didn’t refuse because they didn’t want Lu Wenbin to get into trouble, but Real Madrid or the China Football Association reached an oral agreement, hoping to lock in the victory and exchange Lu Wenbin for more rest.
This year, Real Madrid is fighting for the triple crown, and Lu Wenbin is obviously the core force for Real Madrid to win the tenth Champions League or even the triple crown.
Then Lu Wenbin had the national team preliminaries and the Olympic team’s Olympic team’s Olympic team’s Olympic team’s Olympic team’s Olympic team’s Olympic team’s Olympic team’s Olympic team’s Olympic team’s Olympic team.
Even if Lu Wenbin is physically strong again, after all, the robot can’t stand such a toss if it is not never tired.
Therefore, it is necessary to lock in the victory before, whether Real Madrid club or national team or Olympic team, so that Lu Wenbin can get more rest opportunities.
After Lu Wenbin was replaced, the South Korean team finally got a breather and began to launch a counterattack at half-time.
However, China, which has already led by 4, has stopped thinking about attacking and just piled up defenders to defend in the backcourt.
The head coach of China changed two defensive midfielders and the overall formation contracted to strengthen defense.
Although the overall strength of the South Korean team is better than that of the China team without Lu Wenbin, there are still not many ways to face the iron bucket array of the China team
South Korea scored two goals even if they tried their best at half time, and finally lost the game at 24, and it was lost to Lu Wenbin who shot one or three shots at half time.
Lu Wenbin scored three goals and one assist in this away game against South Korea’s Oya preliminaries, which made his total number of goals in the year reach nine distances, one goal and really two goals left.
On the same day, Real Madrid played an away game against Racing Santander in the fifth round of La Liga. In the Champions League and League match, the physical fitness was not very good during the summer preparation period. Real Madrid was in a low state of physical fitness, and finally the away game was tied by Racing Santander. Both sides failed to score a goal.
After the fifth round of La Liga, Real Madrid and real betis had the same four wins, one draw and 13 points, but Real Madrid occupied the first place in the standings with the goal difference advantage.
Followed by three wins and two draws, Barcelona and Valencia lost, Atletico Madrid, Espanyol and so on ranked even lower.
Chapter 519 Ajax
After returning to Spain after playing the first Olympic preliminaries of South Korea, just three days before the Korean game, Real Madrid ushered in the sixth round of La Liga Vallecano.
On the evening of September 1, the fourth round of La Liga in levante flew from Spain to South Korea on September 19, and on the evening of September 21, the Korean Olympic team flew from South Korea to Spain after the game.
Then on September 24, the Vallecano competition will be ushered in.
Although it is less than the away game at home, Lu Wenbin can’t stand flying around in Wan Li.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin naturally sat on the bench in the sixth round of La Liga. Ozil took the lead in starting, and Kaka was on both sides.
Even without Lu Wenbin, Real Madrid’s strength is second to none. Except Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, there are few teams in La Liga that can threaten Real Madrid.
So is this game.
Although Lu Wenbin didn’t start, Real Madrid still firmly controlled the situation at home, leading three times at half time and scoring three goals again, with a total of six goals.
Although Vallecano pulled back two goals at half time, it didn’t make up for it.
Real Madrid finally won the sixth round of La Liga with a score of 62 at home.
Because of the smooth game, Lu Wenbin didn’t even have a full rest for a minute. One game happened to be a Champions League group match to make adequate preparations.
桑拿按摩A match of Real Madrid will usher in the second round of Ajax Champions League group match.
Ajax, founded in 19 years, is the most famous football club in the world. It has won four European Champions Cups, one UEFA Cup, one European Winners Cup, three European Super Cups and two Intercontinental Cups. It has produced world-famous superstars such as cruyff, Van Basten, Rijkaard, Bergkamp and Kluivert.
Before the implementation of the Bosman Act, Ajax, the five super leagues of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Milan and Bayern Munich, was evenly matched.
Real Madrid Ajax historical confrontation, Real Madrid 3 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses dominated, even at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid only scored 2 wins and 2 losses, which did not take advantage.
It can be said that Ajax is superior to Real Madrid in terms of historical achievements.
However, due to the Bosman Act, Ajax, which is located in the Dutch first-class league due to the economic gap, has become a star processing factory for the five major leagues.
Once a good seedling is produced, it will be poached by the five major league giants at a high price, so it is difficult to be born in the team as a superstar player and get good results in the European War.
However, even though it has become the youth training base of five major leagues, Ajax is still the dominant team in the Dutch team and won the Dutch championship this season.
Especially when the main youth training team is crazy, it is even more terrible than the super giants of the five major leagues.
Because the young players of these sub-league teams are eager to make a name for themselves by beating the five super leagues such as Real Madrid in the world-famous Champions League.
Once they go crazy, even Real Madrid may be filled with a lot of balls by them.
Therefore, Mourinho did not play 4231 defensive counter-attack formation in this game, but played 4132 instead, reducing a midfielder and adding a striker in order to enhance the attack power and score as soon as possible and seal the victory early.
On the evening of September 27th, the Bernabeu Stadium was packed, and media reporters from nearly one country and region covered the ball live and watched the live broadcast of the game, depending on the number of fans.
Real Madrid’s strong dialogue against Ajax, an established club, is enough to attract media and fans’ attention.
The total number of goals scored by Galu Wenbin every year has reached nine, and it will break through one goal at any time. Nature is even more eye-catching, and several people are eagerly waiting for the first time to witness Lu Wenbin create a new record and history.
There are more than five fans, Chinese and overseas Chinese from China alone, and several people can’t get in without tickets outside the stadium.
At 2: 45pm, the second round match between Real Madrid and Ajax in Group D of the 211212 Champions League officially started.

Estimation is Teng old man gave something to the Li family, and Li family was able to challenge Ye Xiangyuan.

Even if the Li family won this time, Ye Xiangyuan let the Li family win …
How powerful and calculating this is.
Ye Xiangyuan buttoned my waist, closed my eyes and gently stroked my neck with fingertips.
I was so touched that I couldn’t help sticking to him more tightly.
I listened to his judo for a long time. "It was my idea to send you to Thorn. It’s Changning territory where you will be more secure … Don’t blame Changning …"
I opened my mouth in disbelief.
He added, "I had a plan after you were caught by Teng’s family, but I didn’t find a chance to tell you … Later, the news of my injury was deliberately revealed to Li’s family …"
I’m a little speechless
No wonder I was surprised at that time that something so important as his injury would be known to the Li family.
And Lu Xun and Gu Changning still arranged things in perfect order after they lost contact with him.
Now, in retrospect, they didn’t show too much anxiety at that time. It was my negligence that led them to be deceived.
It took me a long time to recover and wry smile. "Well, I understand … that is, I’ve always been unable to contact them. You’re a little worried … he’s fine …"
Ye Xiangyuan held me in his arms and said dumb, "I’m sorry to have worried you."
I laughed and broke away from his arms and propped myself up.
His face was quiet and his facial features became more handsome.
I leaned over his eyebrows and kissed him. "Can you tell me your plan later? I also want to fight with you and help you with everything against the enemy instead of being protected. "
He suddenly opened his eyes and looked at me with burning eyes.
I was frightened by his hot eyes, but I still met his eyes and repeated, "Is it okay?"
He didn’t answer me.
I quickly changed the subject and said, "I remember Pan Dong advised me to stay at home at that time … It seems that he didn’t know what you were going to do."
Ye Xiangyuan nodded. "He and Xiao Wen didn’t know that Asun and Changning knew about the whole plan."
It makes me feel better at heart.
Anyway, I’m not as good as Lu Xun and Gu Changning. It’s normal to be kept in the dark.
His warm breath caress my neck.
His face and I are closely intertwined.
品茶论坛I haven’t been in such close contact with him for too long, and my body can’t help shivering.
I can try to distract myself. "So … What’s the situation now?"
I couldn’t help swallowing when I spoke, and my voice trembled a little.
He smiled in a low voice and put his head on my shoulder. "Fortunately, it was expected … At that time, there was another purpose besides letting the Li family relax their vigilance. I wanted to see how many people would choose to betray because of this matter and what forces would turn against the Li family."
I rushed to ask, "Did someone betray you?"
Ye Xiang traveled far away. "Of course, there are more than one swing, and some families who didn’t have a team before also curry favor with the Li family."
I can’t help worrying, "Will that be bad for you?"
Ye Xiangyuan bit my mouth with a smile "No"
When he finished, he stopped giving me a chance to speak, and he kept me from kissing deeply.
Where can I think and consciously cling to his back?
But he didn’t go on kissing. After that, he turned over and hugged me. The tone was intimate and gentle. "Go to sleep."
I closed my eyes silently.
My thoughts are still very messy, but I feel a little calmer when I smell his familiar sandalwood fragrance.
Before I fell asleep, I suddenly heard him whispering, "I heard that Han Qingshan … wants to take you away?"
At first, I just casually, uh-huh, and then I was busy explaining, "I don’t even know what he means. I think he’s puzzling … Gu Changning said he might have a problem …"
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t speak for a long time.
I’m a little unsure. Is he jealous?
A long time to listen to his way "well … he may be a little bit with the Li family …"
So I’m not jealous.
But I was completely awake, propped up and looked at him nervously. "Are you sure?"

I can’t help smiling.

The guests applauded and the atmosphere reached its peak.
After the banquet, Ye Xiangyuan accompanied me back to my room to change clothes.
No sooner had I returned to the hall than a guard came up with a box in his hand.
I’m quite surprised. Who sent the gift?
Ye Wen took over the "Second Little Check" of Ye Xiang’s long journey.
It wasn’t a gift.
Since Ye Xiangyuan told them to check it, it must be very important.
Ye Xiangyuan opened the box, took out the contents and looked at it. His eyes gradually became heavy.
But then he handed the box to Ye Wen to "put it away first"
I’m suspicious
What is it? What’s changed his face?
But Ye Xiangyuan didn’t say much to me, and I couldn’t ask.
After changing clothes, he took me to propose a toast to everyone.
Of course, the bridesmaids in South and South are Cheng and me.
To Lu Xun and Gu Changyu that table, I deliberately put South-South behind me.
Gu Changyu glanced at my face for a few seconds and said, "Congratulations!"
Tracing the cause is a look at the south-south frown.
桑拿会所I’m a little worried that Lu Xun has never been an emotional person. If he does express his likes and dislikes, it’s said that he has made up his mind.
Is he dissatisfied with South-South being my maid of honor and obstructing Gu Changyu’s eyes?
Before I thought about it, Gu Changning suddenly handed me a glass of wine. "I’m still saying that you shouldn’t marry Ayuan."
Wind Ye Xiangyuan lightly he didn’t interrupt him.
He hooked his lip corner and said, "I won’t sweep you. I wish you happiness."
Ye Xiangyuan took the cup in my hand and said, "She is pregnant and can’t drink. I’ll take her place."
With that, he drank the wine in the cup at one gulp.
Gu Changning also looked up and drank long and narrow eyes and swept me. "You are really busy."
Ye Xiangyuan frowned gently and called him "Changning"
Lu Xun also sink a way "enough".
Gu Changning didn’t say anything more.
I’m a little overwhelmed. I don’t know where I offended him again. Let him show me his face in public.
At the same time, I feel a little funny that he came to give me trouble on such a festive day … I quite admire him.
After a round of worship, Ye Xiangyuan asked me to go back to my room to rest, and he stayed to continue to greet the guests.
I was really tired and agreed.
Sister-in-law came to tell me, "You’d better sleep in the afternoon and have a party later. I’m afraid you can’t stand it."
I said, "There will be a banquet?"
Sister-in-law nodded. "At noon, it’s an invitation to a wedding banquet. Friends and relatives who are familiar with Ye’s family will be present at your birthday party."
I was startled.
Sister-in-law smiled and said, "I think the little fish’s birthday party is going well, so I posted it to you compared with the scale of that day."
I opened my mouth and found myself unable to say anything.

"Isn’t it because of pity that it is doubtful?"

"How do you say?"
"She listened to you so much that she didn’t resist you at all. When I saw her take out something, I doubted her. She was such an obedient woman. She had studied acting before. If she wants to play with you, it is possible to pretend to be weak and miserable. Are you right?"
"You are right," Yu Qingxue clapped her hands and said, "But since you read the WeChat record, you have obviously given up your doubts about her."
I nodded. "It turns out that she’s a fool and she knows how to do what she’s told."
"Aren’t you afraid of WeChat? I discussed with her to forge this kind of thing, but it’s very easy to fool people."
桑拿按摩I smiled confidently and shook my head. "It’s impossible because it wasn’t her but me who was chatting with you at that time."
"You …" YuQingXue face became a heavy surprised stare at me and then she a hum "I didn’t think you should be so chicken thief looks after we have fun!"
"Hey hey" I satisfiedly smile.
"Hum, you are less proud. Do you doubt who my mother is?"
"What do you think?"
"I must have doubted it."
I nodded. "I still have doubts about your mother, but I have some questions that I can’t figure out."
"What question?"
"The reason for doing this is that she is a businessman. It is not in her interest to do this, or she didn’t come to me with my wife from the beginning. I suspect that she either has ulterior motives or is really employed by someone."
"You analyze a lot and you are worthy of being a math teacher. This logical thinking is very meticulous and you haven’t been eating for so many years."
"If you are dead or alive, you should learn to think, not just read to death."
"Well, well, don’t preach to me and tell me the truth. You don’t doubt that my mother is indeed employed by someone, but you will never guess this employer."
I frowned and hesitated. Finally, I didn’t hold back. "I have a biggest suspect in my heart …"
See me awkward Yu Qingxue curious to see come over "who do you doubt? Say it quickly."
I don’t want to say that if I say that my wife is suspected of cheating, I won’t be able to keep it. I don’t want to speculate on my wife and slander her innocence without hard evidence.
Yu Qingxue looked at my eyes and turned around. "We have analyzed everyone. No, there is still one day left. Oh, my God, you don’t suspect your wife of cheating, do you?"
I was shocked and ecstatic when I looked at her.
I was shocked that she could guess what I thought was ecstasy. Since Yu Qingxue dared to tell his wife, was she not behind it?
"She’s not, is she?" I was so excited that I grabbed her arm and shook it hard and asked
Yu Qingxue is very painful to be caught by me, and her eyebrows are wrinkled tightly. "Teacher, you are hurting me."
I quickly let go of her, took a few deep breaths and asked, "Tell me it’s not her, right?"
Yu Qingxue rubbed his arm, which was scratched by me, and mumbled his mouth and asked, "Teacher Sun, you are so hard-hearted that you even doubt your pillow."
"Do you mean that the person who hired you is not my wife?"
"Don’t mind, I didn’t say anything."
Yu Qingxue quickly cleared up whether I guessed wrong that the wife was behind it.
But Yu Qingxue has just been shocked and her expression is very problematic. If it is my wife, I doubt it. She doesn’t need to be so shocked, or she is surprised that my mind can doubt her body.
I can’t figure out if my wife is behind this.
Yu Qingxue looked at me with a frown and giggled. "Teacher Sun, are you particularly confused now? Do you want me to give you some spoilers?"
"If you are willing to tell the truth, I don’t want to be confused by you."
"Smart people, however, are more likely to be misled, and sometimes they will complicate the problem. If I were you, I would call my mother directly and ask her if she didn’t say anything."
"Huh?" I wonder at YuQingXue "don’t you know who it is? You want me to call your mother and ask her what she’s doing? It’s not an idiot, okay? Besides, your mother still doesn’t know that Lin Miaomiao told me the truth. In case she takes one step, she is suspected of scaring her. How can you be so clever that you can’t think that this is wrong? If you want to know who is behind this, you must continue to tease me. How can you ask me to ask your mother? You just trick me from beginning to end. You don’t know who it is, right? "
I keep a close eye on Yuqing Snow’s face and pay close attention to the change of her expression.
Yu Qingxue’s face is very calm, but I can see very clearly that her calm is so calm. She forced her facial expression to converge, but she didn’t know that her canthus muscles could not help but twitch.
The twitching of the canthus muscles is generally to control two kinds of expressions, one is to laugh at Yu Qingxue’s naughty and free-spirited nature, and it is absolutely impossible to suppress it.
There is only one possibility left.
Section 3
Yes, she was shocked by my words, and her eyes were depressed, so Nigan didn’t know who was behind it. I was teased by her from beginning to end
No wonder I pretended to be Lin Miaomiao and her WeChat rhetoric. She kept talking to me in circles, so she didn’t say anything about her feelings. She just followed the rules.
It’s really stupid to think about me. Yu Qingxue said in WeChat that she was not interested in cheating on me, but she obeyed her mother’s instructions. At that time, I should have guessed that this Ni was not as clever as Lin Miaomiao said. She was just a child and her cleverness was limited. Everything was because there was a black mother behind her.
So now the question is back to the original point. Is it because my wife set me up to cheat me, or is it because Zhao Siying and my wife have hatred and deliberately set us up?
"Teacher, you are joking. I may not know who wants to cheat you. I just don’t say it." Yu Qingxue laughed and laughed. "I won’t play with you. Teacher, you are here to make up lessons for me, not to talk about your private affairs. If you want to get paid and don’t work, I will complain to your training center."
"Class" can’t set anything up anyway, and I’m not in the mood to go around with her.
Two and a half hours of remedial classes from 6: 00 to 1: 30 are not too long or too short, but they are also tiring enough. Fortunately, Yu Qingxue didn’t give me trouble today, but she listened carefully to my lecture.

Fu Hanyu looked at Lu Sorrow and hastily left the figure for a few seconds and withdrew his eyes and drove away.

Back to Fu Zhai it’s past 9 o’clock and Fang Jing hasn’t slept yet. She sits in the living room and looks at her hand.
"Are you back?" Fang Jing heard footsteps lift eyes and saw Fu Hanyu figure coming.
Fu Hanyu is still the face so cold, walking and unbuttoning his suit and then taking it off to put the sofa back. "Why haven’t you had a rest?" Didn’t you say don’t wait for me? "
"I’m bored at home every day and have a nap for two hours at noon. I still can’t sleep so early." Fang Jing put his hands together and saw Fu Hanyu’s eyebrows frowning all the time. "Is it troublesome to socialize today?"
"Ok" Fu Hanyu sat on the sofa and rubbed his eyebrows with his fingertips.
"I think you are very tired. I’ll pour you a glass of water." Fang Jing reached for the coffee table kettle and poured a glass of water for Fu Hanyu and handed it to him "It’s warm to drink."
"Well," Fu Hanyu didn’t want to brush Fang Jing’s kindness. He took two sips from the glass. "I’m going to take a shower. Do you want to go?"
"You go, I’ll sit down for a while" Fang Jing held.
Fu Hanyu got up from the sofa and went upstairs into the bedroom, then took pajamas to take a shower.
He was drenched in water with his eyes closed, but he felt that there were many pictures passing by, but he couldn’t see what they were.
The bath lasted for half an hour before it came out. He was wet and Fang Jing just knocked at the door and came in.
Fang Jing glanced at Fu Hanyu’s appearance, which was really handsome without sei.
Although she knew from an early age that Fu Hanyu was handsome, he was the dream lover of many girls.
She has been married to him for five years and lived together for five years, but she still blushes when she sees him.
Fu Hanyu knew that Aunt Li had helped her take a bath in the bathroom when she saw that she had changed her pajamas.
He put his hand in the towel and walked over to "I’ll hold you in bed to rest"
"I can do it myself," Fang Jing pushed the wheelchair in the past. "I will just go by myself when you come back late."
"My family is my hug" Fu Hanyu bent down and reached for her.
She took his hand and looked at him seriously. "Han Yu, I have something to talk to you."
"Have something to say" Fu Hanyu sat by the bed and faced her.
Fang Jing low folding the feather cilia bit her pink lips some awkward "cold feather I …"
Fu Hanyu looked at her and said, "You don’t need to hide anything."
"Han Yu, have you ever thought about having a child?" Fang Jing bluntly said.
"I said not to be a child" Fu Hanyu frowned.
"But you are the only parents in the Fu family. They certainly want to hug Sun. Although they don’t say anything, I know that they want Sun. They don’t want to embarrass me. But they don’t mean that they are unprepared and I have to pretend that I don’t know." Fang Jing’s eyes floated with water mist and he deeply blamed himself.
"Quiet, you think too much." Fu Hanyu patted her hand and comforted her softly. "When we got married, we said we didn’t want children. I don’t like children. I think children cry endlessly."
"Han Yu, don’t lie to me any more." Fang Jing’s eyes are full of moisture, and some sounds are uncomfortable. "Han Yu, why don’t we divorce? You go find a woman who can give you happiness, give you husband and wife life, give you children and give you a complete family of three."
She has given him a wife since the car accident, but she can give him everything, including husband and wife, and even a child.
These are all things she wants to have and give to him, but after five years, she still manages to do it well.
Fu Hanyu, on the other hand, didn’t abandon her at all. She is a qualified, loyal, excellent and warm husband.
She thanked him for this marital relationship. She really hates herself for not being so.
This big stone has been weighing on her heart for so many years that I have to say it today.
"Quiet, don’t talk nonsense. My wife has you. If I marry you, I will be responsible for this marriage. Don’t even think about it. Don’t put pressure on yourself, because I have never put pressure on you. Others can’t represent my thoughts. You see and hear me in your eyes and ears. I say that others are good. We will do it, right?" Fu Hanyu was very angry after listening to his words. "I don’t want to hear such words again."
"Cold feather …" Fang Jing called him.
"You think too much and have a good sleep." Fu Hanyu didn’t want to continue this topic.
He picked Fang Jing up from the wheelchair and put him on the bed. He stared at her crystal eyes with sadness in them.
"Sleep" Fu Hanyu pulled the quilt for her.
He gave her a bedside lamp besides his lamp, and then he got up and walked across the bed, opened it by the leftmost door and walked into another room.
They have been sleeping separately since they got married, because at that time, Fang Jing’s physical condition did not allow them to touch her wound, so they separated, and they have been used to it ever since.
Fu Hanyu was lying in bed staring at the dark roof and didn’t feel sleepy at all
He doesn’t know why Fang Jing said such things today.
After all these years, he really didn’t want to divorce her and marry another woman, even if he was unmarried and had a child.
He is not interested in those women at all, and he can’t get up without impulse.
Except for the accident before marriage …
Lu sorrow heard that Su Man was drunk and then hurried downstairs.
桑拿网  title=She knew the password office of Su Man’s house, so she entered the password herself and opened it. Then she went into the bedroom and saw Su Man. She seemed to be talking in her sleep and repeatedly said, "Don’t go and play with me."
Lu sorrow looked at her Tuo red cheeks and found that she was drunk and could not help but twist her eyebrows.
She went to the bathroom to get hot water to wash Su Man’s face and wipe her body, and then changed her pajamas.
Halfway through, she called Lu You thirsty and poured water for her to help her sit up and feed her water by her body, and then Su Man fell asleep.
Lu sorrow didn’t leave some don’t trust her.
She brought Lan home first and then came home to see Lin Mo-chen talking on his mobile phone at home.
He didn’t put away his mobile phone until he saw her coming back. "Where have you been so late?"
"I’m just Su Man. She’s drunk. I don’t trust to take care of her," Lu said.
"Is she drunk?" Lin Mochen frowned. "She doesn’t have any sense of crisis? I’ll tell you what don’t touch a drop of wine when you go out for dinner with Chu night. "
Section 155
"There you go again." Lu You wrung his eyebrows.
"I’m hello," said Lin Mochen, speaking of his own experience. "Many men like to get women drunk and be irresponsible."
"I’m not that stupid." Lu You carried Lan to his nest. "I’ll leave Lan to you today and I’ll take care of it."
"So I’m not going to stay alone tonight?" Lin Mochen was dissatisfied and complained.
"Today is a special situation. It’s a long time when a person is drunk and there is no one to take care of her. She needs to drink something in the middle of the night or get up. There is no one to help in the toilet. Besides, it’s not far across the street. Aren’t you worried?" Lu You went to Lin Mo-chen and put his hands around his waist. "Today, I’ll make it up to you if Mr. Lin has a home alone."
"But I want to make up for it today." Lin Mo-chen stretched out his hand and held his fundus laugh lines and spread them.
"Not today … well …"

Then she bowed her head and sent it to Weibo, who forwarded the article saying that she had gone to the sea of life to send a third-grade film, Weibo, and then published it.

"I don’t respond to him.
However, this blogger asks you to prepare your team of lawyers immediately.
Because I have handed this case over to the court, just wait for the court ticket. "
Lan Xueer added a word, "Aye, aye, you have to pick up the map or he will delete Weibo and deny it."
Chu Yan nodded. Oh, I didn’t know there was such a son
As soon as this was sent, hundreds of people left messages
"Oh, oh, oh, my goddess is here. Welcome."
"Shenma Dongdong, this blogger is Shenma Ghost, my goddess, but she graduated from a prestigious school and she can kill you with a super scholarship."
"Yes, the blogger is jealous that my little goddess Yan is red."
"Why don’t you make it? I’ve always been the queen of Miao red giants, okay?"
This comment was praised by many people.
Chu Yan’s identity root is not a mystery. You can find it with a little heart.
"Hum, support the goddess who dares to slander me and kill him. Come on"
"Hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum, hum."
Chu Yan’s face turned black when she saw these comments.
Blue snow grabbed the phone side brush Weibo side laughed.
"ChuYan ChuYan you these fans are really super good.
Come and see which blogger’s ancestral grave he said was bad because of his colloquialism.
Ha ha laugh me to death and this this. "
Blue snow side hilarious no ChuYan pull a long face.
"Funny? Is it really that funny?"
Blue snow stopped to look at ChuYan frowning.
"ChuYan what’s the matter with you? Aren’t you happy?"
Lanke frowned slightly and dismissed "Cher".
The latter gave him a look of no surprise.
Chuyan looked at can’t help but smile.
"What’s so happy about this? Why should I fire it? I just want to be quiet and calm, but now I really don’t know what to do."
Blue snow turned supercilious look.
"since you have become an artist, are these all things you have to go through?"
ChuYan a listen to not white her one eye.
Then look down slightly disappointed.
Blue Cher smiled slowly and then glanced at Lanke and shrugged his shoulders to show his ability.
Lanke stared her one eye at ChuYan.
"Xiaoyan" is just behind a sound.
ChuYan turned to see LanKe.
It’s his face with a slightly melancholy look.
"What’s the matter?" ChuYan asks.
Lanke gave her a look and asked, "What are you thinking?"
Chuyan one leng and then smiled with a mobile phone.
夜生活  title="I’m worried that my mother came. My mother is in poor health. If she knows these things, she won’t know."
She paused and looked slightly lonely.
Lanke knows something about her present situation and her family.

I see

Then I zheng net what rumors?
Ye Xiangyuan probably saw that I was nervous and then said, "I should have asked people to evacuate the students at that time. Don’t worry."
I nodded.
He said, "This is my negligence. If she didn’t see the video, she wouldn’t call you."
I was silent for a moment and said, "She didn’t do anything to me."
Ye Xiangyuan, um, seems to have a lot of meaning. "You can give me a message when she comes to you again."
Section 17
I said yes.
He Gherardini "Do you know my number?"
I’m a little embarrassed. I didn’t really want to find him. If Xiaoyan comes back, I will definitely explain it clearly.
Ye Xiangyuan looks into me.
I don’t open my eyes in embarrassment.
Ye Wen handed me a small card from the front. "This side is Er Shao’s private mobile phone number."
I took over
Ye Wenchong winked at me. "Er Shao never gives his business card. His private number is not something that ordinary people can get. If those aristocratic ladies know that you get it easily, they will look for you sometime."
I couldn’t help laughing and joking along with his words, "Professor Ye is so hiring."
Ye Wen smiled and echoed, "Yes, there are women throwing themselves at my home wherever I go …"
Ye Xiangyuan look at him.
He immediately sat down in the rearview mirror and quietly made faces at me.
I laughed even harder.
Ye Xiangyuan glanced at me faintly again.
I don’t know if it’s my illusion that there is a message in his eyes that says, "I’m attractive, I’m upset and I’m unhappy, so shut up."
I was amused by my brain.
When I first talked to him, I thought he was very serious, and his aura was too strong to touch.
In fact, he is really not easy to handle, even Xiaoyan, the winner, has to be humble and small before him.
But he helped me several times, and I changed my mind before I knew it.
After the car, he asked me, "When is the court session?"
I was stunned before saying "three days later"
He nodded to show that he knew.
I stared at him suspiciously. Why did he ask this?
He doesn’t seem to be going to explain.
At this time, Ye Jia’s driver arrived in my car with a bag of vegetables.
I was shocked.
Ye Xiangyuan smiled "Go"
I took a few steps, turned around and Ye Xiangyuan still looked at me. I waved at him.
He nodded at me.
I can’t help laughing.
Unfortunately, our identities are too different, otherwise it would be good to be friends.
I will remember his repeated help.
In a blink of an eye, on the day of the trial, my parents and I walked into the court, and the Ningqi family had arrived at Wenlu, holding Ningqi players and glaring at me.
I hung my eyelids and didn’t want to conflict with her.
After all, this is a small case, and a verdict will soon be reached. Ning Qi was detained for three months for libel and will be executed from now on.
喝茶约茶  title=Of course, the room is divided immediately.
Ning Jia said that he would not decide to sue.
Somehow, I have a bad feeling in my heart, and I always feel that Ning’s family is thinking something wrong.
Chapter 21 Because our family is rich
Ning Qi was taken into custody on the spot.
My mother was afraid that Ning’s family would look for trouble and deliberately waited for them to leave.
But the underground parking lot still touched them.
Specifically, they should be waiting for it.

But I couldn’t come. Those people broke into houses.

Finally, Xiao Yan.
Chapter 6 Is this a good idea?
My heart thumped.
But the thought of Pan Dong still hiding in the guest room calms me a lot.
I think Pan Dong should have heard many people outside noticing that something was wrong, and just now he specifically told him not to reveal his whereabouts.
Xiaoyan’s face is still covered with gauze. It should be a whipping. The wound hasn’t healed yet.
Of course, compared with that day’s embarrassment and unbearable, today’s day is full of energy, and those eyes are as bright as a stimulant.
She squinted at me.
Section 55
Naturally, I can’t be brave at this time. I avoid her sight and look at Jishu instead.
He gave me a calm look and said to Xiaoyan, "I assure you that the time is not the kind of girl who is greedy for vanity. She can’t rob her boyfriend with you. There must be some misunderstanding. Now that you are here, please clarify the misunderstanding."
I stared at him strangely.
He really believed Xiaoyan Weibo. Did Xiaoyan and I rob my boyfriend of hatred?
In fact, Xiaoyan and I are immortal!
Xiaoyan didn’t take a reason at all. Ji Shu made a gesture and asked someone to buckle me.
I didn’t struggle, but my heart sank when I saw my parents tied up.
JiShu dumbfounded "what are you doing? Didn’t you say that if you wanted to bring you to see her, you would delete Weibo and hold a press conference to explain it to everyone? "
Xiao Yan sneered, "How old are you and so naive? I can’t wait for Ding Shihi to die. How can I let her go!"
JiShu face big change.
I sigh and don’t know whether I should be angry with him for being naive or angry with Xiaoyan for being cunning.
Ji Shu may be kind and worried that I will make a deal with Xiaoyan.
It’s a pity that Xiao Yan made a profit.
Xiaoyan had him tied up, too.
This Ji Shu was completely stunned and said, "How can you go back on your word if you are a celebrity!"
Xiao Yan glanced at him coldly. "Ding Shishi didn’t tell you that I gave her medicine before and planned to find someone to gang rape her. She still wanted to inject her with poison?"
JiShu brush a white face.
Xiao Yan Gherardini "Do you think someone like me can keep his word?"
Ji Shu slowly turned to me, and my eyes were full of regret and apology.
I did not care to appease him.
品茶论坛I didn’t tell my parents what Xiaoyan did. Now they know it must be hard.
I dare not look at their expression.
Xiaoyan pointed to my opponent and said, "Bring her here."
At the moment, she is sitting on my sofa with her legs crossed and acting like a master.
I was taken to her, and then I was kicked in the knee. I couldn’t help kneeling at her feet and banging on the coffee table so hard that I saw stars.
Xiaoyan seems to be more cheerful and condescending to me.
I looked at her calmly.
She sneered and pulled out a pile of papers without saying anything, holding my thumb and pressing my handprint in the white place.
After all this, she casually said, "I can let your parents go, but you have to appear in court."
I can’t understand her, but I know it’s definitely not a good thing. Is it silent?
She probably didn’t expect me to answer. Throw the stack of papers in front of me and let her hand press my head and turn pages for me to force me to finish reading them.
It’s all framed Ye Xiangyuan’s information.
One of them is that Ye Xiangyuan accepted bribes through his lover, that is, the amount involved was enough to sentence him to a term of imprisonment.
The last one is persecuting entertainers.
I carefully scanned the names of artists, almost all of them were fools who gathered to take drugs that day.
Although Ye’s family is extremely powerful, but now the star is also very influential, and there are a number of so-called brain-dead powder who don’t ask right and wrong. I am afraid that Ye Xiangyuan will fall into the whirlpool of popular support.
It is normal that many artists have some problems in their private lives, but after some stars are arrested for taking drugs, fans still brazenly defend them. Some fans say they want to take drugs with idols to show their support.
It’s hard to understand that brain powder is a creature. What people say is, do you know how hard my baby works? Do you know how hard my baby works in filming … The total idol is good.
If Xiaoyan put this certificate out to publicize that Ye Xiangyuan persecuted these artists.
At that time, it is estimated that the artists and fans will unite and it will be another bloody rain.
Can Ye Xiangyuan handle it?
It seems that Xiaoyan and the people behind her are determined to make the whole leaf go far.
What about Ye Xiangyuan? What does he do at this moment?
I sink a way, "Is Master Ye asking you to do this?"
Xiaoyan’s expression changed and then she said, "You don’t know."
I sarcastically said, "You said you love Ye Xiangyuan. Is that your love? I can’t wait for him to go to jail? "
Xiao Yan’s fundus emotions are unpredictable and eventually turn into deep hatred. Slap my face and "shut up!"
I’m still staring at her
She grimaced. "I can’t get him, and you can’t get anyone!" "
Desperate madness appeared in latosolic red eyes.
She’s totally crazy!
I frowned secretly alert.
She looked at me sideways with her head held high again. "Cut the crap, will you answer?"
Of course, I can’t perjury Ye Xiangyuan.
She suddenly smiled and blew on her purplish nails.

I looked at her in amazement and felt that the pie was so tempting. When I saw her figure, I was so scared that I quickly hid it. "Are you kidding? I have a wife."

"Cut the coward, your wife has entered the Baihua Club, and you must keep her chastity and indulge herself. Isn’t it good?"
"You’re a broken pot, aren’t you? I’m not in the mood."
I quickly got up and headed for the door. If I don’t leave, I will lose control of myself.
"When the time comes, you will want me."
Qin Suwan is confident in her figure. I have to admit that she is really beautiful and comparable to her wife, but I can’t do anything stupid. I rushed out of the room, took a deep breath and tried to resolve a tummy agitation, but I was surprised to find that Yu Qingxue was outside, scaring my mouth into an O-shape.
"Why are you here?"
Yu Qingxue wore a nightgown and pierced a gourd head and smiled at me. "michel platini, why are you so handsome? I don’t even know how to enjoy the delicious food."
"Dead girl forgot what you saw and heard. Don’t say a word nonsense. Your mother will know that I’m in a hurry with you."
"Are you so afraid of my mother?"
"I’m not afraid of me, I’m afraid of her misunderstanding."
"Oh, so you are interested in my mother?"
"No, I have a wife. How can I be interested in your mother?"
"Then who are you interested in our family, aunt? You don’t look like my mother. You did say it was boring. Oh, I know, michel platini, you have a virgin plot. It seems that you are interested in me."
I turned supercilious look "saying you have chastity? I don’t know who will let me her when they meet for the first time. "
"michel platini, that’s a lie. I haven’t slept with a man yet. If you don’t believe me, let’s go back to the room and verify it now."
Section 233
Yuqing snow took me into the room, and I was scared to stop. "Don’t be ridiculous. I just said how could I be ridiculous to you, my little girl? Besides, if you are still a minor, it’s illegal for me to really have something with you."
"I’m an adult. My birthday is wrong. I’m an adult now."
"ID card birthday is wrong?"
"Yes, I accidentally entered the wrong michel platini Institute when I registered. You can rest assured that you are bold and warm with me."
My face turned red. "What are you talking about, dead girl? How could I mess around with you?"
"Dare not fool around with my niece?" Qin Suwan got dressed and suddenly appeared, but she jumped on my back and felt two things relaxing. I almost got a soft leg and almost threw myself on the ground.
I was scared to get away from them and warned them, "You two don’t mess around with me."
"What if we have to fool around?"
Two women actually pushed me together, and I was scared to retreat. Suddenly, Yu Qingxue and Qin Suwan’s face changed "carefully"
"Be careful what … ah!"
I stepped back. As a result, I stepped on the stairs and fell off the face.
I was thrown seven times, and my whole body ached and collapsed. The stairs couldn’t move. Yu Qingxue and Qin Suwan hurried over to help me.
"Don’t move. I’m aching all over. I may have fallen into a bone. I can’t move now. Let me wait a while."
I quickly stopped them from moving. Qin Suwan and Yu Qingxue were worried and worried.
"Aunt, why don’t we shout 12?"
"Not yet," I don’t want to be hospitalized. "It’s just that my body hurts. Wait for me. If it’s really broken, shout 12."
"Good" YuQingXue worry rushed me to touch.
桑拿按摩"Dead girl, what are you touching?"
"Touch and see if your bones have fallen. My aunt will touch me here and you touch there."
The two women, regardless of my blocking, randomly checked the sides. Their little hands were tender and touched me, and I couldn’t stop. I was embarrassed and wanted to cry.

Section 97

In the drawer lay her passport, identity/certificate …
He frowned and she didn’t take anything? Where can I go?
Will Xiao yao Jing go to Nan Chenye? This is his first instinct.
Damn it, woman, if she dares, he will let her know the price!
"Bring up the hotel surveillance video for me …" He hung up severely and looked out of the window with deep and cold eyes!
If she dares to betray him, he will never let her go!
It’s his heart that twitches. What is he afraid of? Afraid she’ll leave her?
spa会所Damn it! Just a woman! He must!
Night Xihan lost and walked down the street. She didn’t know how long she had been walking. She didn’t even take the money!
This is a strange country where she is unfamiliar with the language and doesn’t understand it … She suddenly regretted that she shouldn’t leave a note on impulse, and now she is so confused! I want to cry …
But I cried all night last night and now I’m trying to cry!
"What a coincidence we are!"
Suddenly, a voice came from behind so that Ye Xihan could look back and see "You … who are you?"
"Don’t know me? But … I remember you very well! Are you killing me? Do you know? "
"I don’t know what you said?" Ye Xihan looked at the man in front of him suspiciously. What hurt him? She doesn’t even know this man! After seeing him take off his sunglasses and see his face clearly, she remembered who he was this time, the bar manager who took himself to trade men!
"Are you …"
"What are you going to do?" Seeing that he was going to stretch out his hand to catch her, night Xihan could step back and want to stay away from him!
"What time did you fool me? I didn’t make my business and I was cheated. Today, of course, I want you to make up for my loss!"
"that’s not my fault!" Ye Xihan kept retreating. She entered the wrong room! Searching for the direction quickly, she started to run, and the hotel manager was not good enough to scare her! She has to get out of here quickly.
"Want to run? Arrest me! " The bar manager angrily ordered the people behind him.
"You let me go … let me go … you have no reason to ask me like this?"
"There is no reason? My loss is the biggest reason! You’d better be obedient and make up for my loss or I’ll sell you to more men! "
"You let me go! It’s illegal for you to do so! I will report you … "
"Here’s a foreign made things who knows? But since we know each other, you can go to sleep with the man first and pay me back the debt! " The manager of the bar said, and she stuffed it into the car.
Land auction house
Night Xihan was labeled as a plaything and brought to the stage for auction. Looking at the stage, she was crazy, shouting, humiliating and afraid … like a flood.
She fell into the abyss again for fear that she would suddenly faint.
I woke up and found myself in a closed room.
She was relieved to see that her clothes were in good condition.
However, she realized that her environment was not very safe, and she had to leave here quickly. The hotel manager should not let her go so easily. He asked her to sleep with her! It’s terrible! She got up and quickly searched the direction of the door to get out of here
You can’t move the doorknob if you keep turning your fingers. It seems to be locked.
"Don’t open the little beauty, you are me tonight!" A wretched man’s voice just fell at night, and suddenly his body was hugged from behind!
"Ah …" Night Xihan exclaimed that she was startled by this sudden hug, and she was suddenly afraid to help struggle.
"Little beauty, I’ll let you die tonight!" Then night Xihan’s body was picked up by this man and put on the bed.
Night Xihan was bounced by the bed for a few times before she stabilized and saw him take off his pants. She trembled and spoke with fear.
"You … what do you want …"
"Fuck you!" The man smiled and quickly took off his pants and pounced on Ye Xihan, pressing her to the bed! Disgusting mouth wants to kiss her …
Ye Xihan was startled by this sudden situation. She struggled desperately to get up, but her weight made her unable to move!
It’s disgusting to push the finger against the man’s face … it’s disgusting. The thought that he will kiss himself makes her feel sick and want to throw up.
"Let me go! Let me go! " She struggled, shouted, pushed him and kicked him. He had never had such great strength. Now generate came out!
"Little beauty want you to darling let me! I will let you go! " The man yin smiled a few hands and reached out to the night. I didn’t expect this little beauty to be so hot and so affectionate/interesting.
"Help … help …" She shouted in the hope that someone could hear …
"Ha ha ….. little beauty don’t shout, no one will come to save you! Please wait on me! I will let you fly! " Male prostitute/smiling salty pig hands began to move!

"If you don’t find it, you won’t find it. You should always come out. If you really abdicate, I’ll raise you now. My bar is becoming more and more popular, and I’m the boss. You’re my beautiful boss. You just have to do nothing. Just accompany me to mix drinks and have fun every day. Aren’t you very happy?"

I said I am very proud, which is one of the most confident aspects, because I have done something gratifying. I believe that if there is any unexpected change in Yan Jiaxin’s origin, I can take care of her safely even if it turns back to normal. I can’t help her if I can’t.
"Of course, I am happy to see that you can have such a career, but I still don’t want to give up the cause. I still have the ability to manage it. Although I didn’t find the 12%, I didn’t have any problems. They still can’t take me. I will fight to the end."
"So you don’t want to be my boss’s wife?"
"When what is wrong, will you give me a salary?"
"How much do you want?" I asked Yan Jiaxin happily
She just held out her hand and said, "Just give me the card."
"Do you want to manage all my money? How can I be handsome if I give it to you?"
Yan Jiaxin looked around in front of me. "Are you giving it or not?"
I finally gave her my Zhang Jianshe bank card and sighed, "Oh, I’m really poor."
桑拿会所"I call this reasonable control. I can’t let your money be so dazzling, especially if you have your own career, you should learn to manage money. Am I an aid or hope you can be conscious?"
"Well, I made you a midnight snack, my boss’s wife."
"Go ahead"
I have no objection to Yan Jiaxin’s practice, but I still like her to make such a request, because it is a closer way for her and me, and we want to fight for the road of marriage even more. I hope that at that time, she spent my money to do things, because I want to make her happy. Really stressed and happy.
I put a bowl of hot wonton noodles on the table and handed the chopsticks and spoon to Yan Jiaxin, who had been waiting for a long time. Yan Jiaxin ate it rudely. She scooped up a wonton and put it in front of me. As soon as I wanted to bite it, she immediately withdrew her hand and put it in her mouth. Her expression was very proud.
I smiled bitterly, a little happiness, a warm little happiness, and no troubles in life. I sat opposite her and watched her eat what I made for her so easily, and she would laugh at herself, and I was doing funny things.
I really like her.
After eating, I helped her to wash the bowl. After washing, I found that she was holding a kettle. I watered the flowers on my balcony. Because she went to Beijing, her flower department put them on my balcony. I walked over to her. She looked a little distressed. It turned out that a lilac was about to wither. I didn’t take care of all the flowers.
After watering the flowers, she put the kettle aside and followed me by the balcony railing. She finally said to me, "You promised me that you didn’t do it."
"Well, it’s my problem."
"Then how do you want me to punish you?"
"whatever you want"
Yan Jiaxin thought for a moment and then said, "Well, from today on, you can spend 1 yuan a month and make breakfast before you want me to get up every day."
"White is white, but the boss’s wife’s adult, how am I going to get rid of it this month? The rent alone is coming. Don’t I eat or drink this month?"
After listening to my words, Yan Jiaxin was silent for a moment before saying, "Then come and live next door to me."
"What do you say it again?" I looked at her in disbelief and motioned for her to say it again, because I really didn’t think of what she said.
"I said let you live" Yan Jiaxin finally said it again for sure.
I was so excited that I hugged her again. "So are we living together?"
"Yeah, but you’re not allowed in my room without my permission. What’s more, I’ll clean the toilet first, and you can clean the rest. I haven’t thought about it before I tell you. I’m leaving."
When she went to the door and opened it to leave, she turned to me and said, "What are you doing? Don’t you move anything?"
I haven’t finished recovering from her words and looked at her with a dull expression. ohye smiled simply but seemed to say I was stupid, and I finally ran into my room and started to stir up trouble without becoming speechless.
We live together.
Chapter III Two People Raise Together
"I’m so tired after I finally moved."
After moving everything, I lay on the sofa with a satisfied face, and Yan Jiaxin came up to me with a towel wrapped in her head and slapped me angrily. "Get up and watch you sweat and make my sofa dirty."
I pulled Yan Jiaxin over directly and said, "How dare you abandon me?"
"Get up the dirty ghost and take a shower. You’re making me dirty." Yan Jia Xin pushed me out with a strong hand and I was pushed to the ground by her.
I smiled and then took out the laundry and took a bath in sanitary boiling water.
At this time, the external force of the sanitary door was knocked and Yan Jiaxin was anxious to shout "Open the door and I will take something."
"What? I’m taking a shower."
"Then you bring that to me."
I looked around and saw a pink trousers hook. While washing my head, I replied to her, "Are they trousers?"
"Yes, pervert, bring it to me quickly."
I washed my hands with water, then opened the door and handed the pants to Yan Jiaxin. After Yan Jiaxin took it, she looked shy and shouted "Ah".
She slammed the door and cursed "dead pervert, dead pervert"
"You asked me to open the door and you scolded me."
"But you won’t block it. You mean it. You absolutely mean it." Yan Jiaxin’s words were angry and a little scared. After a while, I, she had already left. Who knows, she suddenly said, "Wolf, hurry up and take a shower and tell you something."
A man’s bath is less troublesome than a woman’s. Simply rubbing it is almost enough. When I dried my hair, I changed my pajamas and went to Yan Jiaxin’s side. The girl’s face was still a little flushed. This incandescent lamp lit up and looked a little cute. I clicked on this red apple-like face. She directly opened my hand and called it a "pervert"
"I didn’t say anything, but you still scold me because I lost money so that you wouldn’t want to see it."
"I said you did it on purpose." Yan Jia Xin was very angry and held her chest, which made me feel in distress situation. I finally calmed down and said to Yan Jiaxin, "Come on, don’t you have something to tell me? It should be something important, otherwise you would have gone to bed."
Yan Jiaxin finally said to me in a serious tone instead of continuing to stare at me, "I’ve thought about it for a long time and discussed it with Yang Hui-I hope you can come back to work because I understand that you have no work during the day, except for opening a bar at night."

Remembering his special status, Lin Ya hurried over and lowered his hat and brim.

Although foreigners can be seen everywhere here, Linya has to admit that david has a 100% return rate.
And since she did his translation, it seems that people often appear on the internet. Although this is not country Y, we still have to guard against it.
The man has a fast pace, and she almost has to run in high heels to follow.
"David, what are you doing here? I can take you to visit places of interest in Kyoto. "Lin Yashi can’t figure out what to do at the mall.
David quickly browsed the women’s clothes on the first floor and found no satisfaction, so he shook his head and went to the elevator.
Seeing that he didn’t answer, Lin Ya couldn’t help shouting "david?"
The man turned his head and looked at her dress. "Are you going to accompany me to the party in this way?"
Lin Ya frowned and looked down at her leisure.
But that occasion is not important. There is no need to make it too grand.
Open your mouth. She wanted to buy it, but there is no need to buy it here.
But when I lifted my eyes, I saw two women chattering and chatting on the side ladder.
Vaguely seemed to hear the words "m blue cocktail party"
However, it is not the chat that attracts her, but the voice that the person speaks.
Tang Ying! It was Tang Ying!
The escalator passed them by one by one.
Unexpectedly, the first person I saw after returning turned out to be her heart, and some inexplicable emotions spread.
Seeing her again always reminds her of those who don’t want to think of the past!
Like Tang Yuanshan, like her mother …
Lin Ya was about to turn around but saw Tang Ying turn around and look at her.
Even though she wears a hat, this angle of Tang Yingfang is enough for her to see herself clearly!
She followed Zheng for a second, but Tang Ying saw jealousy in her eyes, just as she saw herself when she first came to her yard ten years ago!
Ya-hong Lin hooked her lips and remembered that she was not herself three years ago. Now she is really enough to make her jealous!
She must not have recognized her, otherwise it wouldn’t be this look!
Elegance turned around, and her footsteps lifted as david left the ladder, completely leaving Tang Ying’s eyes behind her.
The second floor is full of international cards. Obviously david is more satisfied with this floor.
Obviously, just passing by somewhat disturbed her thoughts, and she didn’t react when david pointed to a long red strapless dress and asked her.
David looked at it, shook his head, reached out and pointed to the dress and asked someone to bring it directly.
It was not until she entered the dressing room with her clothes in her hand that she realized that she was coming back.
Ten minutes later, she came out with her skirt.
Her original skin color is white, her facial features are exquisite, and her black hair is like waterfall red, which is enchanting but not charming.
From the envious eyes of the salesgirl next to you, we can see that david chose the right dress!
The man immediately nodded and said, "Just this bill!"
Seeing him smoking a card and handing it over to Lin Ya with a skirt, he wanted to refuse "I’ll buy this dress myself!" "
David stopped her. "I’ll send it!"
Lin Ya looked serious. "In country Y, we always aa my own things and I pay for them myself."
Smell speech man stand hand chuckle "but now is Z country"
"You will make me feel depressed that I am being given alms by local tyrants."
David said with a smile, "Anyway, local tyrants have nowhere to spend their money. It’s no big deal to help a poor person occasionally! I will be very angry if you refuse again. "
Everything he sent from country Y has been declined by her in various forms, and this time he will never compromise!
The salesgirl quickly settled the bill and handed it to Lin Yaxian, who took it one step at a time.
I can see the name of the invoice, but she is shocked.
Hongsheng international?
If she remembers correctly, this should be Muchuan Shopping Mall.
约茶She held the invoice tightly.
At that time, Muchuan was touring the shopping mall with Qin Xuan.
Perhaps it’s a coincidence that Mu Chuan looked up and saw a woman in a red dress sideways at him with a long black hair rolled up to show her slender neck.
Every smile is a landscape.
☆ Meet head-on on the way home.
Qin Xuan followed his eyes and saw that it was a side face, but it didn’t make people shine at the moment.
To be precise, it is amazing!
Twist a head she looked muchuan only to see that the man has closed his eyes and turned to communicate with the workers around him.
She followed him with a faint sigh of relief.
When she came out of the shopping mall, Muchuan intended to have her sent back, but she insisted on going to see the old lady and her master, Muchuan, and did not stop her from telling the driver to take her to her destination.
Conveniently helped her open the car door, and Qin Xuan sat in. Just as she was going to go with her, she heard a bang and the car door was caught!
She watched him stop a car by the side of the road and then sat in it without looking back.
Knee down, hands clenched into fists, her red lips pursed into a line.
She, Tang Wan, the woman died and her chance came, but she didn’t want to. After a few years, he still kept a polite distance from her.
Not like a confidant, not like a classmate, more like a class.

"Ha ha believe! Of course I believe it! You are omnipotent! "

Xiang Shaofeng smiled. It’s gone.
After hanging up the phone, he leaned back in his chair wearily. There have been so many things happening recently that it seems that they all poured in and felt a little breathless.
Is all this accidental or is someone behind it?
In the meeting room, there have been quarrels about this for a long time. Several directors who have always wanted to pull Xiang Shaofeng have to take the opportunity to make trouble to enlarge some small things. For some non-directors and shareholders simply close their eyes and ignore them. When they are older, they light cigars and smoke them with relish.
"AnQian President? Why hasn’t the conference room appeared yet? Is that how he treats us shareholders? It’s too arrogant. "An older director got up and said
Xiang Shaofeng is ten years younger than him, but he has been riding his head. He has been holding back this tone for many years.
After the chairman said so, director Chen also booed. "Yes, the board of directors has been open for so long, and we have been arguing here for so long, but we still haven’t seen him. Did he even take us directors seriously?" Even if you want to put on a shelf, just look at it and choose an auspicious day! Now the company is deadlocked because of his gossip. "
"What gossip? Say it’s a scandal directly and it’s still a scandal played by a easy virtue woman! "
"It’s ridiculous that the president of the Tangtianhuang Group should be played by a woman. Don’t say that he has no face, and even we shareholders are ashamed."
Seeing that all the directors were indignant, Anxi quickly waved her hand and said, "Please calm down, directors. Our president is just in a temporary emergency and hasn’t arrived yet. Please spend more time and wait patiently."
☆, Chapter 219 Tianhuang Chaos
"something urgent? What’s so urgent that so many of our directors have to be swept aside? " The director’s face was written with two words of ridicule: "It won’t be that woman surnamed Tao again!"
"Who but that woman would have the ability to let the president take us all aside?" Director Chen hem input way
"Ah! Beauty has been a disaster since ancient times. I didn’t expect that our lofty president would fall down. This woman is very unusual! "
At this time, a sharp voice suddenly came from outside. "Since everyone has a common enemy, why don’t we work together to deal with it, but instead add chaos to the company at this time?"
The tone is loud and powerful! Overwhelmed the place. Someone was there.
Brake when everyone is quiet and at the same time like the door direction to see a Guo Hao with steady pace momentum came in and followed by a few bodyguards look like a man! Although he has rarely managed the company’s affairs over the years, his current appearance has not diminished the momentum of the year!
Seeing that he was stunned by everyone, Anqian greeted him with a smile. "Chairman, why are you here!"
Xiang Guo Hao didn’t answer and turned to the chairman’s position to face everyone. He and Director Chen frowned and whispered, "Why is he here?" It will be even more difficult to bring down Xiang Shaofeng if he comes to this matter.
Section 11
Two people say voice but Guo Hao still clearly heard the ear to coldly smile he looked at two directors sharp "how? Don’t the two directors welcome me? "
These two people have always been a big worry to the company. Every time the company encounters a problem, they think that it is not to solve it, but to provoke it. If it weren’t for their father’s great achievements in the past, they would have kicked them out.
The two men looked at each other, and Ma Yang, the director, laughed covertly and said, "Welcome the chairman to visit us, who are younger generations?"
Xiang Guo Hao also put on a smiling face and said, "In that case, I might as well tell the truth. I came here this time because of a special company. The Tianhuang Group was created by me ten years ago. When I faced this position, I was United. Qi Xin cooperated with the directors. But I didn’t expect that I would be the same today ten years later. This position is faced with a group of young people who are short-sighted and fighting spirit!"
At this moment, the director suddenly struck the table "Guo Hao, have you said enough? We are sitting here today to discuss how to plan the company’s shares instead of listening to you preach. "
"What? Planning the company’s shares so you want to help the company? " Xiang Guo was so angry that his face turned blue. Although he knew that these companies in Mi Chong were becoming more and more rampant, he didn’t expect to be so rampant.
What good will it do them after the company is dissolved? Although I wanted to kick these two people out of the board of directors for a long time, after all, they account for a lot. At this time, if the funds are withdrawn to them, the company will be even worse.
The director smiled otherwise. "Yes, I just want to help the company. So what if you are the chairman?"? He married a woman, and he has been trying to run the company for months, which has led to a sharp decline in the company’s performance. Can you blame us for making such a request at this time? We are now asking for a solution not only because the company is in a recession, but more importantly, we really don’t like him. A woman has to pay for it, and we directors are working hard in our offices. "
"Yes, this woman can make the Tianhuang Group like this before she marries the entrepreneur. If she marries the president and becomes the wife of the president, I will see that the Tianhuang Group will not be called Tianhuang Group at that time, but it will be renamed Dow Group!" Director Chen hastily stepped aside to ignite the air.
After the two directors finished speaking, many people chuckled, and its directors began to criticize Xiang Shaofeng for not following the input.
I heard that the company’s current situation was caused by Tao Zhi Ling. Guo Hao hated Tao Zhi Ling even more, but now it is not to care about this time. He took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. "Directors, please rest assured that it is absolutely impossible for me to let Feng Er marry such a woman, and she will never affect the company. Maybe you don’t know that I have arranged a marriage for him. The other party is Hua Cheng Tuan, who recovered darling daughter."
As soon as they heard the words Hua Cheng Tuan, the directors’ eyes immediately brightened. Hua Cheng Tuan is strong, and the combination with such a company will make Tianhuang Tuan’s performance brilliant.
However, at this moment, the director said, "Isn’t the chairman of Huacheng Group a son? When did you get a thousand dollars! "
"That’s what you don’t know. The chairman of the group has a long-lost daughter who finally found this pearl a week ago."
"The sea bead? Who is that? "
"An Xiaoni?"
"What? It turned out to be her? " The field was immediately stunned! I can’t believe that this woman should be the daughter of Hua Cheng Tuan.
Seeing that everyone’s complexion has improved, Guo Hao went on to say, "I have discussed with the chairman of the Huacheng Group that we should marry our two families and they are willing to help us."
After hearing this, everyone finally let the hanging stones go, but the director was still unwilling to say, "What if you agree to this marriage?" It’s not that you don’t know the temperament of our president. Will he marry? "
This can be said to everyone’s heart.
Xiang Shaofeng’s personality is so unconstrained that it is impossible to force him to marry a woman he doesn’t like. Things are worse. He has always been indifferent to Tao Zhi Ling.
夜网论坛It’s really not easy to force Xiang Shaofeng to marry An Xiaoni, but in the face of so many people’s suspicions, if you don’t give a positive answer, you will be somewhat embarrassed. No matter what, Tianhuang Group is a lifelong effort, and you must not just fall backwards.
Thinking of this, Guo Hao took a deep breath and said, "I can promise you that this will be done!"
☆, Chapter 22 Marriage
"Huacheng group chairman is not a general material you really you two marriage he will try to solve the Tianhuang crisis? In the end, I’m afraid we lost our wives and soldiers! In my opinion, it’s better to get rid of it early. "
It seems that this old thing is determined to break up the company after eating it. Tao Zhi Linggen just wants to stir up trouble. Guo Hao suppressed his anger and said, "I don’t know what the director wants to do so that you won’t ask to quit the shares?"
After talking for so long, the director finally smiled coldly. "It’s very simple. First, I want the company to stabilize all negative news as quickly as possible. I can give you a month to deal with this. Second, Tao Zhiling is a Sang Men star for Tianhuang Group. Nothing good has happened in the company since she appeared. I hope you can properly control your son and don’t let him be with such no three no four people."