The Qing Palace slowly went to the front of Rayley,Looking at the wounds of her neck, slow down slowly,The heart is also ate slightly.。

Although there is a past memory,But this situation is true for the first time.。
“You are also a magician?”Qing Palace,Staring at Rayley,“did not expect,I heard that the legend is actually true.。”
“call”Girl slows out a breath,Subsequently, it took a look at the look of a trace of interest in the Qing Dynasty.,“This is the first time I was killed by this attack.,but,You still don’t kill me.。”
“You are a metamorphosis?”Rao is a Qing Palace,It is also a bit unreliable for Ray Li.,Frankly,“If you really want to die,I can satisfy you。”
“Then you do it.。”Rayley’s elegant standing,Interests, look at the Qing Palace,It seems that I am very interesting about how people discuss how to kill themselves.,“Do you want to try?,What kind of way you can use to kill me??”
“Neuropathy。”In the heart of the Qing Dynasty, the sick words of Rayli is slightly cold.,I will not pay this female madman.,Turning over the Sleeping Operating Platform for Elisa。
“Do you want to take her??”Rayili laughed,“Can n’t you?。”
“You have to block me?”Qing Dynasty snort,Completely ignoring Rettille,Run your hand, you have to break the light screen of the layer wrapped on the operating table.,“Or you expect you to stop me if you have the two magicians.”
But,When touching the light screen,The face of the Qing Palace is suddenly changed,He actually can’t break the layer of energy screen.!
Faster,Qing Palace, I feel wrong.。
It looks full of technology,The Qing Palace actually did not feel the slightest temperature and energy fluctuations.,But the light screen is so indestructible.,Even the heat he controls can’t be close to what。
“It’s useless。”Rayili loudly,“Unless you want to destroy the whole grace,Otherwise, you have no way to bring this child here.。”
“What do you mean?”Qing Palace,“what have you done?”
“Legendary Myth Tower!”Rayli’s mouth has hooked a smile smile,“‘Babylrenta’The core plus the existence of the saints,How can it be destroyed by you??Even if you are the super powerful person of the school city,If you have forcibly use the ability to destroy the space ladder,Then, this piece of the urban city is now will be completely destroyed.!”
“From this child to this moment,Babien Tower is no longer reversible。”Rayili said,“You can only wait until the magic launch!”In the second half, she didn’t say it.,Because the angry Qing Palace is smashed with her chin。
“Your bastard!”Qing Palace roar,The hand flashed on a layer of golden rays.,Instantly dramatic flames fiercely wrapped Rayley full body,Rayli once again called again,The whole person almost burned coke,But stop in the Qing Dynasty,The girl opened his eyes again.,Original focus, the skin returns to the white and delicate again。
“What monster is this?!”Qing Palace helpless,Once guessing about Rayley is not dead, it has become a reality,But you have no choice but,The magician on the magic side is really a strange strangeness.。
For the principle of Rayley resurrection,Qing Palace is not clear,In fact, I really want to experiment.,There are other ways in the Qing Dynasty.,For example, completely burn her into ashes,Or the sorry cuts her head,These extreme ways are not tried in the Qing Palace.。But the Qing Palace is not a person who destroys humanity.,It is not that kind of fear with Rayley.,No need to do it now。
Qing Palace is not killing people,But he also belongs to his bottom line inside。
not to mention,Guy with Rayley this evil door,The Qing Palace is afraid of something that he really did, such as cutting her head.,Then her head speaks in her own hand.,The Qing Palace feels that he will do a big nightmare after it.。
“How long have you been blocking?。”Qing Palace,Don’t look at the almost naked Rayli, which is burn it by the resurrection.,Cold and cold,“I don’t know what kind of psychology is in the past, the father of Saudila and today I Lisa.,But if you think that you stop me today, you will succeed.,You will be wrong.。”
“You don’t want to show magic??good,I will let you show。”Qing Palace,Walking outside the space,“Tomorrow is the time when the Ethi Million is open to the outside,The zero point of the day after tomorrow,When the opening ceremony,There is still no 24 hours。”
“I will let you take a look.,How is your plan to break?!”Leave this sentence,The Qing Palace directly got out of the room,Disappeared in the dark。
“How is the plan to break??”Rayli red strip stands in place,Looking at the back of the Qing Palace,Laugh,“Then let’s take a look.,It is the kind of death method just before.,I haven’t tried it before.”
“All right。”Rayli looked at Saudiola who had been dusk in two belongings.,Slight smile,“Let her turn it down.,In one way,Give me a suit。”
“Baffle”Looking at my two subordinates after leaving,Rayley smiles with sleeping Elisa,Gently reach the cheek of the girl,That layer blocks the light screen of the Qing Palace, it seems that there is no general,“Next, you will。”
Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty,Let everyone surprised。
In the hospital of the soul of the soul。
Listed on the hospital,Before Saudila shot in the Qing Palace,Observed rare earth bomb,Results Non-contained,On the top of the upper strip,Directly unfortunately,Is it not Shif and a cracked?,The above estimated that it was half a spot.,This is so,It still mixed a burn,Directly by Xiaomei teacher, the drunk road, the road, the road to the soul of the soul of the soul.。
“Elisa is trapped in Tari。”The color of the Qing Palace is slightly gloomy,“After I go in,Can you bring her out?。”
“I see。”The upper is awkward,If it is a scientific power,It is impossible to the Qing Dynasty.,But now the Qing Palace has not brought an Alissa back.,Obviously, it is not a thing that can be copened.。
“But”Sitting in the Meiqin face next to the Qing Palace with a strong concern,“how should I do it?”
“Collaborate。”At this moment,The door of the ward is slowly opened,The figure of the Soil Gate came in from the door.,It is very serious from the face of sunglasses.。
“Qing Palace,Ash,I have something to say to you.。”
(This chapter is over)

Yang Yin, who couldn’t bear anymore, pulled the trigger,Fired the first shot。

system notification:“Black Wind Mountain Tiger‘Headshot kill’FP.Songzi!”
“hidden,Fast covert!”Feng Xichuan Conductor。
Remaining Flower Legion4people,Spread out immediately,Lu Yi and Shunzi hiding“Spit”Place,Feng Xichuan and Zhao Ping returned to behind the bunker near the arch。
“The enemy is dark,What should we do now?”Zhao Ping asked nervously。
“Divided into two teams,Shunzi and I tried our best to stop the enemy sniper,Captain Feng and Xiao Zhao are responsible for eliminating the enemies behind,Try to protect us!”Lu Yi used his command for the first time。
Although Feng Xichuan is a little puzzled,But still choose to agree,After all, it was an agreement between him and Lu Yi,He usually manages the players,But the field command,Mainly listen to Lu Yi。
Of course,If Feng Xichuan directs it himself,Will inevitably choose to head head-on with the enemy forces,After all, he is used to that style of play。He firmly believes that the first ten minutes of the game,He can dominate the battlefield!
“Ok……I want to see,What kind of medicine does Lu Yi sell in the gourd?……”Feng Xichuan thought。
“Straight,From now on,Listen to my password。”Lu said one-on-one Shunzi。
“Password?”Shunzi doubts,It’s the first time that he has heard that a password is required to play a game。
“My password contains:‘position’versus‘purpose’Two stages,As a sniper,Find hidden spots after completing the password,Wait for the next password!do you understand?”

The king is also a little dignified,See He Jia Yao:“You have participated in over-group,You have experience in this matter,Do you have any good solution??”

He Jia, a little bit:“In fact, it is not difficult to solve,Valuation in various institutions,Calculate the value of shares held by each shareholder,Then divide the company’s valuation after the merger,You can draw the shares that each shareholder should hold in the new company.。
Hold more than3People own the right director,After the shareholders will be elected,Form a board of directors。
These are actually nothing,The most important thing is how to develop a regulations that are conducive to our regulations on the company’s regulations.,For example, one vote veto、Different power, etc.,Do this,The company has entered our control.。”
Winking fringe:“If so, you can naturally best,Can……Ordinance to us,Isn’t it unfavorable to others??They can agree to develop such regulations?”
He Jie smiled:“should be no problem,We are the biggest shareholder,Have the highest vote,And the debts owed by these agencies can now still have yet.,If you can’t solve this,It’s hard to survive.,Now they can only rely on us。
If you don’t agree,Then let’s sell the shares again.,What should I do?。”
Zhou Zhi Xiong said:“that’s true,Today’s initiative is here,They have already got to choose。”
The king also laughed and tone:“Pull in you in,Sure enough, it’s right.,Press you,You both look at it.。”
NS539chapter Not drinking tea is good
Zhou Zhixiong and He Jiayi united,Wang Zhixin、Yang Kaihe Li Xiangtao also launched an integration of the Tianshan Shares such as each taken.。
Other two are good,Delong’s own company,No other shareholders,Wang traffic is a wholly-owned holding,No elbow,I want to integrate up.。
Tianshan Shares is listed companies,A large shareholder,And headquarters is still in Xinjiang,Take your hand, there is a lot of trouble.,For this reason, Yang Kai also deliberately went to Xinjiang.。
Hongxing Hall。
In the box,Wang Zhixin asked Wang Zhi, who was sitting next to:“Does Yang Kai have a message??How is the situation??”
Wang Zhixin smiled:“Just called on the phone in the afternoon,The situation is not bad,Previously affected Deron,Tianshan shares have been implicated,The stock price fell a lot,Also used by Durong, a big fund,It is very unauthoristic now.。
There is nothing to contact us,Newly welcome,Yang Kai has taken over the company successfully,Tianshan’s management is very good,I still hope that we can inject assets into Tianshan.,Then take the housing,Good to help them get out of the predicament。”
Wang traffic laughs,Before decided to acquire Tianshan shares,He is really a shell of Tianshan.,Consideration of Hongxing listed,Although real estate companies have been released in the first two years, the ban is prohibited from launching,But I want to list the difficulty is still very big.。
Not long ago, the central bank just issued a document.,It is said that we must strictly control the funds into the property market.,The difficulty of listed after the housing and enterprises will undoubtedly。
I want to go to the market or go to Hong Kong stocks,Either you canaShares。
Hongxing will definitely be listed in the future,No matter what kind of,First give yourself ready to get the road is always wrong。
“Just a good time,The shell is originally in our considerations.,They speak themselves,It is a lot of things to save us.,When Yang Kai came back, you quoted,See how to do something,If the timing is suitable,Then, the Hongxing is listed.。”
I have said to him before I thought about the king.,Wang Zhixin also knows,Oh, smile:“Row,Waiting for him to come back, I have a good study study.。”
“How is your integration??”Wang flows to ask。
Wang Zhixin smiled:“good,Delong real estate has just been established.,Two projects in the company,There is also a disabled because of the problem of funding.,Integrate simple。
I have already handed it to He Liang.,Let him follow,Another project has still been sold out,I have already arranged to sell the sales department.。”
“Office building?”Wang flows in the heart,Ask:“Where is the location??”
“Fuxingmen financial industry,what happened?”Wang Zhixin is unclear。
“Financial street……It’s really clever.。”
Kid:“I am planning to lay out financial industry,Currently integrated Delong’s financial assets,The new company just lacks office space,Don’t sell the office building first.,Looking back, I ask the old week and Jiayi,Look at what they are satisfied with this building.,If satisfied,This building is handed over to them.。”
“Row,Then I will go back to arrange it.,Let the sales department sell it first。”Wang Zhi Xin also knows,Not more,Cool promise。
Be talking about,Zhou Zhixiong and He Ji suddenly found it。
Two people looking into the door,Kid:“Just right,I have something to find you.。”
Zhou Zhixiong asked:“Ambiguous?”
“Good thing。”

‘Be’A,Basketball is accurately incomparable to the basket。

“what!!!Star is handsome!”
When the girls played, the long scream was emitted.。
Fu Xinghan raised his hand and smoked his hair.,Throw a eyebrows in the direction of the girl,Then go to Ouyang Rui,Lift your arm to Ouyang Rui shoulder,Smile:“Ouyang,What are you doing?!It’s hard to think about it.,You are very interested in the little princess recently?”
“still,How to bully bully,Like a small girl?what do you say that is?Well,What is the little sheep??!”
“People call‘Luo Yunqin’,Not called a small sheep,That is the code of your first hundred and nine girlfriends。”Ouyang Rui waved the arm of Fu Xinghan,Handed a white eye。
I am going to drink water away.,Rest awhile,Ouyang Rui,Very eye-catching, I saw Yunqin’s far away.。
Ouyang Rui immediately lit,Gaunt,Fortuna to Fu Xinghan,road:“Give me the ball quickly!”
Fu Xinghan is unclear, so I hope that Ouyang Rui’s line of sight is.,See Yunqin,Mouth hook,Suddenly understand that Ouyang Rui wants to do something。
Immediately take basketball from the side of the man,Hand to Ouyang Rui。
“promise,Give you!come on,Optimize you!”
Ouyang Rui took basketball,Evil smile,Basketball,Directly threw the past in the direction of Yunqin。
Here,I have walked over the Yunqin of the basketball court.,Sure enough, feel that the wind is coming,Linent,Basketball that is straight-up,Body directly,Directly escaping the basketball。
No resistance,Basketball is farther away,Yunqin Shen face,Straight look straight into the basketball court,Ouyang Rui, a culprit。
Based on the rumor,Can feel,That ball,There will be more pain if you are.,
“Luo Yunqin,You dare not catch the ball?!Do you want to let us go so far??”
Ouyang Rui walks,Tone‘Wicked’。
Everyone around suddenly suddenly,Face each other,From the eyes of the opponent, I have seen it.,And a silk mercy。
they know,Ouyang Rui this is also wanting to tease this unlucky‘Luo Yunqin’NS!
“Yes,Small sheep classmates,You see that we are very tired.,If you can help us pick basketball back,We will thank you very much.。”
Fu Xinghan walked forward,Add a vinegar,Try to add a fire。
“Are you finished??”Yunqin has no expression。
Ouyang Rui light flashed,Some are surprisingly worthy of Yunqin。
This is right.!So only one of the twins have never seen,This person is not the same.?
It seems that the bunny。It’s curious,Little sheep is pressing,What will it be like?!Ouyang Rui’s eyes flash quickly。
Fu Xinghan is completely eye-free,Looking at Yunqin’s scorpion,Faint look forward to。
These two people have to get up,I don’t know what kind of scene will it be??!
Surrounding people around,Also hidden,Where is not the same?。
“Finish,I said that I said it.。”Yunqin continues to open。
“Just that ball,It is your deliberate throwing.?!”
Yunguang,She clearly saw Ouyang Rui took the ball.,I will throw it directly in this direction.!It is simply ignoring the safety of others.!
Yo,The little sheep are really ambusted.?!Prepare to counterattack! Ouyang Ruixing is more,Don’t hide the acknowledgment:“I am deliberately,so what?”
Yun Qin took a breath,Ibelieve the impulse of a punch,road:“Ouyang Rui,You have to be like this,I have been catching me.,Do you tease me??!”
“Yes,I just want to tease you.。how?!”Ouyang Rui smiled and fearless,bad。
“Just because I have died, you have a dress.?!”
“You dare not dare to be a little bit?!”Yunqin disgusting swears。
Ouyang Rui’s face suddenly,heavily clouded,I have to go to the neck of Yunqin。
Yunqin, has been alert,Hide,Immediately raise hands,Blocking directly Ouyang Rui’s palm。
Ouyang Rui looked at the hand he was hit by himself.,Division of scorpion to Yunqin。

Originally, Zhao Yin’s appearance has disrupted his own plan.,Where is he now have a heart to talk to a high-rise?。

“Big brother,Forces,岂?You have to be trapped in me.!
My greatery is so big that I have lost the big festival.,How do I raise a person in the future??
As for the 高 归 彦,Self-funded family regulations to punish him,Don’t need big brothers to invoice this idle heart。”
“To shut up!I’m finished.!I can’t let you go.!”
Gao Bao,The rude interrupted the highness。
“Then I will definitely,No longer eating today,Until you let me go out。”
Gong Gong is temper.,Not out,If you don’t do it, you will starve.。
“up to you,I will go to Deng County early tomorrow morning.,Over the time, no one is used to you.。I am delicious to drink it.,Love does not eat。”
Gao Baoyi snorted,Turn away,The two did not say a few words, they did not come.。
Gao Bao,Gao Changqi Self-laughing:“Big brother,I know this is good for me.,But some things are my responsibility.,I can’t escape,Ugh!”
“Will you go so early??It’s going to find me.?”
Shanle gamro’s sleepy eyes,Skilled to the outside,Reachailed,And Gao Bo Yi has been worn out to go out.。
Last night, Gao Biyi just hugged his quiet sleep.,Not like a crazy lingering as before。Shanleo slightly disappointed,Also found that the other party has a very serious。
“I am going to Deng County,With the army。You are in peace of mind to regulate your body in Xiangyang.。Do not worry about me。”
NS505chapter Acknowledgment
Shanleo is named in the state of Fuyang,Hidden。
I am coming to the city, no one can manage her.。After all, Mrs. Cai’s mouth,The daughter who wants to fight with Gao Boyi has spread out of Wang Linjun.。
Who dares to find solo gongo’s trouble?
Although she is really leisure,The body is also good every day.,But this does not mean that the soldiers under Wang Linzhao are also very leisure.。
At present, the two sides of North Qi North Zhou temporarily accumulate strength.,However, the situation has been nervous to explode!
Single gamro is not waiting to go to the Han River to see the snow,I found Wang Linjun’s warship,Patrol around the river,Intercepting the vessel,Every ship must board the ship。
It can be said that the mountain rain is coming to the building。
Not only that,The frequency of the soldiers in the city has also increased.,Those faces on the face are very good。
Even if you don’t fight,The war is almost already on the string,Everyone has psychological expectations.。
Last night, Gao Bao, came back late.,Holding her and sleeping,Some words solitary gamron is not asking。Today, the other party is too early.,She wants to ask but I have not asked export.。What is the opposite?,Feeling that there is a bad thing to happen。
Xiangyang this place in the mountain clear show,Very good scenery,Solitaryo is still quite like this city。
I think that this will soon face forks.,She has a kind of weakness that can’t be said.。
A woman,She can’t do anything,Only people like Gao Boyi,It is a key figure that affects the overall situation.。This is called“Meat”。
Solitaryo sometimes doubts that Jiang Mountain is not the same as conquering women,As long as you sleep,It’s hard to escape your palm of each other.。Men in order to fight for these,Countless heroes。
Just like yourself,Sleeping by Gao Bo once twice and even countless times,It seems that this distortion relationship seems to,I sometimes feel very happy。
For example, when you want to think that Gao Biyi has a few women.。
But if Jiangshan is easy to control,Why is there so many people??Don’t you turn your car??
When you think about it.,Shanleo looked at an old board,Like a wood man, the bamboo rock is rushing into the yard.。
He looked at himself.,Then I don’t say anything in the silence.。
“You are angry?”
This is not like Yang Shuo.,But it is more like Gao Baoyi.。
Gao Biyi makes this guy to kill,His no matter what person,Who kills who kills?。
When Shanloo has decided not to leave Fuyang,I don’t care about her where you don’t ask her.,Just secretly protected。

originally,What did everyone still don’t think?。

But from now on,Some people are coming soon.。
Overhead,Then it is said。
“Housekeeper,Great event。”
“Just now, I found a team sentry directly.,We suspect someone mixed.。”
what’s the situation?
This time,It is even when others look at it.,The more you look, the more I feel excited.。
It is not expected to,In the end, this happened.。
Just next,Since this matter has happened。
So what should I use to solve it all?。
Actually look,Poor is to feel,All of this is actually too difficult.。
“It is definitely Shen Xuan,I didn’t think he was so powerful.,I actually mixed it.。”
“How can this,Let’s everyone,I must have to do all costs,I can find him.。”
“Is this still used?,So now start,How should I deal with this matter?,Itself,Instead, it is already coming.。”
And with these people,I didn’t forget to talk to my eyes.。
Huang Yuanjiang at this time,It is also very urgent。
After all, no matter who is,I know my side,Tibetan a dark dragon,Anywhere,I’m going to give yourself.。
The more like this,In fact, for the current,In the end should be how to get rid of it。
Don’t say anything else,In fact, here,Still completely, this is necessary to do good treatment is the focus.。
For these,Huang Yuanjiang imagined that this time is serious。
“But now,Other things,There is nothing wrong with it.。”
“And next,Let’s everyone,In fact, there is nothing to do.,In this case,Then let’s take a moment to solve this thing.!”
This,As Huang Yuanjiang said directly in front of him。
obviously,Such a thing,In fact, it is now,Itself,Things that have been fully placed。
As for next,I plan to start starting from what.。
The light is now these,How to see,How to make people feel,In fact itself,It’s complete enough to see it.。
It is because of this,So let the heart of Huang Dynasty, the more I want to feel excited.。
After all, now,This should start from what is started.。
These things,What’s wrong?,In fact, there is still a need for this,Accelerate speed processing is。
Chapter 355, you can rest assured,I will not hide the end
at this time,Shen Xuan station here,Look at your eyes。
Shen Xuan itself,Can hide here,Then find a right opportunity to shoot。

Zuo Luo looked up and swept his eyes, from the downstairs, seven or eight military school students:“I go first。”

Say, Hand supported, The trail goes out。
Looking at the back of the moment from the high building,The person who just came downstairs could not help but ask:“why did you leave?”
“Who is,It looks very arrogant。”
The school girl refers to the group army who finishes his finger.:“The group army of this building was cleared., In addition, the people just have the left sister.。”
“Left sister, Which left school sister?”Everyone did not react。
“Zuo Luohuan Sister。”Schoolmented girl。
“……No wonder the back is so arrogant。”
Some people think of another thing:“The army arrived?”
“It’s a little bit.。”The school girl is far away from the front of the building of Jinhai., “Let’s go there。”
Zuo Luo is north,Not close to the experimental building,I have already heard the hairdressing,She runs quickly,I found that the military school students and the group army have become a group., There is also a bunch of military school to protect the injured instructor.。
Jiajiaguan is a wolf,Never make good hair have been scattered,He is standing around a few military schools holding a light gun., Warous observe around。
Zuo Luohuan is falling in the group army in front and back., It seems that Jia Tuan officials fled together.。
The group army is very bad, Even。
Zuo Luo looked at the group army attempt to throw four generations of robot dogs to the ground.,But only the robot dog who only pumped., That group army is anxious to play the past,Don’t help。
After entering the first military school, Other robot dogs yet,Only four generations,But this new robot dog is also enough to get dangerous in military schools that have not been exposed to robotic dogs.。Obviously the 83rd group army relies on the new robot dog to suppress the students of the first military school.,However, Zuo Luo brought the interference device that destroys a new robot dog.。
Thanks to people of the weapon。
Zuo Luo rushed in,Her hand,Soon attracted everyone’s attention。
Military school can’t see,But Kang Guang Jun, who is holding the injured military school,I recognize who this person is.,Suddenly, my heart was relieved.。
Zuo Luo is here,They will not have something。
Kangguang and some of the military schools of the four major three-year-old three-year-old schools and low-grade students quickly left,Find a medical room。
These group military strength is general,Purely with a light gun and new robot dog,The students of the first military school although there is a skeleton machine.,But not everyone has,After all, it is public,Number,Very easy to be affected。
But now the new robot dog is scrapped.,Plus, there is Zuo Luo Help,Board and very quickly。
Zuo Luohuan has a curved knife in his hand,Lift the feet of the group army,Army school that fights to fight,“Packing weapon,Ready to leave。”
Jia Jiaban officially looked at them not far away,Seeing her,Determine the way:“Zuo Luo Huan。”
“Instructor。”Zuo Luo took off the skeleton machine,Her face。
Jia Haihao took the shoot next to the students who supported their own,Signature him loose,One person standing alone,Zuo Luoho Road:“Five days ago,There is a group army.,Only the eighty-three army still didn’t have such a big courage to do this.,What happened outside?”
On the same day, he sent a military school to live out to save.,But the team didn’t come back now.。
“The entire capital is controlled。”Zuo Luoyuan is a sentence,Successfully let the military school next to the midst of the military school。
Jia Haishu is an experienced person who has experienced wind and rain.,Asked coldly:“How many people have been coming??What is the current situation??”
“All districts don’t start,Only our skeleton machine team。”Zuo Luo Hao,“I don’t know how the military committee is.。”
Jia Haishu nodded:“Where is anyone else??”
“port,We will return。”Zuo Luo Hao。
She is looking at the instructors in the distance,Especially the Kang Guangguan,The original scar on his face,Credited by people,Even,It can also see the scars of this.。
“This gathering army seized us,Tortured the instructor。”Jia Haishu is looking at Zuo Luohuan,Explain,“Kangjiao official temper,I used to teach the one of the leader.,Retaliated。”
Jia Haishu is nothing emotions,As a person who retired from the battlefield,Whether it is in any situation, he keeps a calm look.,But I remembered the encounter of Kang Guang,There is still anger in my heart。

next moment,The world seems quietly,Those massive machines seem to have never appeared,The room is quiet,Only broken walls can prove that those machines have just appeared。

Walt appeared in Bronia’s side,Row,Narrow:“congratulations,Wushu,You are the only female Wudi in the second crash.。”
“Hi Jier,Where is Zhier??”Bronia inhibits the pain of the body,Asked Walt。
Walte laugh:“I don’t know who you said. Who is?,It does not matter,You only need to know,Only you live alone。”
“What did you say?”
“Is literally meaning,Whether it is the female Wu of the front line,Still the left-behind personnel,Floating air island headquarters including the world,All is destroyed by me,I,Destroy the life。”
“how come,You kill them,You kill Hi.!?”
Walte is like everything,Bonia said:“Your eyes are full of surprises,Sadness and hate,This is the same as the past。”
“I must be a very important person for you.,very good,Remember this moment。”
“hatred,confused,despair,This is a column of everything,Is the most pure power!”
Bronia still doesn’t understand,Don’t understand why Valter here will make such a thing。
“why,Why do you do this?!?”
Valter said faint:“Because this is my mission。”
“That man named Valter Joz,exist1955I entrusted it to me.。”
“1955?It is the time when it is found in reverse entropy。”Bronia recalls major events that occurred in that year。
Valter heard the voice and immediately reincarnation:“Do not,That is the day of reverse entropy!”
“Waltejes,Richer Albert love babystan,Falindlikiki Latsla,Emapron,Errrytan has a lot,a lot of。”
“I remember the name of each of them.,Because remember them,It was the only thing I could do at the time.。”
“They kill them in front of my eyes,And I can only run away。”
Bronia understands this,In this world,Inverse entropy is created,Has been destroyed by life。
“On every night,I will dream of the man.,He is lying in a bloody,Give me the name and the core of the law,again and again。”
“finally,I am back,With his name,Calling his commitment to human war。”
Walter smiled,It seems that it really has a wish。
Bronia looked at everything around,Accusation:“What is joking?,This is what you said for human beings?”
“You just replay the destruction of reverse entropy,Your place is,And there is no difference in the original life!Reproductors,Can’t pay for your mission!”
Walt is very calm:“Be right,They are all gentle and powerful soldiers,They can set down the hatred in the heart of the future.,And the enemy is going to fight side by side,So they pay the price!”
“I got everything from Walter.,strength,name,Attributable!”Walter’s momentum began to improve,Sound starts low,“But in this name,There is no thing that belongs to me.,I just play a shadow that died for many years.!”
“But why do I play a shadow of a failure??”Walter is crazy and seepage smile。
“It is the law that I killed and saved this world.,I did what the man did not do.,I have finished all over all over.!”
Valter’s voice is getting more excited,Surrounded by the power of the Eden Star。

Even a tour with Wushan Yunyu,Experience a feeling of flying in the sky。

Li Cuihua also felt that only with Li Hui is with the wind.,No one in the past。
The sky just lit,Li Cuihua also received information with a new TV series to start shooting.,The company has given her flight ticket.。
I immediately gone, let Li speaks with her reward again.。
And Li Hui also didn’t think that the other party would be so busy.。
After sending Li Cuihua,Li Hui is also starting to pack things.。
Dawn, when I learned that Li Hui was going to go.,It is also directly sent to him.。
It is that Zhang Xi and Guo Da have already set out yesterday.。
Seeing that the two people are also extraordinary。
After saying goodbye to Dawn,Li Hui Hui rides a plane to the real,Then I called a car to answer Lotus Village.。
Changes in a week,Lianhua Village seems to be more lively than before。
Especially the main street has actually started to sell snacks.。
Even rock candy gourd,Glutinous rice rice cake,The red dates, these snacks have already started to sell.。
Originally Li Hui also wants to invite these veteran,I didn’t expect that these people actively came.。
Such an accident is also happy, Li Hui is also happy.。
Walk around the village,Li Hui Feng finds the progress is also very fast,He just came back and received a call from Shen Tianzi.。
“Lee brother,You have come back.?”
“Forehead,First arrived home,What is the good thing to Shen Da Ge??”
I http://www.granitemedicalsystems.cnheard the words of Li Hui’s ridicule.,Shen Tian Si is also laughing。
“Haha, what do you think??
How much good thing is,Is the county leaders want to inspect,I learned that you are not,Is this unmanned??”
“Forehead,My house has been dismantled.,no problem?
Let the leadership is good for inspecting,This is also related to me.?”
Shen Tiansi heard Li Hui’s unexpected tone,Immediately laugh:“This lotus village is even a few villages around you are not all by you.?
Although the leaders in the county have always attached to you,But have not had a chance to touch you.,So this time, people are ready to connect, then talk to you talk about the future direction of our county.。”
“Of course, these are my guess.,I don’t know what happened.。”
Although Shen Tian Si said to be guess,But Li Hui Feng understands,The other party said ten eight nine is true。
“Hey-hey,Shen Da Ge has time to have time tonight?
I am going to find you to drink a cup.。”
Lee brother,You suddenly find me drinking,I am scared.!”
After all, Li Pei wind can be rarely taken with him.。
“Hey-hey,That is to describe your old,I haven’t seen it for so long, I want to Shen Da Ge.。”
“Go! Go! Go,This set of products,You think I am a woman.?

“You should not be in the past。”Summer looks at him。

“Go away!”
Bodyguard big hands,Catch summer。
He now admitted to see the eyes,But that’s just for Thunder。
As for this guy,Not in the eyes。
Just when his hand is about to touch the other side shoulder,Just listen to a sound,The wrist is already buckled by the summer。
Bodyguard is first,Shun,Post-face change,The last pair of eyes violently contracted,Have a sudden illness。
At this moment,He feels that his wrist is like a hoop.,Instant acidity,And this sore pain is spread to the whole right arm。
Super master!
More stronger than just now!
This is the idea of bodyguards.,Nonely thinking about thinking,The touch of sound has been passed into the ear。
“When the bodyguard is correct。Not shameful。”Summer stares at him,“But since the dog leg,Don’t say that yourself,You do not deserve!”
A cold drink,Crisp crispy,Bodyguard’s wrist instantaneous break,The figure is not from the autonomous bow.。
Boring,Bodyguard, one knee, reaches the ground。
“what……you wanna die!”
The bodyguard is angry and angry,End of the face,Herd pain,The other hand quickly touched the waist。
As a bodyguard,How can he have no gun?。
“Since you choose to make a dog,I have to have a real understanding of the dog.。”
Voice is just,I saw the right hand of the other party in the summer.,Striker,Another moment。
Two consecutive sounds,The bodyguards are all in the ground.,It’s like a dead dog.,Blood shot。
Summer is on his back on his back,Force for strength。
Bodyguard hole,It feels like a mountain pressure.,Breathing is rushing。
And the other side,Thunder has smoked the palace Paul’s more than a dozen slaps。
At the end,He is cold and spit out of a word,“roll!”
“you……You wait!”
Palace Paul was completely hit,Do not dare to continue to die hard,But it has been determined,Be sure to let this small hybrid death without burial。
Put a sentence,He turned。
“and many more。”