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“Is it just the Olympics??At that time the railway was built,Doesn’t that old lady mean to destroy the dragon veins?,Are you firmly opposed??Not like that,China’s industrialization will not be so late。”Someone can’t help but complain。

“Don’t mention it,The Qing Dynasty left our country too far behind。Facts proved,The minority ruling is really not good,Their management of the country is too small。”
“can only say,In the Qing Dynasty,The bones of the Han are also soft。”
“The tough ones were killed,Can it not be soft?”
When everyone is discussing,Auction starts。
The auctioneer has high hopes for this medal,So the starting price is a bit high,$200,000,Over one million yuan!
however,The people at the scene don’t give much face,Doesn’t seem to be interested in this stuff,Frozen is no one bids。The auctioneer spent so much saliva,Feeling wasted?He is on top,I can’t hold back my face。
“Is no one interested?This is the champion medal of the first Olympic Games,Very collectable。”The auctioneer reiterated。
He didn’t know,Although this is the first Olympic medal,But only a silver medal,Not the mainstream gold medal behind,Not much interest。
Just when the organizer felt embarrassed that it was going to pass,In the end, Populus euphratica symbolically added 10,000,Two hundred and ten thousand dollars won。
“Hu Ge,Interested in this stuff?”Jiangnan asked unexpectedly。
Populus shook his head:“I’m not interested in that silver medal,The box is what I fancy,Our chinese baby。”
Everyone can’t help but stare at them,Brother Hu sees things,Always different。
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What a joke?This is ten thousand dollars!

1978Ten thousand dollars a year is indeed a lot of money,Make an inappropriate metaphor,Incomparable purchasing power2017Year30Million dollars in purchasing power,For an ordinary American,30Ten thousand dollars is a huge sum of money。
Chen Geng said nothing,Turned around and entered his bedroom,Throw a stack of green dollar bills against Bieber:“As long as the company transfer agreement is signed,The money will be given to you immediately。”
Then there is nothing to say,Bieber greedily looked at the pile of green dollars in Chen Geng’s hand,I couldn’t help but swallowed:“Fernandez,give me11000USD,Everything in the company is yours,I only take my car when I go。”
If you can use the desk you originally planned to sell、Sell things like file cabinets1000USD,Seems to be a good business。
But Chen Geng is not stupid,How much are the things that really belong to Bieber in Bieber’s company,He would not know?
This idiot,Intend to discount his second-hand office furniture1000USD sold to?Want to be beautiful!Go to the second-hand market to buy,At most only flowers700USD,If it is sold to collect second-hand furniture,Can sell300Even if the dollar is lucky,。
“most10500USD。”Chen Geng doesn’t give face to his boss at all。
See Biebo still talking,Chen Geng said honestly:“Mr. Bieber,We all know,Even if500You made dollars,except me,No one can drive you500Dollar price。”
I couldn’t get more money from Chen Geng,Bieber sighed,But not disappointed,Better than selling to those second-hand office furniture buyers, right??Nodded:“Deal。”
First4chapter Benefits of home delivery
Joshua looked at Chen Geng in surprise,Then turned to look at Bieber’s Buick that had driven out of the yard,I can’t close my chin:“Shit!The company is really yours?”
A few days ago,Fernandez is still like himself,Is a worker who works for others,Even a worker who is infinitely close to being fired by his boss,But in such a blink of an eye,Became his own boss?
Joshua feels that his outlook on life has been completely subverted。
“Yes,and so……Mr. Joshua,Please remember one thing,from now on,I am your boss,”Old Chen Geng poked Joshua twice in the chest with a smile,Finally got the step I wanted,Chen Geng is in a good mood:“If you don’t want to find a job tomorrow,Just be polite to the boss who pays you。”
Can doubt the IQ of the black buddies,But you must never doubt the talents of black buddies in hip-hop and sports,Joshua laughed and gave Chen Gengjing an American military salute:“sir,As long as you can pay me on time,I guarantee that any of your instructions can be completed 100% without any discount。”
“well,Then you go call the big guy,We have a meeting,Also to you,I have paid the rent,So don’t worry about the landlord sending you out tomorrow。”

Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Nine What kind of reason

“Little girl,You reach over。”Five old hands knotting,high speed,Dazzling,What spells are still in my mouth,Low voice,Can’t hear。
Yang Yinyin doesn’t want other little girls to have the slightest twist,Very boldly extended his hand。
The five elders here have just made these preparations,A bead immediately appeared in Yang Yinyin’s hand,Suspended。
Very profound、blurred,Unusually beautiful。
Unfortunately, the flaw in the beauty of this bead is,There is a crack。
not long,Not deep,But it’s unusually eye-catching。
“drink!”Five elders shouted,The beads immediately glowed green,The beads that were originally rotating at a low speed immediately rotated quickly。
Simultaneously,The nail of the thumb of the right hand makes a quick stroke on the index finger,A little,The purple things fly out immediately。
Although things fly out very fast,But Qin Feng still sees clearly what that thing is,That’s a worm still wriggling!
“Old man,What do you want?”Qin Feng rushed over directly,You old man is not good at solving Gu,Actually made a bug,Want to hurt my boss!
“What do you want?”The Guro with dirty braids had been staring at Qin Feng,Watch him suddenly move,So I immediately started。
“Get out of me!”Qin Feng didn’t want to waste too much time on this person,Just gather internal force and blast out,There is no pause in the figure。

My brother Man San’er is responsible for pickpocketing the floating population,Maintain law and order by yourself,Guarantee the interests of vendors,This is to grasp both hands hard。

The food court has been established for a few days,Watching Rijindoujin’s life,Yu Guo doesn’t think he can be any worse than the rich people in those magazines。
Happy spring breeze,Even if spring hasn’t come yet,It doesn’t affect Yu Guo’s good mood。
Take the brothers to hang out on the street as usual,Brother Guozi,Falling in Yu Guo’s ears is like Chaohe,Sounds extra comfortable。
Finish dinner at your favorite loin,Brothers are all a little drunk。
The bookkeeping before going out,I don’t know if Yuguo will remember after sobering up tomorrow,The owner of the braised pork shop naturally doesn’t mind。
Warm wine,I felt the sudden drop in temperature when I stepped out of the store,There is a faint feeling of ice and fire。
Especially after seeing Wang Qiaoqiao who is soliciting business,The warm current that can only be understood,All over Yu Guo’s body in an instant。
It happened that Wang Qiaoqiao came to ask if you want to eat,Yu Guo looked back at her brothers,Everyone knows,It’s nothing more than to advance the supper time,Everyone can hold their stomachs!
Follow Wang Qiaoqiao upstairs,That graceful figure,Yu Guo Xin Yi Ma,I winked with my brothers,The reply is a smile without words。
I thought it was luck to see Wang Qiaoqiao today,But after reaching the second floor,I saw Mo Mo and Xiangyang eating again,Yu Guo only feels that he is better than Liuhe todayiCai is still happy。
After seated,Although the story’s development route is biased,But they are all under Yu Guo’s control。
Until he was thrown downstairs by the cannon that he had always looked down on,The pain in my whole body couldn’t resist Yu Guo’s shock。
Looking back at my two brothers who were more seriously injured,A man broke his hand,Another broke his hand after being pinched with chopsticks。
Shameful shame,Since Yu Guo set up sticks in the snack street,Such a shame has never happened。
Endure the pain all over the body,The brothers helped each other upstairs,Fate sometimes,But the lost face must be found back!
Stand in front of a few people again,My brother just finished talking about going to war,Was thrown out by someone following the previous window。
Yu Guo sees it,But I still haven’t realized what is going on,He himself flew again。

This trip to korea,Seems to be nothing serious,Everything looks very comfortable。

“In my opinion,Menglin, don’t get the company at all,To work directly at Daewoo Group,So Yeon covers you,How good!You two don’t need to be separated so far。”
Wang Shaoxiao’s mouth was greasy,I still can’t relax my mouth,It’s pure nonsense to please Kim So Yeon。
But at this moment,There was a rush of footsteps outside the box door。
Chapter Four Hundred Plead
boom!The box door was pushed open vigorously from outside,A group of people rushed in。
Wang Shaoxiao’s first reaction was those pervasive entertainment reporters,Which is the harassment of Korean paparazzi。
He is the closest to the box door,Stand up all of a sudden,Open arms,Shouted:“roll!Get out!”
Although he speaks Chinese,But everyone can understand his tone。
This time Wang Shaoxiao can be regarded as a first mover,He wanted to show his face in front of Soyeon.,And it’s in Korea,On the site of the Daewoo Group,Use a word of fat to describe,Just hard,Casually rough!
Someone is covering,Afraid of a ball!
and so,Fatty’s voice is extraordinarily thick this time,Like a thunder in a box,Full of momentum。
But it’s a pity,Fatty’s majesty failed to last for two seconds,Was left and the other right by two strong men in black suits,Clamp your arm and press hard。

Don’t watch them keep pressing,In fact, this reflects their lack of confidence。

And among these major forces,It’s not a monolith,The goal is exactly the same,That’s why there is such a delicate atmosphere right now。
It’s a pity that Lu Menglin has been unable to show up,And the super powers and most of the troops in Shocking God Valley,All went to the city of steel again,Defence the emptiness here,Plus Lu Menglin’s parents, relatives and friends are in the valley,That’s why Jin Soyeon and Su Xuehen were a little rat-inhibited,Dare not give it a go。
At this moment,Representatives of two superpowers,And the Russian master who was invited to the town by them,All three cast their eyes on the other person。
“Mr. Deng,You are the representative of China,Your Hua Guo and Lu Menglin have always been the closest,Be fair to you。Should this space channel be open??”A representative of the superpower pointed the finger at the representative sent by China,Ask loudly。
This Mr. Deng has not said a word,As a representative of the superpower,He seems too low-key at this time。
but,Since he also came to Jingshen Valley with these representatives,Then it can be determined,He and the China he represents,At this moment, it is in the same direction as other forces,All came to ask for an open space passage in Jingshen Valley。
“Everybody,I think you might have misunderstood!I came to Jingshen Valley,Entrusted by others,Come to see Mr. Lu Menglin。”Mr. Deng said with a smile。
Hear his remarks,The representatives sneered,I think it’s time for this guy to burn his brows,It’s still hiding,It is really owed to the great power。
This Mr. Deng smiled and waved,Pulled a person from behind。
The one who was pulled out by him was actually a little Taoist,Young,At most 13 or 4 years old,A face of green onions,Although the expression on his face is a bit childish,But the eyes are clear and bright,Looking at Su Xuehen and Jin Soyan curiously。
“This little Taoist is a descendant of Wudang Sect,He has something to find Mr. Lu Menglin。I just happen to happen,Just brought him here by the way。”A lightly described sentence by Mr. Deng,I immediately picked myself off。
Good guy!What he said,Immediately attracted dissatisfied eyes from all around。
What does Hua Guo mean??Are they getting rid of themselves?It means that I don’t agree with open space channels anymore?

Don’t say thirty million,Is ten million,They feel like they wake up。But here is Brother Hu,Just a few days,No wonder someone would say,People are better than people,Than the dead!This is the case。

“Almost a day away today,Also very tired,That’s it for the live broadcast!Everybody,good night!”It’s time to say goodbye again,Populus is still an old character,Seconds offline,Many people are still immersed in the shock of those 30 million。
I am afraid,Many people have insomnia tonight,Think about your own life,What created。
Next day,It’s the ground snake from Wumachuan,Plan to take Brother Hu and the others,I’m leaving after all。
At this moment,A familiar figure came out,Flattery:“brother,Ghost stuff,do you want?”
Comer,It is Feng Li,He is stalking Wumachuan,Find Populus。That evening,He didn’t break the appointment,I really went to the hospital and beat Lao Huang again,Lao Huang is a bit difficult now,Both front teeth are missing。
After being beaten,Lao Huang went directly to the hospital for treatment,Just out of the hospital,Was caught by this guy again。
Lao Huang thought,The other party is here to apologize,So I didn’t hide。
totally unexpected,Actually fight,He can’t remember,What kind of hatred do I have with this guy?。
then,He just came out of the hospital,And went in lame,Speaks completely uncomfortable。It can be said,Feng Li completely offended him,Pig friends and dog friends won’t have to do it。
The audience in the live broadcast room broke down。
“Yo!The gift boy is here again,Are you ok?”
“If you know,His two or three treasures are worth 20-30 million,Will the mental hospital add an extra bed??”
“so,Sometimes I don’t know if it’s good,Some things know,Just add to yourself,Not happy,after,It’s better for us to be confused。”
“Haha!Never sober。”
“But you are not happy,right?”
“Hard to dismantle!Everyone knows,Why speak up?”

“9Ten thousand tons of gold has exceeded the total amount of gold mined in human history17Half of ten thousand tons,You will definitely win by then!”

“So you guys forced me to sign‘Gold Quotation Book’,Put that1.4310,000 tons of gold cheated on the plane。”
“Do you think that as soon as the plane carrying the gold landed,Force me to sign‘Gold Transfer Agreement’,And hold a press conference to celebrate the victory。”
“But I don’t want to wake up this morning and several things happened one after another,Made you feel deeply disturbed。”
“the first thing,It was Jacob who led hundreds of thugs to ambush the airport,Ready to hijack gold。”
“This thing makes you feel uneasy,It’s not because you can’t handle the hundreds of thugs,This is on your turf,Hundreds of thugs are nothing to you。”
“Your anxiety is because of this incident,You are suddenly surprised to find,that1.43Tons of gold‘cheat’Come to japan,It is very likely that I set up the game for you,I borrowed your hands1.43Wanjin successfully entered Japan。”
“From this,You suspect that everything is still in my planning and calculations,I’m using you all the time,This makes you feel extremely disturbed。”
“Second thing,Is my abnormal reaction。along with‘Golden House’Negotiation meeting approaching,Not only did I not show any tension or anxiety,And have been reading quietly,Always looks confident。”
“According to what you know about me in your last life,If you don’t make a thorough preparation in advance,It’s still going according to my plan,I’m definitely not so calm。”
“So you always think I must have a plan,And the plan has been running normally,You also know that I am best at thundering on the ground,Good at making a comeback at the last minute,So you dare not take it lightly。”
“Third thing,It is the five major investment banks on Wall Street and a large number of international hedge funds all over the world borrowing yen,Ready to short the yen。”
“In fact, today you have already learned about the news that the five major Wall Street investment banks and international hedge funds have borrowed Japanese yen all over the world.,Knowing that they are likely to short the yen。”

She wanted to pretend she didn’t see clearly,but,Her mobile phone is the latest Huawei model from her father,Pixels are as clear as a high-power lens。

A man sleeping with his eyes closed is so familiar,Sweet words still ring in my ears,I want to listen to the man who said that morning,Lying next to my sister。
Lu Xin is showing off,Is showing off;Where’s Huo Yunhe?You are with her,Is it revenge??
A little lie,Are you going to wipe out all her efforts??
If the counterattack against yourself is this,Then she has to admit,He won!
The phone under my feet rang again,No need to guess at all,It must be from Lu Xin,Dare to show off after doing such disgusting things,Really shameless!
The bell rang a few times and then it stopped,SMS alert tone。
Yangliu just came out of the bathtub,I only wear a short bath towel,The face that was originally steamed blush,There is no blood at the moment。
The undried water vapor was blown by the air conditioner,It’s a bitter cold,Cooler than hands and feet,Is her heart!
Lu Xin has been coveting Huo Yunhe,at last,Her long-cherished wish came true,They mix together,Still on-Bed,Has touched her bottom line,Unforgivable!
Huo Yunhe,She is my sister,Even if not close,Not to contact,But the relationship is still there,You marry me,But with her-bed,what is your purpose?
Can’t make a slap,Don’t say you are passive,This kind of thing,Men do not take the initiative,A woman can’t succeed。
Without your hint,Without your permission,How could Lu Xin succeed??it’s good now,Your revenge succeeded,Although my Yangliu is from a bad background,But my bottom line will not allow anyone to trample!
Yangliu’s eyes are all the picture of two people hugging each other,She wanted to lie to herself that it was posing,Huo Yun and revenge himself,They are not really together。
but,Luo Lu’s body on the photo,Only key parts are covered by sheets,The exposed body shows that they really don’t think about it。
She doesn’t want to believe,Impossible!

A girl looked at Amei and said:“Ami,Are the clothes you are wearing too out of place?Don’t your parents say about you??”

“What do they do?”May disagrees extremely,She and the people around Wang Shuai,Try to break free of your parents,Is their common perception is correct,At this moment, it is only natural to continue:“You should also get rid of the shackles of your parents,Be yourself。Parents ask us this request that,But are we allowed to ask?Will they care about our request??I just want to understand,My parents make me sensible all day,obedient,What if i did everything?They still don’t see people every day,Busy with their big business,I’m like a pet left at home,When they rarely come back,I have to accompany them,Excitedly grateful for the poor company they gave。When i need their company?‘sorry baby!Mom and Dad love you very much,But we can’t come back now,We must run a good business for your future,And you must learn to be independent。’I am independent now,Do not need their company,Anyway, I only met once in two or three weeks,Can’t stay with me。”
Several girls think Amei’s ideas are a bit too extreme,One girl said:“May your situation is like this,But your parents don’t want it either,No way they!I can’t tell you to leave the business alone?”
“I never said that they need to make so much money,They said it was for me,Then I don’t want them to make so much money,As long as they live around?They won’t agree,What I said is for me,Actually they need to make more money,Obviously it is their own pursuit,Have to force me to buckle my head,It seems I forced them to make money!”Ami thinks she was too stupid when she said it,Always thought sensible,be good,Met the parents’ request,I will get the same love from them in the future。
but,Over time,May realized that it was impossible。She is sensible and good,It just reduced her parents’ trouble,So that they can be more at ease in their business,Don’t worry about her。
“Ami,Maybe we don’t know the importance of money yet?Like me and you,I’ve been envious of your rich family since I was a kid,I need to bite my teeth to buy brand sneakers,Wear whatever you like,You don’t want to repair it if you have degummed and cracked edges.。I used to have double brand sneakers,It’s not worth mentioning to you,But I love it,Repeated glue repair,Throw it until the hole is broken。Every spring outing and autumn outing,The snacks you brought are so many and delicious,Some of them are what I usually want to eat but the price is too low.。Especially in the fourth grade,The chocolate your parents brought back from abroad,I still remember the taste!because this,I secretly decided that I must travel abroad in the future,I bought a lot of chocolate,Put in the refrigerator,Eat till you get tired!”The girl’s face is full of admiration,At the end:“But my little ideal is for you,Already achieved。You have eaten well and dressed,Get used to it,Even disapproving。”
“But I don’t think those are important,I have always envied you to be with your parents。”May I didn’t expect friends to care about this、She didn’t care about sneakers and chocolate at all,Is she not aware of the importance of money??
“Ami,Maybe it’s because you rarely see your parents,So they are not willing to criticize you or scold you when they meet,Every time you feel so happy and happy,Would envy us?Actually being together every day,We didn’t think it was very happy,Sometimes I want to be free,Sometimes they feel that they are in a bad mood and make us angry,Sometimes they think they criticize us too much for small things。Anyway,Even if we meet every day,There are still few particularly good memories of getting along,Mostly normal,And it’s as good as the quantity、Even more bad memories。But your parents never beat you,I rarely criticize you,Of course the memories you get along with them feel very happy。”The other girl also said her opinion。
Another girl said:“I also think we still don’t know the importance of money,So although I don’t understand my parents working overtime,,Things like business trips,But I think I should be considerate and accept。I’ll be big later,Should understand。”
“Actually, I don’t mean they have to ignore everything,But they are pursuing the money and career they like,Don’t always say it’s for me,That makes me feel so hypocritical and absurd。If they say‘baby,We love you,But we must pursue our own business,I can only give you so much company。’If they say so,I’m not expecting to think I’m behaved,Meet their requirements,They will stay with me more,I won’t feel like being cheated。I just hate them under the guise of loving me the most!”Amei finished in one breath,Ease the mood,Said again:“Actually they love themselves the most。But it doesn’t matter at all,It’s normal for people to love themselves the most,Why do you want to say so beautiful?Lie to me or lie to themselves?They love themselves right,I love myself,So i want to open it now,Like them,My favorite is myself,Then we consider their feelings,Just like they did。It’s fair!What kind of love they give me,What kind of love i give them。I am willing to give them money in the future,But no time to be with them,But I don’t know what they say,Earn money for them。”
Those girls have nothing to say for a while,I think Amei has said something to death。Logically,May’s words are not contradictory,Then there is no way to make sense。
just,They think Ami’s words make sense,But I always feel that this is not the case,But don’t know how to persuade,Or,I feel that there is no need to persuade。
May and them,Really different。
Ami now dyes her eye-catching hair,Dress not suitable for age、Overly mature clothes,At first glance,It’s not like students of their age at all,even——Even more extraordinary than the bad students they think。
Amei also feels she can’t talk,In her opinion,These friends are when she usually mentioned it to the people around Wang Shuai,Mocking:A fool who lives under parental control and deception。
A girl lifted her clothes and shoes after silence,So broke the strange cold field。