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Seaside tourism, careful seafood

Seaside tourism, careful seafood

At the peak of the tourism season, the number of tourists visiting the coastal city has increased.

The sea temperature is high, the sunshine is sufficient, and the humidity is high. Therefore, the seafood of the recognized protein is highly susceptible to deterioration.

If visitors do not pay attention to food hygiene, they may be happy and return with illness.

  To go to the seaside tourism, we must guard against “sickness from the mouth.”

Because the food hygiene in individual areas is not satisfactory, food, cooking utensils and containers are not familiar with each other, and there is no problem of cross-contamination.

In addition, the coastal residents pay attention to the true color of the aquatic products, taste delicious, like raw food, half-food seafood (water, salt or barbecue).

Therefore, we must pay attention to the prevention of the following foodborne diseases during the seaside tourism.

  Vibrio parahaemolyticus food poisoning Vibrio parahaemolyticus is widely found in seawater at a salt concentration of 3%-3.

5% of the liquid grows well, so it has been called pathogenic halophilic bacteria.

The strain was intolerant, and it was killed in 1 minute at 80 ° C, and the resistance to acid was also weak, and it died in vinegar for 1 minute.

The strain was detected to grow in the fish 41.


4%; sea crab 94.

1%, 蛤蜊22.


4%, inkfish 17.

5%-93%, yellow croaker 15%-45%, prawns43.

3%, small white shrimp 100%.

  Fishermen carry parasitic 34.


The main poisoned foods are seafood, including raw white shrimp or salted fish, shrimp paste, followed by pickles.

The incubation period of this disease is generally about 10 hours, mainly acute acute death. In severe cases, bloody urine, pus and bloody stools, excessive vomiting and diarrhea can cause collapse and accompanied by blood pressure drop. It needs to be identified with bacillary dysentery and cholera.

  Infectious diarrhea, infectious diarrhea, including various enteritis, dysentery, typhoid, cholera and parasitic diseases.

Raw food, half-life water products are prone to such diseases.

The Department of Health and Epidemiology has seasonally detected Vibrio cholerae from turtles, bullfrogs, crabs, shrimps, snails and shellfish.

Eat sashimi, ice shrimp, turtle blood, snails, raw crabs infected with cholera.

The disease is characterized by acute watery diarrhea, no abdominal pain, no fever, and an incubation period of several hours to five days.

Such as bacterial dysentery, high fever, abdominal pain, anus has a sense of falling, mucus pus and blood.

  There are more than 170 kinds of domestic poisonous fish poisoned by poisonous fish. According to the nature of the poisonous parts and toxins, the poisonous fish have porpoise fish, including high histamine fish, gallic fish, muscle poisonous fish, poisonous shellfish.Wait.
Green-skinned red meat fish (food fish, squid, saury, tuna, sardines, etc.) are easily poisoned.

If these fish are improperly preserved and contaminated by bacteria, the protein of the fish may be decomposed to produce a large amount of histamine and other toxic substances. People ingest this contaminated fish and cause fish in 10 minutes to 3 hours.Amine poisoning.
Dizziness, headache, redness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, decreased blood pressure, etc.

Sometimes urticaria, red eyes, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea can occur.

Other poisonous fish, poisoned shell poisoning is mainly caused by neurological symptoms, which can lead to death.

  Safety Vacation Advice To be safe and healthy, you should do the following: 1.

Try to stay at a resident hotel, guest house or resort. If you want to have lunch at a seaside restaurant, order a restaurant without eating cold salad and seafood.


Eat less seafood, not raw seafood.You can’t buy barbecue seafood at the beach and farmer’s market.


If the travel agency arranges seafood meals, visitors should pay attention to: (1) wash hands carefully before and after meals; (2) Be sure to check whether the seafood is clean, fresh, thoroughly heated, steamed and cooked.

If there is odor, suspected deterioration or half-life, stop eating immediately; (3) seafood should be vinegar (with ginger), raw garlic, can certainly have a bactericidal effect; (4) while eating seafood, drink less orDo not drink, in order to avoid damage, dilute the sterilization barrier — stomach acid.

At the same time, can not overeating; (5) have stomach disease, ulcer disease, stomach resection or blood type O type do not eat seafood, because such people are more susceptible to cholera.


When traveling to a foreign beach, you should bring your own berberine, fluorophenolic acid, Smecta, oral rehydration salts and other drugs.

Drink plenty of cold water during the day and sleep at night to prevent resistance.

Once you have eaten and deteriorated seafood, you should go to the resident hospital immediately after the symptoms of poisoning.

Fat man wants to lose weight, thin child wants to gain weight, child special training, summer camp fire

Fat man wants to lose weight, thin child wants to gain weight, child special training, summer camp fire

The standard of living has improved now, and parents are very concerned about the nutrition of their children.

However, some children have grown into chubby piers, and some have become thin bamboo rafts.

This fat person wants to lose weight, and he wants to gain weight. Parents want to take advantage of the summer vacation and exercise their children’s health.

  ”There are two fat people, one weighs, one 50 kilograms, this guy is still fat 16 pounds.

“It turned out that this little fat had participated in the weight loss summer camp last year. Who knows that after losing weight, he went home but didn’t work hard. After a year, he gained 16 pounds.

  Little fat man weight loss summer camp research Xiaohe: “I can’t keep going after going home, no one asks you?”

Mom and Dad don’t supervise me, Mom and Dad don’t supervise.

“In fact, the biggest trick to lose weight is to persist. You see that this year has lost 20 pounds.

  Parents: “Start doing 5 sit-ups, slowly do 200 now, do 200 at a time, and stick to it every day.

“Although I often feel inferior because of fat, but in the physical examination room, when I saw a pair of thin brothers of the same age, the chubby people can start to be proud.

  ”It’s so happy, I grabbed the thin man and hugged it. It was thicker than the hand. I called the weight, the two brothers, and I didn’t have a small weight.

“The pair of thin brothers add up to the weight of the chubby one.

5 kilograms, the parents of the thin brothers are also somewhat worried.

  Parents: “The two brothers are anorexia, both thin and short.

“It’s really fat people have fat annoyance, thin people have the pain of thin people!

Parents hope that in the summer vacation this year, through the special training summer camp, let the fat lose weight, thin and fat, from a young age can have a body shape.

Will the soft bed sleep for a long time?

Is the hard bed good for the body?

Will the soft bed sleep for a long time?
Is the hard bed good for the body?

24 hours a day, sleep time stays 8 hours, that is, a day of waste, sleep poorly, sleep is not practical, is the next day hard to fight, the fourth day is also difficult to support the fourth day, the body can not standEmotional anxiety.

How to sleep comfortably and reasonably, choosing a mattress is an important alternative.

What happens to a soft bed for a long time?

People who have slept in a soft bed may find that when they wake up the next morning, they feel a backache.

Why is this, the soft bed is not comfortable to sleep?

The reason is that the bed is too soft, the body sinks into the bed, whether it is supine or sideways, the spine will be excessively bent, and in order to keep the spine intact, the small muscle groups around the spine will cooperate to maintain stability, and the long muscles will be long.Fatigue occurs, causing symptoms of stiffness and soreness.

This applies equally to pregnant women. Many people may think that pregnant women need a softer bed, but in addition to the adverse consequences mentioned above, when the pregnant woman is lying on the side, the pressure on the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava will increase, and the blood supply to the uterus will decrease., the impact factor.

Pregnant women are not suitable for sleeping on soft mattresses, and the developing baby and the adolescents are also not suitable for sleeping soft mattresses.

Is it good to sleep on a hard bed?

Since the mattress of the sleeping lady has insufficient support for the waist and the body is easy to sag, is it a relatively hard bed like a “wooden bed”?


The bed is too hard, a wooden bed, although people are not easy to recess, the lumbar vertebrae and the spine can be straight, but the tail nerve will be oppressed, the blood circulation will be affected, it is easy to feel stunned, “stepping on the opposite side” is difficult to enter sleep.

People will involuntarily change some comfortable postures to correct discomfort, which easily accelerates fatigue in other parts.

In fact, the hard bed is not equal to the wooden bed, the bed must have a certain hardness to support the physiological curve of the human body, but it can not be hard, it makes people feel uncomfortable.

How to choose, how to comfort and health?

How to choose the right mattress?

Spring type, palm type, and memory type are common in the market.

Each of these three materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, you should choose according to your own specific situation.

Spring type: good elasticity, strong air permeability, high hardness, but it takes a long time, the bed surface is over-stressed, and the back of the person is easy to directly contact the spring inside the mattress, feeling uncomfortable.

Palm-made: woven from palm fiber, the hardness is relatively high, but the elasticity is poor, many people may feel less comfortable than the spring pad, and because it is a natural material, after a long time, there will be cases of insects or mold.

Memory material type: It adopts latex material, which can conform to the curve of the human body and bends all-round support. However, if the posture is poor during sleep, a “memory” is formed on the latex material, and this mattress will repeatedly strengthen people’sPoor sleeping position makes the problem worse.

But when choosing, the most important thing is to suit yourself.

Whether it is suitable for you, you can see this: lie flat on the bed, relax your body, then carefully stretch into the waist, slightly bent parts, see if there is a gap, then sideways, use the same method to see if there is any gap in your waist.

If there is none, and the bed does not collapse, the bed is moderately soft.

Qigong is how to do visceral massage

Qigong is how to do visceral massage

The Qigong Tweet Health Method is to give full play to the subjective initiative of the practitioners, and to train for consciousness, breathing, massage and limb movements for the purpose of training, posture, breathing, massage and limb movements.The adjustment of methods and spiritual consciousness is the basic method of health preservation.

Chinese medicine believes that “fine, qi, and god” are the three treasures of life. As long as the qigong is used properly, it can raise the essence of gas, practice the spirit, and achieve the anti-aging purpose of perfection, enthusiasm and fullness.

  The core of Qigong is to adjust the body, adjust the interest rate, adjust the heart, and the heart is also called the tone of the heart, is the core of the core.

Tune, that is, through the exercise of body posture and movement, promote the normal function of the human nervous system and cardiovascular system.

Adjusting the temperament, that is, through the deep and gentle breathing movement, enhances the oxygen exchange of the alveoli, thereby stimulating the functions of the heart, lungs and various systems of the body.

To adjust the mind, that is, on the basis of setting a certain practice posture, adjusting the breathing mode and relaxing the mind, and eliminating the distracting thoughts, the mind is unified, the brain enters a special state of “into the static”, and the brain cell activity tends to be ordered.The brain is fully rested, thereby enhancing the coordination of the cortical and subcortical centers and improving the body’s ability to repair and disease.

  The types of Qigong can be divided into two categories.

“Moving” is the practice of posture and movement through the rhythm of slow rhythm and close coordination with mind and breathing, plus the “internal massage” effect of self-massage and abdominal breathing to adjust and enhance the physiological functions of various systems throughout the body.To achieve the role of rickets and disease extension.

“Static” is a self-exercise through mind and breathing, which enables the practitioner to enter a static state, thereby adjusting and enhancing the physiological functions of the various systems of the body.

“Moving” and “quiet” are relative, “moving power” is mainly based on movement, and there is static in movement; “static power” is mainly static, and there is movement in silence.

  The genre of Qigong’s genre Qigong can be roughly divided into the venting school, which is mainly composed of breathing, and the meditation group, which is mainly based on body movements and self-massage.

  This is a genre of breathing exercises.

  The Nagas School uses the breath holding screen as a method of adjusting interest rates.

Tao Hongjing of the Southern and Northern Dynasties said in the “National Deferred Life Record”: “The body is lying in the air, and the air is not in the heart, counting to two hundred, but it is exhaled.”

“It is now generally simplified to the “suck-stop-call” method.

  The exhalation group has an extended exhalation time as a method of adjusting interest rates.

Tao Hongjing created the “six-character pipa”, that is, when exhaling, he issued different “hehe, 嘘, 呼, (t-word to 屯 plus four), 嘻” 6 unvoiced sounds.

It is now generally simplified to the “call-stop-suck” method.

  The meditation faction is a kind of qigong genre with thoughts and thoughts as the mainstay. It is also called sit-in or meditation. It requires introverted thoughts and meditation, that is, the practice of meditation.

  The interest-seeking method includes a numeracy-based “counting method” and a “hittering method” of listening to the breath with the ear.

  The idea of saving thoughts is to achieve the purpose of eliminating distractions and entering silence.

Save my god and think about myself.

The object or object of thought can be its own internal scene, such as the shape of the internal organs, the color or a certain part of the trunk. This is called “internal vision”.

You can also think about the location, such as blue sky, white clouds, flowers, and beautiful scenery.

If you imagine the heat of the group, from Dantian lower abdomen to the perineum point, over the tail, hit the door hole (sandwich), and then down to the small belly Dantian, so the stream is endless, called Xiao Zhoutian.

If this kind of internal air is induced to the odd eight-vein or twelve-way meridians, it is called the big Sunday.

  The guide is based on a major genre of qigong and self-massage.

It originated from the dances of ancient times, and was later called the guide press (from the word to the giant plus Joe).

The representative exercises include “Five Birds Play” and “Tai Chi”.

Into the magical aromatherapy in the court drama, the way of health in the breath

Into the magical aromatherapy in the court drama, the way of health in the breath

In recent years, this kind of costume drama from the perspective of women’s growth is very popular, for example, the classic “Female Doctor Alum”, “Biography”, “Live and Scent”, and their hot broadcast, in addition to the protagonist’s love and hate, also let us pay attention to a magical Chinese medical law “fragrance treatment”, what is aromatherapy?

What is magical?

Why is it expected to appear in film and television in ancient times?

Today, we invited a group of masters of the Chinese Medicine Museum, Zhou Xu, to unveil the mysterious veil of traditional Chinese medicine.

Because of the medicinal scent, only the medicinal incense has been incense, and the incense has been more than three thousand years old.

In addition to incense, it is an elegant pastime for the nobility. It has also been found to have a miraculous health care function, and has gradually been widely replaced by medical parts and developed into one of the Chinese medical laws.

Legend has it that the first use of incense was a filial daughter in ancient times. Because her father was sick and did not like to drink soup, she thought of baking the medicine and letting the medicine spread in the air to help her father get better.

In ancient times, the famous doctor Hua Tuo also used sandalwood, musk and other fragrant herbs to treat respiratory and upper gastrointestinal diseases.

Therefore, the original fragrance is medicinal.

The fragrant medicine was accepted as a sample of Chinese medicine since the Han Dynasty.

The application of incense in medicine developed to the peak in the Song Dynasty, and Xiang Fang was initially included in the laws of the same family.

With the development of Songren medicine, the pursuit of aromatic odor has deepened, and the upper layer of society is more like a fragrant medicine.

And then continue to develop, burning incense, Peixiang, bath incense, etc. together constitute a Chinese herbal aromatherapy, belonging to some of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

How does the incense cure the body? Most of our friends only know that when they are incense, they are pleasant and pleasant, and they can relax and relax the body, but I don’t know if it has the healing effect of healing the body and preventing diseases.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, aroma can enter the human body through the mouth, nose and pores. The fragrant medicine is an aromatic Chinese medicine, which itself has the function of opening and smashing through the bones.

When burning incense, under the action of heat, the fragrant medicine can convey the effect through the respiratory system, and it will be scattered in the meridians and viscera, thus balancing the viscera and reconciling the qi and blood;

From the perspective of modern pharmacology, when smelling, the odor molecules can stimulate the body’s immunity, strengthen the body’s metabolism, regulate the body’s nerve function, in order to achieve disease prevention and treatment, and soothe the spirit.

Herbal medicine, which burns fragrant medicine or has a fragrant taste, is a special treatment for the body that is cured by volatile aromatherapy. It is also called “aromatherapy” in Chinese medicine.

Aromatherapy not only relieves stress, but also improves the impact of the environment on the human body. It can also help you improve your body’s circulation, remove toxin waste, and stay away from sub-health, thus achieving balance and preventing disease.happened.

If the doctor fails to cure the disease, the disease is not a disease, especially the chronic disease is a process of accumulation. When you start to feel discomfort, sleep is not good, in fact, there are problems in the body and many organs, you do not pay attention to timely correction and correction,The problem will accumulate over time, the situation of visceral disorders is more serious, and even dragging other organs, affecting the smooth flow of meridians and meridians, the qi and blood biochemical operation is blocked, the endocrine and metabolic capacity will inevitably cause problems, and it is easy to cause various secondary health problems, many chronicThe disease also developed from baseline.

Teacher Zhou of the Chinese Medicine Museum pointed out that contemporary people are under great pressure and their emotions are in a state of intense anxiety for a long time; the pace of life is fast, maintaining a good diet, and the rhythm of work and rest is not easy.

In his many years of clinical observation, he found that the sub-health status became more and more serious, and the age also tends to be younger. There are very few people with true peace. Insomnia, chest ribs full, abdominal pain, muscle soreness, dizziness, fatigue, limbs, etc.Symptoms occur universally and continuously, as most people don’t care, and they also take roots in chronic diseases, triggering a health crisis that followed.

Teacher Zhou also pointed out that due to the constant influence of environmental factors, most of us can hardly ensure that the body is in the best state of the five internal organs. Do not underestimate the fire, insomnia, and any symptoms of discomfort.It is an alarm issued by the viscera. If you don’t care about it for a long time, it will gradually lose its ability to self-regulate. Slowly, our body’s function and resistance will fall, and the disease will come to the door.

“Prevention and treatment of diseases, autoimmunity is the key!

It is very important to do daily maintenance.

“A daily fragrant, nourishing and healing, and giving yourself a fragrant time every day, sit down quietly, feel with your heart, change the intensity of cigarettes, follow the flow of fragrance, feel six, and move in Xinyue.”The spirituality of the mind adjusts the interest between the tangible and invisible, through the nose, opening the sputum, reconciling the physiology, passing through the spleen and removing the disease.

Be alert when you are snoring in your sleep

Be alert when you are snoring in your sleep

Some people slept without a word, but some people screamed.

Is it sick to fight?

  2%-4% of people have sleep apnea Professor Xiao Yi, director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, told reporters that most snoring is a simple snoring, benign, and 10%-30% of people snoring intermittently,The presence of apnea is a typical symptom of two-way sleep apnea syndrome.

At present, two-way sleep apnea syndrome has been paid more and more attention by the medical community. According to foreign statistics, 2-4 people out of every 100 people have suffered from this disease.

Domestic patients are also in constant stream.

According to reports, the Beijing Union Medical College Hospital has scheduled an average of one month of sleep monitoring.

  Poor sleep and breathing are harmful to the occurrence of a major seizure of sexual sleep apnea syndrome. Xiao Yi explained that when the person is awake, the throat tissue is nervous, so the breathing will not be interrupted; while after asleep, some people have loose throat.Down or due to tissue hypertrophy, part of the airway is blocked, there will be buzzing; if the airway is completely overlapped, airflow can not enter the lungs, it will cause apnea.

In the case of severely deficient oxygen, the brain regains its shortness and regains its extent to the extent that it can tighten the breathing, thereby releasing the airway overlap, and with a loud gasping, the breathing returns to normal.

This cycle, the breathing becomes very shallow, and the sleep is broken, causing the body to get tired after waking up in the morning.

In the long run, organs such as the lungs and heart are damaged due to frequent hypoxia.

  Xiao Yi said that long-term sleep apnea syndrome causes daytime sleepiness, fatigue, memory loss, and can cause serious problems such as traffic accidents.

According to US statistics, drivers who suffer from the disease are three to seven times more likely to have a car accident than normal people and account for 80% of a serious traffic accident.

In addition, due to lack of oxygen in the patient’s sleep, it can lead to high blood pressure, severe blood pressure, cerebrovascular disease, and even sudden death.

It can be seen that sleep apnea syndrome is a disease that must be treated.

  Sleeping can’t be relied on. Since snoring is a symptom, is it a snoring that indicates that the condition is getting worse?

The answer is no.

Xiao Yi pointed out that the fundamental problem of long-term sleep apnea syndrome is apnea and hypoxia, so the condition has nothing to do with the size of the snoring.

On the contrary, some people are worried that they are humming and screaming to stop the snoring, but they have not solved the fundamental problem of airway attachment. The family can’t hear the snoring, but they relax their vigilance and can’t wake him up when they are angry.It is more prone to danger.

Therefore, it is impossible to solve the fundamental problem if the light is not cured.

  In addition, Xiao Yi reminded the majority of patients that there is currently no drug in the world that can effectively stop phlegm, whether it is to control simple snoring or to treat individual sleep apnea syndrome, there is no “medicine” available, but should be in the specialistUnder the guidance of a doctor, choose an appliance, surgery or ventilator treatment.

How to do a finger massage, these steps must be remembered

How to do a finger massage, these steps must be remembered

Slightly left hand, palms open downwards, fingers naturally apart and straight, right-handed food 氽 氽 氽 氽 氽 与 与 与 与 与 与 氽 氽 氽 氽 氽 氽 氽 氽 氽 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右 右Once, the trick is to quickly wipe 10 rounds with 5 seconds.

Use your right index finger and thumb to hold the tip of your left middle finger, then gently swing the first joint back and forth 20 times to the middle finger and breathe.

The finger tries to open, and there is a gap between them. The second joint of the left middle finger is also sandwiched between the thumb and the index finger, and gently shaken to the left and right sides of the middle finger 20 times.

 Also use the thumb and forefinger of your right hand to clamp the position of the left fingernail on both sides of the nail, and rotate the middle finger from the downward direction, then turn 20 turns in the opposite direction.

The left finger on the top, with the right thumb and the second key of the index finger to clamp the middle finger root, gently pull the middle finger massage in the direction of the fingertip, so that the middle finger is fully sunken.

 Reverse the palm of your hand, open your fingers, use the right thumb and the second joint of the index finger to hold the second key of the left middle finger, gently press down, and the attention should be moderated to avoid spraining your fingers.

Urban fitness family does not enter the five major misunderstandings

Urban “fitness family” does not enter the five major misunderstandings

Due to the emphasis on health, more and more people maintain their fitness habits.
In fact, a considerable number of people’s fitness is still relatively blind.
For health, fitness is necessary, and scientific fitness is more important.
Recently, relevant experts pointed out the five major misunderstandings in the fitness process, and hope to help you who love fitness.
  Treadmills have less pressure on the knees Some people think that exercising on a treadmill is less stressful than exercising on asphalt and sidewalks.
Todd, a clinical medical expert at New York University Medical Center, said: “The weight of the body will exert pressure on the joints.
No matter where you run, the pressure is the same.
The best way to reduce knee pressure is to change the form of exercise.
If you combine running with other cardio exercises, such as exercising on an elliptical or exercise bike, the impact on your knees will decrease and your life will increase.
  Swimming is the best way to lose weight Swimming can increase lung capacity, make muscle shape symmetrical, and even reduce stress.
But experts say that unless you swim for hours every day, it doesn’t help you lose weight.
The buoyancy in the water supports the body, and the exerciser does not need to pay too much power.
Moreover, the bodybuilders coming out of the water are hungry, and it is difficult to stick to the original diet plan.
  Yoga relieves all back pains Practicing yoga helps relieve back pain, but it doesn’t work for all types of pain.
If the pain in the back is related to the muscles, stretching exercises and some postures in yoga can help.
It also strengthens the core muscle group, thereby reducing the pain in the back.
  But if the back pain is caused by lumbar disc herniation, yoga will not do anything, and it will even make you feel more painful.
If your back is sore, be sure to consult your doctor before starting your workout.
  No burning without sweating Sweating is not an indicator of exhaustive exercise. It is just the way the body cools itself.
In the absence of sweat, you can burn a lot of calories, and you can achieve this effect by walking quickly or by some lighter strength training.
  If you feel good, you will not exercise too much. This is a mistake that people often make during the fitness process. The consequences of excessive exercise will not appear until after a while, but it is not felt at the time.
  When you have not exercised for a period of time and then exercise again, you should not return to the original training level quickly and quickly.
Even if you didn’t feel uncomfortable at the time, it still caused incalculable serious consequences and even prevented you from participating in the sport.

3 ways to prevent knee injury

3 ways to prevent knee injury

The most common injury to basketball is the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament.

Athletes twisting, jumping, landing, turning or slamming may cause sprains or even breaks in the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee.

  Once the cruciate ligament is injured, it often takes several months of surgical treatment to heal.

Therefore, the US “Health Day” website pointed out that basketball amateurs should learn to protect their own practices.

  Knee injuries are often caused by insufficient muscle strength in the back of the thigh.

Here are a few tips to help you exercise your back muscles and prevent fractures.

  The first trick: lifting the thighs.

Vertically vertical, lift the left thigh, the companion hand supports the thigh and press down to provide resistance, but do not use excessive force, still have to ensure that the thigh is raised to the horizontal position.

Change legs after repeating three or four times.

  The second measure: strength activities legs.

Kneeling on the ground, legs close together, right foot on the left heel.

Press your left foot against your thigh and use your right foot in the opposite direction to block the movement of your left foot.

Change the foot after repeating three or four times.

This action can simultaneously exercise the posterior muscles of the tibia thigh and the lateral muscles of the other thigh.

  The third measure: try to land on the forefoot as you jump to the ground, aiming at the slight bend.

When you touch the ground, your knees and hips are slightly bent, just like sitting in a chair instead of standing upright.

Old people should pay more attention to these taboos when eating sodium citrate

Old people should pay more attention to these taboos when eating sodium citrate

Many people love this sweet tooth, especially women especially love it.

do you know?

In fact, the elderly have a lot of benefits to eat some chocolate properly.

Chocolate is always a good thing to heal the heart, or a good product for the body.

   Old people should eat more chocolate oxides. The cocoa polyphenols and tea polyphenols in these taboo chocolates have strong antioxidant functions. They can not only prolong other antioxidants in the body, but also promote vasodilation, treat anemia symptoms, and eat more chocolate.Anti-Aging.

So, if you want your young to be a little bit better, then you might want to eat some chocolate in your life.

  When milk and chocolate are combined, it forms calcium lactate and calcium lactate that are easily absorbed by the body, which helps the body to increase metabolism and promote calcium absorption.

Cocoa contains high levels of flavanols, while salicylic acid in red wines is both white wines, affecting each other, achieving better analgesic effects than aspirin, and does not cause migraine, low feverAny antibiotic may have an alternative.

  Eating 30 grams of black brownie a day causes a 15% reduction in cardiovascular incidence.

Dark chocolate and nuts contain a lot of minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. These minerals can participate in and improve the microcirculation of the human body and effectively improve the skin condition.

Chocolate promotes blood flow to the brain and prevents dementia.

  Chocolate can promote vasodilation, reduce the degree of blood agglutination, reduce vasoconstriction, lower blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

The flavanols in cocoa are a healthy flavonoid.

It is an antioxidant contained in cocoa beans and has an alternative blood function similar to aspirin.

  Older people eat chocolate with the taboo milk and chocolate with food is prone to diarrhea.

Milk is rich in protein and calcium, and chocolate contains oxalic acid. If mixed together, calcium in milk will combine with oxalic acid in chocolate to form a calcium oxalate that does not dissolve water. After eating, it will not only absorb, but will cause diarrhea.Symptoms such as dry hair affect growth and development.

  Bread and chocolate are high in blood sugar.

Bread and chocolate contain sugar, especially in diabetics. If you eat the same food, the blood sugar will rise rapidly after the meal.

Therefore, no matter whether it is a diabetic or a general elderly, we do not recommend this to match the diet.

  If sesame and chocolate are eaten together, it will affect the digestion of the interconnect.

Because chocolate contains a lot of oxalic acid, oxalic acid will combine with the calcium contained in sesame to form calcium oxalate, which has a certain inhibitory effect on nutrient digestion and absorption.

Chocolate is a high molecular weight, high sugar and high dung food that cannot be eaten with drinks such as soft drinks or juices.

  Chocolate has a high sugar content and a small amount of sugar, so diabetics should eat less or not eat chocolate.

Because everyone knows that people with diabetes have their own taboos in diet. If you eat chocolate or eat too much chocolate at this time, it will cause great adverse effects on your body.

Chocolate contains a substance that stimulates stomach acid. People with heartache should not eat chocolate. Especially after eating chocolate, the heart is burning and stop eating.