2021 China Red Tourism Promotion Union Annual Meeting Representative Watch "Yimeng Four Seasons

Zhonghong Net Shandong Linyi, October 16th, 2021 (Zheng Shuping) October 14th to 16th, 2021 China Red Tourism Promotion Alliance Annual Meeting and "Following the Communist Party" activities held in Weinan County, Shandong Province, Shandong Province The activities are guided by the Cultural and Tourism Resources Development Division, Shandong Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall, China Red Tourism Promotion Alliance Secretariat, the CPC Linyi Municipal Party Committee, Linyi City People’s Government, Linyi City Culture and Tourism Bureau, China Communist Party Committee, Yishi Coordination of Nanxian People’s Government.

Representatives of China’s Red Tourism Promotion Alliance members, well-known red tourist experts, corporate representatives, Shandong red tourism key units, media reporters and other nearly 100 people participate in activities. Weinan County introduced "vigorously promoting the spirit of Yimeng spirit, uses a lot of red resources to help the revolutionary old area with red tourism", and visited the tourist area of ??Weinan Red House in Weinan, and watched the scenic spot. The large-scale immersion literature epic drandon "Yimeng Four Seasons – Red Dragon" Mountain Village Theater and "Follow the Communist Party" "Women’s Rescue" "Women’s Conference", "Military Connect", the story is immersed in the opening of the interactive exhibition. The audience is very touching the plot, novel expression form, activated education method deeply attractive, and the scene will sound warm applause from time to time, and many people move down tears. "Yimeng Fourth Season" is investing in Shandong Yimeng Red Culture Industry Co., Ltd., Shandong Yimeng Red Culture Industry Co., Ltd. Become a "Taishan Industry Leading Talent" project.

"Yimeng Four Seasons" to promote "Yimeng spirit", inherit the concept of Yimeng culture, with "ordinary people, national hero" Yimenghong as the main line, integrating political, artistic and mass sex, to create a new highlight of the red culture, Inherit the red gene.

"Yimeng Four Seasons" is a cultural and tourism integration, and the project of model innovation is composed of "Hongzhu" "Wen", "The Female" "Tiandi" four works.

The first work "Yimeng Four Seasons · Red" is composed of two parts: "The Women’s Rescue" "The Women’s Rescue" "The Women ‘s Rescue" "The Women’s Rescue" "The Women’s Rescue" "The Women Rescue" "The Women’s Rescue" After more than three years of creative team, the first work was first realized in the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, and a gift was given to the 100th birthday of the party. So far, there are more than 10 people in the mountain village, nearly 10,000 people, and the story of the story is immersed by interactive, more than 500 people, more than 50,000 visitors.

Bank of China promotes retail banking business in Malaysia by Finance Technology

  Xinhua News Agency, Malaysia, September 21 (Reporter Liu Yilin) ??Malaysia China Bank officially launched its most advanced intelligent bank outlets in Malaysia on the 21st, launched mobile banking services, marking the bank in deep-moving Malaysian corporate customers for many years Begin started to expand the retail banking business.

  Wang Hongwei, president of the Executive President of China Bank of Malaysia, said that as the first intelligent outlet pilot of BOC Group, Bank of China is committed to building a Demonstration Opera of the Penang Branch into a Southeast Asian region, and will continue to launch mobile payments. New services such as WeChat banks, smart counters.

  Wang Hongwei also revealed that Bank of China has been approved in Malaysia’s historical city Malacca Malacca, which will strive to achieve an annual opening.

  According to Wang Qin, General Manager of China WHO Information Technology and Channel Management Department, China’s two major customers in the company, Malaysian customers go to China, long-term use of checks, but not adapt to China’s fast-moving non-cash payment, and China Customers in Malaysia have not convenient. For different needs, Wang Qian said that the company is trying to promote cooperation with Alipay and WeChat payment and efforts to solve problems through the background.

  It is understood that the newly enabled smart outlet has implemented paperless process operations from calling to the business, which greatly shortens service time, and mobile banking services basically cover more than 80% of counter business, which is convenient for daily operations. , Eliminate the trouble of customer round-trip network. The Chief Secretary of Malaysia Penang also attended the day’s ceremony. He said that China’s financial technology is in the world, and Bank of China will introduce the latest smart bank technology into Penang, which will not only give Bank of China. Customers have brought more convenience, and it is also a promotion and promotion of local banks.

China Construction Machinery Solving "Card Neck"

  Construction machinery is a business card "China Manufacturing", many devices can be described as "big foreign weighing", and its key components "card neck" have always received attention. The reporter learned in Changsha and other places in "Engineering Machinery". In recent years, the domestic construction machinery industry has continuously improved, "top", but some high-end components still rely on imports, domestic parts There is also a gap from "useful".

As the industry accelerates intelligent, digital transformation, controller, sensor, etc., in front of the company, urgently need to work hard. The domestic parts "top" is located in the "No. 18 factory building" in Changsha Economic Development Zone, Hunan Province, a busy production sight. The design of the workshop is not the honor obtained by the company, but the engine, motor, bearings, hydraulic parts, etc.

The staff said that these key components are three-one design, manufacturing, and achieve comprehensive applications.

  This is a microcosm of the industry crack key parts bottleneck. In fact, the construction machinery industry has a "card neck" problem for a long time.

So before 2010, many excavators produced in the Chinese market were decided by foreign cylinder companies, because the domestic cylinder sealing is not good, it is easy to leak oil, and the tank required for excavators can only rely on imports. 2020 new crown pneumonia epidemic situation is spread globally, and some domestic construction machinery companies are facing the severity of overseas parts suppliers, which is a sharp situation, which once again sounds the alarm on the supply chain.

The person in charge of a company told reporters that in June last year, a brand of automotive chassis in foreign countries was broken, and the main plant had to quickly find alternative products in China. However, this crisis did not truly attacked the neck of the domestic construction machinery industry.

In the insiders, this is benefited in recent years to continue to increase research and development investment in recent years, and promote localization of key components, and domestic parts can "top" in critical moments. According to the analysis of the China Machinery Industry Federation, under the promotion of the guidance and market demand of the national "strong base" project, a group of key components with independent intellectual property have realized significant breakthroughs in technology and scale applications, part of the core components. " The problem is relieved. Taking Xugong as an example, 20% of the "card neck" technique is "card neck" in key technologies that are critical during the "Thirteen" period. Today, the host of Xugong’s crane, excavator, etc., realizes full-profile systemized supporting, hydraulic parts, transmission parts, and electricity rapid increase in electric parts. "Key parts are a field of investment, and it is difficult to see in the short term. Once the ‘card neck’, the taste is not good." Wang Min, chairman of Xugong Group Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. said, now, many research and development in China The results have reached the international advanced level, and many independent controlled hard core technologies are in their hands. Since 2005, Sany Heavy Industries has set up more than 10 parts companies, and the key components are developed and industrialized through independent innovation and collaborative innovation.

This host company has a number of key components "called", such as San ZTE has become one of the largest scale, the most variety of hydraulic cylinders, three self-produced engines and chassis begin to be applied to the project. Mechanical and heavy trucks. Trinity, presidents believe that the key components are too dependent on foreign countries, and the industrial chain will be very fragile, which is both security issues and cost issues.

After years of efforts, the three domestic allocation rates continued to improve the overall competitiveness of the company. To the "last 10%", it was learned that although the construction machinery components made a long progress, there is still a problem of "high-end product missing, low-end product homogeneration". High-end hydraulic parts, high-end chassis, large tonnage engine, etc., facing the price of high price, long cycle, unstable supply, etc.

  Sun Changjun, Vice President of Zoomlion, believes that in the field of medium and low-end equipment, parts are gradually achieved, but some high-end key components are still imported from Europe and America. At present, China Construction Machinery Leading Host Companies have been in the first camp in the global industry. Once the company enters the "high-end competition" "boutique competition" stage, it may be "card neck".

  The reporter learned that due to the gap between materials, design, manufacturing process, some domestic key components have a lack of stability, reliability, and durability, leading to customers, do not dare to use. For example, nuclear power plant lifting requires a large tonnage crane, and customers have to use foreign products for domestic key components. Excavators are called "Pearls on Engineering Machinery Crown", due to its high performance requirements, the engine has a large number of foreign brands.

  In addition, domestic key components still lack innovation, and some components stay in the stage of imitation foreign products.

In particular, the frontier product is behind people, such as the "single" engine of the car crane, is first launched by German companies, and the domestic enterprises follow into learning.

  Wang Min believes that the China Construction Machinery Industry has solved 90% of problems, but the most important thing is to overcome the last 10%, which is like climbing the last few hundred meters of Mount Everest.

The core parts of China Construction Machinery Industry should be advanced to "high-tech and excellent", "must" main at high ends, high-end tips ". On the one hand, we must pay attention to basic innovation. He Qinghua, Chairman of Shanhe Intelligent, said that it is necessary to break through the design "threshold" of high-end key components, not "sports, money" can solve, but to cultivate fine, fight hard, encourage enterprises with stunt in a certain aspect R & D under the heart.

For a single main plant research and development parts, the market is too small, not cost-effective, can guide, focus on investment funds, focus on the high-end core parts enterprises, and finally radiate the entire industry. On the other hand, there are industry insiders recommended to learn from new energy vehicles to new energy vehicles, subsidize end users, guide and motivate domestic key components, and cultivate the market to solve the past domestic products are not accepted and there is no way to improve. And iterative problems. Exploring the new project of intelligent transitions At present, the construction machinery industry has accelerated intelligent, digital transformation, and major enterprises are in the layout intelligent manufacturing plant, 5G remote control excavator, unmanned crane, unmanned roller, unmanned mixer and other new equipment.

The reporter learned that traditional manufacturing companies are weak in intelligence, digital field, and face some new "card neck" issues from R & D design to production service.

  The person in charge of the Equipment Industry Department of Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology said that the original manufacturing "card neck" is mainly at a core component, such as engine, hydraulic parts, and more important "card necks" with intelligent upgrades "The problem is to manufacture manufacturing equipment for high-end precision machining. The reporter saw in the intelligent manufacturing workshop of a construction machinery company, and the entire workshop has hundreds of industrial robots.

Technicians have admitted that many "tools" in the hardware level, intelligent production lines, industrial robots need to import from Japan and other countries; in software level, digitization, intelligent unless "algorithm", now mostly foreign algorithms. Not only that, but also the simulation analysis of the construction machinery industry and other industrial software, known as the "brain" controller of the construction machinery and the sensor all over the device, and also needs to import. R & D personnel of a construction machinery company say that the controller is highly required, and foreign companies do not open the "bottom" of the controller (ie, the hardware matched drive, equivalent to the mobile phone and the mobile phone ", and domestic enterprises are subject to people, only A small application programming can be made on its platform. The person in charge of the above-mentioned IC Department recommends that vigorously promotes the short board equipment research, guiding enterprises to make full use of digital, networked technology, research and development intelligent equipment products.

Putting the enhanced intelligent manufacturing supply capacity in a more prominent position, speeding up breaking through the intelligent manufacturing core equipment and industrial software system, fill the key equipment, basic components, system software and other short boards as soon as possible. Industry insiders pointed out that cracking new "card neck" issues, traditional manufacturing companies cannot sing alone, and integrate industry resources, forming capacity complementary, interest sharing, and risk-sharing industrial ecotries.

The reporter learned that some companies have been in harmony with domestic suppliers, explore the cooperative innovation model of building intelligence and digitization.

De nettobeoordeling van mensen: "Vijf één bai" is een nieuwe reis om sterke spirituele kracht te condenseren

  Op 22 november, 2021 China Positieve energie "Vijf honderd" netwerk Boutique Broadcast-stemactiviteiten begonnen officieel. De resultaten van de stem van Netizens zullen dienen als een belangrijke verwijzing van de laatste beoordelingsbeoordeling, die een vermogen helpt voor positieve netwerkboutique-selectie. De netwerkruimte van positieve energie is onafscheidelijk van de netwerkwerken van de energie. Sinds 25 juni Dit jaar is het gemeld aan de ingang van het hele netwerk. Vanaf 31 juli was het totale rapportagebedrag van verwante werken meer dan 10.000. Onder deze werken zijn er gewone en geweldige personages, er zijn dagelijkse en schokkende foto’s, die nieuwe en diverse onderwerpen hebben, met een prachtig schilderij vol met positieve energie en urgers.

  Deze werken, de onderdelen zijn geweldig, en ze zijn als in beweging. Voor de uitstekende hoge selectie, goede keuze, na laag screening, bevindt zich in de netwerkpositieve energietekst, netwerkpositieve energie-afbeeldingen, netwerkpositieve energie-bouwers, netwerkspositieve energie Speciale activiteiten, netwerkpositieve energie-animatie video, elke 100 stuks werden geselecteerd en in totaal 500 boetieks. De uiteindelijke bekroonde fijne kracht zal dit jaar de vertegenwoordiger zijn van de positieve energiewerken, en het is ook een groot evenement, een gelukkig evenement en de levendige interpretatie van goede dingen. Het is de moeite waard om op te merken dat 2021 China positieve energie "vijf honderd" netwerk boutique collectie selectie selectie-uitzending-activiteiten met een sterke tijdperk kleur. Deze exposanten zijn gericht op het vieren van het 100e jaar van de centrale partij en vieren de 100-jarig jubileum van de oprichting van de Communistische Partij van China, en de belangrijkste thema’s zoals armoede, anti-vlotrofe resultaten en uitgebreide constructie van een goed-off-samenleving . In het volledige media-tijdperk, op basis van de nieuwe historische ori?ntatie, focus op het onderwerp van de tijd, zodat de creatie onbeperkt is.

Daarom hebben deze werken volledig de belangrijke rol gespeeld van positieve energie-prikkels, inspirerende en leiders. Vanuit dit oogpunt is het netwerk in het tij van de tijd positieve energie, om de concentrische cirkel beter te bouwen, kan het de sterke spirituele kracht voor de nieuwe reis beter condenseren.

  Positief energienetwerk boetiek, beide weerspiegelt het werk van de tijd, en een belangrijk onderdeel van de Qinglang-netwerkruimte.

"Vormgeven en zuiveren van de netwerkruimte in de tijd, zullen we online mooie spirituele huizen bouwen.

"Doe dit, een belangrijk aspect is steeds meer netwerkboetieks van positieve energie, actief de bouw van internetgehalte, het verdiepen van netwerk ecologisch governance. Met de eisen van de bouw van sterke landen hebben mensen met een hogere kwaliteitsnetwerken Wordt sterker. Alleen degenen die zich echt samenkomen tot een goede kracht om duizenden huishoudens in te lopen, die in duizenden mensen stroomt. In deze zin, uitzending en selecteer positieve energienetwerkboutique, om de nieuwe stijl te bevorderen, bevordert het beschaafde netwerk, beschaafd netwerk, geciviliseerd internet.

  Tegenwoordig is het netwerk het spirituele huis van honderden miljoenen netizens. De reden waarom we het belang hechten aan de positieve energie van de netwerkruimte is omdat wat voorwaarden, wat voor soort cyberspace zal be?nvloeden, zelfs wat voor soort mensen die hebben gecultiveerd, die een specifieke tijden van temperament zullen tonen. Hoe meer het geluid multi is, de waarde is divers, hoe meer je nodig hebt om de belangrijkste melodie te zingen, positieve energie te verspreiden en je moet een goede positieve energie-werken verspreiden en mensen de invloed hebben ontvangen in de interactie. In die zin moeten mensen door een reeks positieve energie werken, mensen niet alleen internaliseren in het hart, externalisering en het geloof kunnen hydrateren op basis van spirituele kracht, en

  Op dit moment profiteren we van ons onderzoek en beginnen we aan een nieuwe reis van het opbouwen van socialistische modernisering. Dientengevolge, meer nodig om beschaafde concepten binnen en buiten het netwerk te verspreiden, geciviliseerde mode te cultiveren, een duidelijke ruimte cre?ren en energieke spirituele richtlijnen, krachtigere institutionele garanties, condenseren het nieuwe tijdperk.

3 Airlines lanceerde Huijun-beleid aan het leger en familieleden

Onlangs heeft de relevante afdelingen van het Ministerie van Militaire Commissie en de Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines een overeenkomst ondertekend, het Aankoopticket van het Military Personne en het Kosten, de kostenreductie, exclusief eigen vermogen, enz. Huijun-beleid lanceren. Vanaf 1 augustus plaatste de eerste partij Huijun op de lijn van het militaire reisplatform onafhankelijk ontwikkeld door de afdeling Logistiek Beveiliging van de Militaire Commissie.

Sinds 2017 zal de logistieke betaalbare afdeling van de Militaire Commissie actief de vereisten van het "Building Perfect Military Hony System System" -vereisten implementeren en open militair personeel op het treinstation, de luchthaven van de burgerluchtvaart en de haven, snelwegpassagiersstation Priority-kanaal volgens de wet.

Om dit werk voortdurend te verdiepen, co?rdineren ze relevante luchtvaartmaatschappijen om exclusieve diensten voor militairen en familieleden, exclusieve aanbiedingen, speciale rechten te bieden.

Dit drie luchtvaartmaatschappijen Huijun-beleid voornamelijk geconfronteerd met het leger van het leger en familieleden, specifiek: officieren (inclusief politieagenten), soldaten, benodigdheden, personeel, burgerpersoneel, offici?le medewerkers, militair beheer van gepensioneerd personeel en de echtgeno) van het bovengenoemde personeel, Kinderen, ouders, echtgenote ouders. Het bevat voornamelijk drie aspecten: tariefkorting, voor militair personeel, bezoek familieleden, vakantie, enz. Korting; Exclusieve eigen vermogen, voornamelijk voor de speciale rechten van militair personeel, Xiamen Airlines biedt ticketkortingen, maaltijden kortingen, restituties, reflexief en ander totaal 2000 yuan per persoon per jaar, Xiamen Airlines leveren geschenkcoupons; kostenreductie

(Editor: Chen Yu, Tang Song) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Medical Health Collaborative Development All 485

Original title: Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Medical Health Collaborative Development, the benefit of the people prepares the winter, the medical staff, the medical staff in the helicopter ceiling of the Chongli District of the North Hospital, the disease is transported. Wu Hall Senji reporter Yang Xunjun to support Xiongan "turnkey" new hospital to do medical support work; organize 5 municipal medical and health units such as Xuanwu Hospital to help the Helifang Anxin District; 16 medical institutions in Beijing Hospital The results of the clinical test results of the medical institution in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region have reached 485 medical institutions … The capital medical and health system has solidly promoted the three-way medical and health synergy, innovation system mechanisms, and achieved phase results.

  Xiongan New District launched, Beijing supported the "Transfer Key" new hospital project in Xiongan New District, Hebei Province.

At the end of this year, the hospital will realize the debut of the facade, and become the first three-family hospital in Xiongan New District. According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Health Committee, in 2018, the Beijing-Porsche Health and Health and Health and Health Committee and the Xiongan New District Management Committee signed a cooperation framework agreement to promote the "Building a Gang" work task.

At present, five Beijing Municipal Beijing Medical and Health Units, which continuously organizes Xuanwu Hospital, Maternity Hospital, Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and Municipal Health Health Supervision, deepening the support for the intersection of the Xiongan New District, focusing on local neurology, Seven of neurosurgery, gynecology, obstetric, children’s preservation, etc., helping to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment and the level of public health services.

  Among them, Xuanwu Hospital helped accommodate the only stroke treatment center covered by Xiong’an San County. Beijing Maternity Hospital helps Chengcheng County Maternal and Child Health Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology and Neonatology become the key specialist of Xiongan New District, and obtains a history of hospital development. The Chinese Medicine Hospital cooperates with the Town County Chinese Medicine Hospital to highlight the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. Beijing High Quality Planning Construction City Deputy Center Medical and Health Service System, actively supports the integration development of Tongzhou District and Beizhou County, promoting high-quality medical resources to the north county, promote the improvement of medical and health service capacity in the surrounding area.

At present, there have been 16 centralized hospitals, aviation hospitals, Anzhen hospitals, and the municipal hospitals, and the Northern San County medical institutions have signed an agreement and continue to promote cooperation, focusing on indigestion, respiratory and severe medicine. Science, neurology, neurosurgery, cardinal medicine, Chinese medicine department, etc. 18. With the help of Beijing, Hebei Yanda Hospital has become a three-level comprehensive hospital, and establish a remote radiographic diagnosis and remote pathophical diagnostic platform to promote more patients. At the same time, it continues to do support for the support of other people from Zhangjiakou, etc.. The Jishuitan Hospital assisted Zhangjiakou City Second Hospital to undertake a number of large domestic and international major sports events, and established a special medical insurance treatment team. Continue to do a good job in Children’s Hospital for the host of Baoding Children’s Hospital, and subserve the overall stem cell transplantation department of the National Children’s Medical Center. On June 25, 2021, the National Children’s Medical Center Stem Cell Transplantation was officially opened.

  The three-way medical and health policies are also continuously promoted.

At present, the three-way medical institution’s clinical test results have a total of 485 medical institutions (262 in Beijing, 67 Tianjin, 156 Hebei); 3 land medical institution medical imaging examination information sharing results institutions reached 239 (59 Beijing, There are 50 Tianjin, 130 Hebei Provinces), which strongly enhances the level of medical services in three places.

  According to statistics, the Sanhua Health Department has accumulated more than 20 cooperation framework agreements, continuously promoting collaboration between disease prevention and control, health emergency, maternal and child health, elderly health, mental health, etc., promoting the three-way health and health care Coordinated development. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Consolidating information technology infrastructure maintenance financial network security

  People’s Daily Online Chongqing October 12, October 11th to 17th, 2021 National Network Security Promotion Week is unified nationwide.

Recently, the "2021 Chongqing Financial Industry Network Safety Competition" hosted by the People’s Bank Chongqing Business Management Department is held, which is designed to strengthen the network security management of Chongqing financial institutions and improve the level of security.

After fierce competition, the Bank of Communications Chongqing Branch (hereinafter referred to as "Bank of Communications Chongqing Branch") won the third prize of network security competition.

  In recent years, with the development of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, block chain, artificial intelligence, the integration between finance and technology, and the opportunities and challenges of bank information and network security. Communication Chongqing Branch always adheres to the concept of safety production, through improving the scientific and technological management mechanism, innovation management means, strengthening customer information management, continuously improving the implementation of information security and management efficiency, providing customers with high quality, safe financial services.

  According to reports, during the 2021 National Network Security Promotion Week, the transfer of Chongqing Branch will carry out a variety of form and rich publicity activities. Under the line, the branch of Chongqing has highlighted the focus of "an old one less".

In response to the elderly, the bank enters the community, entering the rural, entering the old age, etc. Actively carry out special activities of "sending financial knowledge into the campus", popularize financial knowledge through special lectures, knowledge contest, distribution of publicity materials, and guide young consumers such as young students to establish responsible lending awareness, prevent illegal borrowing such as loan loans.

  Online, Bank of Communications Chongqing Branch is a vector, audio, video, e-book, etc. , Illegal financial advertisements, illegal fund-raising, false currency trading speculation financial traps and other common illegal financial activities, through "two micro shake", website, television, broadcasting channels to carry out all-day, open publicity activities, guiding financial consumers Enhance risk prevention and ability. The relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Branch of the Bank of Communications said the bank has always attached great importance to financial network security and informationization, facing the new situation of economic development, continuously raising awareness, enhancing responsibility, mission, to "hold systemic financial risks" The bottom line, to ensure the efficient operation of the financial information infrastructure, solidly promote the network security guarantee of the grassroots people’s banking, and continuously enhance the financial industry network security, actively do new era financial network security work, and ensure that the financial system is not Major network security incidents occur. In addition, the Chongqing Branch of the Bank of Communications has done a lot of work in network security informationization, investing in a series of important information systems, promoting distributed, cloud computing, "double live", etc., and the network system is constantly improving. The network security capacity is significantly improved.

With the continuous advancement of information construction, the information infrastructure of financial system is significantly strengthened, and the level of technology support business is continuously improved. The application system is continuously optimized, and the financial information security system is constantly improving. Next, the branch of the Communications Chongqing will continue to enhance the information technology risk management ability, play the professional advantages of banks in internal control and compliance management, further strengthen information system management, daily operation and perspective management Improve the monitoring mechanism of information technology risks, effectively identify, preventive, early warning, and disposal risk hidden dangers to ensure information and data security. (Hu Hong, Zhang Rui) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

14 initiatives in Henan Province have accelerated service industry disaster resumption

Reduce a certain rent, reserve the housing provident fund, open up the "green channel" … Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Henan Provincial Government that the Provincial Government Office issued a number of policy measures to increase the development of the service industry, 14 initiatives as the service industryRestoration of the development of "protecting the escort", it can be described as "dry goods" full.Classification and Shi Bi promotes the recovery of the disaster transportation station, bus station, and subway station into the disaster recovery and reconstruction plan, basically complete the recovery of reconstruction tasks, pass the ability, and the quality of service, the quality of service is returned to the prematurity before the end of June 2022.

Encourage tolls and below the damaged country, three emission standards for diesel trucks operating early retirement, phased out in advance before the end of 2021, according to the provisions written off with the vehicle license and proof of dismantling receiving benefits.

Culture and tourism, and actively coordinate airlines, travel agencies strive to produce disaster, epidemic refund during the refund process by non-destructive. It has been allocated to accelerate the central, provincial national film industry development funds allocated progress to ensure timely funding, allocated in full to the relevant project units. Business services, the heavier the affected farmers market, wholesale markets, large supermarkets provide appropriate support, leniency, from fast approval of large-scale commercial ultrasonic special maintenance fund property use application. The leading platform companies are encouraged to reduce platform commissions, small-scale interest-free loans, such as small micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households such as wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering. Allow market management subjects to take "shop exterior" "open market" in the premise of regulation, the "open market", etc., and prosper "small shop economy" "night economy".

Water and electricity "measures" referred to appropriate subsidies to enterprises, service industry in our province to open up the affected property claims "green" channel, simplifying claims procedures, optimize the claims process, damaged vehicles to carry out free site survey, free weather proof, free rescue , direct compensation after the damage to the shop "has three free" service. Energy costs on businesses, encouraging the use of non-residents around the piped natural gas to the affected service enterprises, urban water price concessions given stage, business users volume reduction, pause and resume business from the original time limit, according to the actual number of days suspended waive the basic tariff. Required to pay the production and operation of gas, water and other expenses is really difficult to service small and medium micro enterprises, the implementation of "delinquent non-stop for" measures, companies can defer for three months to pay the costs. Broadband, the province is affected customers for service enterprises and business broadband free 安装调试费 free one-month broadband user fees, free replacement of 1 light cat, set-top boxes and other devices, to provide return to work and resume production of digital publicity a "digital free Hui enterprise "on-site service.

Reduction of some holdover rent housing fund "measures" mentioned on the lease of state-owned assets like houses and affected business sentiment, the epidemic can not affect the normal operation of the service sector of small and medium micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, waive one month’s rent, minus half charge 2 months rent; sublease, sublet, to ensure that relief policies to benefit the final lessee.

The affected situation, the epidemic affected, housing provident fund deposit is indeed difficult service enterprises or units, according to prescribed procedures review, approval, can reduce housing provident fund deposit ratio, a minimum of not less than 5% for a period not exceeding 12 months ; or holdover housing fund, for a period not exceeding 12 months, does not affect the holdover staff during normal loan. Service enterprises or units can not normally paid into the housing fund, may apply for pay within a certain period, deemed normal continuous deposit. Credit, to encourage service industries hard-hit small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households and other market players to Zhengzhou, Anyang, Hebi, Xinxiang, Zhoukou and other places, paid $ 300,000 mortgage-free, collateral-free credit loans, loan interest rate no higher than year lending interest rate market price. For since July 1, 2021 maturity of the loan principal repayments difficult to service enterprises (including small and micro business owners, individual businesses), banking financial institutions shall by Xudai, extension, etc. to give a temporary extension of arrangements for repayment of principal, payback date can be extended up to December 31, 2022; enterprises (including small and micro business owners, individual industrial and commercial households) to pay interest on loans, the banking financial institutions should be combined with the actual situation of their disaster situation, the impact of the epidemic, given deferred interest arrangements, interest payment date can be extended up to December 31, 2021, and to waive the penalty.

Debit card fees from September 30 2021 to September 30, 2024 happened to be favorable for the accommodation and catering, wholesale and retail, transportation, culture, tourism and other market players in accordance with the relevant regulations. Steady Kong enterprises optimize the tax service assistance to implement the stability Kong enterprises aid policy, the province will continue the phased implementation of reduced unemployment insurance, work injury insurance policy rate to 30 April 2022.

The services sector of small and medium micro enterprises more serious disaster areas, the implementation of the basic pension for enterprise employees holdover, unemployment, work injury and other social insurance policies, holdover period is tentatively scheduled for three months, after the expiration of holdover return to work in accordance with enterprise production complex situation It may be extended, but should be held over the implementation period in the year 2021.

During the holdover waive late fees, the insured enjoy normal treatment does not affect the rights of the individual records. Co-ordinate the province’s unemployment insurance fund $ 100 million for serious disaster, a place to post steady demand for the implementation of the unemployment insurance policy steady return of post. Tax business services, business services because of the disaster, epidemic or suffered significant losses due to heavy losses, in line with the difficulty of relief conditions, may apply for property tax relief, urban land use tax.

Implementation of small-scale taxpayers VAT threshold increase, small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households inclusive tax and other tax cuts drop fee policy, can not be scheduled to pay tax, approved by the tax authorities may defer the payment, shall not exceed 3 months, excluding late fees during the extension.

The affected sentiment, market players epidemic affecting new taxes, and taxes suspend release announcement.

Streamlining processes to provide "green" channel to simplify the investment approval process in our province. The establishment of post-disaster reconstruction services project approval "green" channel, for a total investment of less than 10 million yuan project, the direct approval of the project feasibility study report, which over a broad area of similar projects can be combined approval. Do not change size, without changing the original alignments, no new land the damaged water conservancy, transportation services like infrastructure reconstruction projects, direct or conduct the feasibility study report approved construction design review; do not change the construction site, not new Water Damage increased land for construction of other class service infrastructure reconstruction projects directly approved the feasibility study report. (Reporter Li).

Autonomous Region Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration Supervision Group to Ruikang Hospital to carry out special supervision

Supervise feedback. The supervisory group is in a field to view the temperature monitoring point of Ruikang Hospital, pre-examination, fever, nucleic acid sampling point, emergency department, pediatrics, obstetric, through consultation information, field view, assessment, on-site guidance, etc., focus on fever patients Pre-examination, fever patient treatment process, should check the management of new crown nucleic acid detection, hospitalized patients and escort people, and supervision and examination of the management of hospital infection, newborne ward hospital infection management.

After the inspection, the supervision team held a feedback meeting in the 9th floor center meeting room of Ruikang Hospital, Vice President WeiSun, the Hospital Infection Management Department, the Medical Department, the Department of Nursing, the clinic department, the logistics department, pediatrics, and obstetric joints.

At the meeting, the supervision team put forward the problems and rectification recommendations for the prevention and control of the prevention and control of hospitality, high-character, high-quality hospitality. The hospital leaders said that the problems found in the supervision work will conscientiously implement the rectification, and it will immediately rectify the establishment of the rectification, and the hardware facilities will be formulated as soon as possible to formulate the rectification plan as soon as possible. , More, better, better, do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and do a good job in the daily hospital prevention and control. Everyone is a sense of practical practitioners, escorts the lives of the people and the health of the people. (Huang Ni) Source: Official Website, Ruikang Hospital, Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Zhou Yule).

Central Association Hong Kong Class Hospital Project is begonnen

Tijdelijke Gemeenschappelijke isolatie- en behandelingsfaciliteiten voor Hong Kong Flood Bridge gefilmd op 22 februari. (Xinhua Nieuws Nieuws) 22 februari Na gebruik zal het naar verwachting 14000-17000 isolatie-eenheden voor Hong Kong bieden. Onder hen wordt het ziekenhuis van Tsing Yi Cangkili in de eerste week van start worden overgedragen. Op 22 februari ondersteunde het vasteland de Hong Kong Cultural AntioAptic Work Specialisatie en Quarantaine Faciliteiten Bouwgroepsleden Xie Hui Kreeg Media Interviews en introduceerde relevante situaties. (Xinhua News Agency Reporter Liang Xu) Het vasteland van Hong Kong Cultural Be?nvloedde Work Specialisatie, Ziehui, een lid van de bouwgroep, zei dat het vasteland ondersteunde het culturele getroffen werk van Hong Kong gespecialiseerd in de bouwgroep van isolatie en quarantaine faciliteiten en ge?mplementeerd de Tijdelijke isolatiebehandelingsfaciliteit van het centrale assistent Hong Kong. Bouwgerelateerd werk.

De speciale kit is het verzamelen van materialen in alle delen van het land, noodordening gerelateerde materialen om aandelen te produceren, die verschillende middelen mobiliseren om ondersteuning te bieden voor projectconstructie, volledig weerspiegelt de institutionele voordelen van geconcentreerde kracht. "We zullen ons hechten aan het allereerste leven, het leven, hardlopen met tijdrace en alles uit te voeren om Hong Kong-landgenoten en gezondheid te beschermen, Hong Kong zo snel mogelijk door de moeilijkheden te helpen.

"De bouwplaats van de tijdelijke communautaire isolatievaturen in Hong Kong, Quanxin, 22 februari). (Xinhua News Agency) De vier crankhakki-ziekenhuizen in deze constructie zijn tijdelijke isolatiecentra. Bouw Fang China Bouw International Group Co., Ltd. Voorzitter Yan Jianguo zei dat in Hong Kong om het belangrijkste juncering van de vijfde golf van epidemie te bestrijden, China’s constructie volledig toegewijd is om alle bronnen te mobiliseren, in combinatie met de ervaring van het bouwen van Wuhan Huashan, Rayshan Hospital en Shenzhen International Epidemic Prevention Hotel, volledig overwegen De daadwerkelijke situatie van Hong Kong-vraag, volledig naar de bouwtaak gaan. "Tegenwoordig is Hong Kong onder zware regen, de weg is geblokkeerd, overwinnen we de moeilijkheden van zware moeilijkheden, waarborgt we de soepele invoer van materialen, en de snelle en ordelijke bouwwerkzaamheden. We zullen de taak in kwaliteit en kwantiteit moeten voltooien en resoluut in de gecentraliseerde landgenoten vallen in de Hong Kong-landgenoten. "Eerder waren er twee gecentraliseerde constructie van China Construction International Group, die zijn ingebouwd in de 19e, ze waren allemaal begonnen met de bouw in 19, die allemaal vaste faciliteiten waren, na het investeren van in, worden ongeveer 9.500 isolatie-eenheden verstrekt aan Hong Kong . De bouwplaats van tijdelijke communautaire isolatie- en behandelingsfaciliteiten die op 22 februari zijn genomen.

(Xinhua News Agency) De bouwplaats van de temperatuur en de behandeling van temperatuurtemperatuurgemeenschap in Hong Kong Yuantong-tempel op 22 februari.