“They both pointed their guns at each other,Xu Tian spoke,It seems to be complimenting Louis XI’s elaborate style of play in order to seduce the Firebirds snipers,At the same time, he also wanted to seeFive-seveNThe power of……”

“too frightening,7HPLouis XI can be shot with just one more shotGAME OVER,But if he successfully kills Xu Tian,Will be done‘5kill’Reversal!”
“Louis XI did not speak,But shot Xu Tian directly,Hit Xu Tian at least three shots in an instant!”
“Xu Tian wears body armor and helmet,Although he suffered a lot of damage,But did not affect his useM4A1The assault rifle fought back frantically in the direction of Louis XI!”
“Tutu tutu!Tutu tutu!”
“The space is too small,Such a short distance,Both have a chance to win!”
“System notice,GhostThe team was wiped out!The Red Firebirds achieved the final victory!”
“Win!!!Xu Tian won the final victory!Let’s congratulate Team Firebirds!Bird Of Fire,Young phoenix spreads its wings,Must soar in the sky!”
“at the same time,All members of the Firebird team where player Xu Tian belongs will be qualified for the trial training of the top team of the professional league tournament!Let us wish them a better road tomorrow!Believe that soon,We can see this group of young people active in the top court!”
Xu Tian on the sofa seemed to have a sleep,Woke up awkwardly,Question and answer:“is it?I haven’t seen this interesting person online since then,‘LY11’This oneIDPermanently sealed by the Ghost Team,No Louis XI has ever participated in any competition……”
Xu Tian checked the contents of the envelope,This is almost consistent with the information in his previous investigation,Nothing new。
“Data One:Glory Gun Southeast Asia Server,GameID:Ghost.LY11,Average kills per game1.89,Average number of deaths per game0.59,Comprehensive glory value8.71,Altogether only18Game record,before17Pistols used in the field,Never used a sniper rifle,Especially good atFive-seveN。”
“This also explains why he changed his gun in the end,This should be his most confident way……How did he play in just a dozen games,Have such a deep understanding of games,Arranged such a weird tactic?Could it be that he has other accounts?Glory Gun is bound to ID card,There can only be one account in the same region……”
“Data two:2019yearWSTGAfter the Grand Prix finals,Ghost.LY11Become online‘Pistol god’,But it’s ridiculous,Many people still think that if he didn’t change his sniper rifle,And set up an ambush,There is a chance to complete the counterattack。”
“Netizens did not see his determination at that time!If he shoots four shots in one place and takes away all my teammates,I can’t figure out his position yet,Then I don’t have to play professionally……”
“Data Three:Ghost.LY11Internet address is encrypted,Countless hackers want to reveal his true identity,But nothing。”
“This is the mysterious place of ghosts。”
“Data Four:Through investigationGhostTeam,Its members are mostly European passers-by,Belongs to a folk shooting hobby club,Frequent staff changes,Strong liquidity,apart fromGhost.LY11Used time online,No further clues。”

Come to a tent,Spring observed the situation around the lower。

In addition to one or two buildings,Other tents,Interval is not far。
The two buildings in the center of the tent,Obviously the core of the thief lives,Spring does not touch it directly。
Can be a caminenger core character,Can not be strong,In case exposure,Spring will face the http://www.zyxwq.cnsiege,That’s dangerous。
Don’t think that ordinary people don’t threaten the Ninja,Some people have no strength to lose,And you can see that the number of people here is quite the number of people.。
And in case there is a wandering ninja?,That is more troublesome。
The goal of the spring is to first assassinate reduced quantity.,After exposure,Re-killing。
Springs hide the rushing thief,Touching a tent,Take a look,There are about ten thieves this,I have already slept.,Some still is still fighting。
Spring is touched by one person,No choice,Instead, directly on the other’s neck,Suddenly this camline lost his life in your sleep.。
And the spring also breathed a shortage,Ok, I haven’t seen blood.,Spring said that I still didn’t feel nausea.。
This is also to prevent itself from exposure to it.,After all, the bloody flavor is too obvious.,Easy to be found。
This way is lost in Chakra.,It’s not difficult to understand the springs of the human structure.。
Other thieves in the room operations in turn。
The snoring in the tent stopped.,Springs frowned,But this is inevitable.。
And he only accelerates speed.。
I saw Springs kept in the tent.,After entering a tent,Not long after it comes out,This also means that there is a lot of life in the past。
Kill so many people,Spring is also bored,Chakra also consumes a lot。
However, these are thieves that have evil,Spring does not have much psychological burden。
Spring is still continuing,Those patrolling thieves have not found the spring。
But suddenly patrolling thieves changed the route,Into a tent,And that tent is in the spring。
And Quan Wei did not know this situation.,He still kill the thief without silent。
“Um?How is it so quiet today? ,Not snoring,Hey,Get up and change”The thief came in and took a thief.。
“Don’t die,I haven’t slept yet.”
He shakes again,But he immediately found it wrong.。
“Hey,Are you OK,do not scare me”This thief suddenly felt that the dark tent was very strange.。
He carefully used his finger to touch the nose of this thief.。
“died!”Clown thief fell to the ground。
Then he think of what,Looked a quiet tent,I climbed over and tried to try another kind of breath.。
“Dead is dead”The thief suddenly sat on the ground.。
“Enemy attack,Enemy attack”Patrol thief crazy rushing out tent,Shout。
“not good”
When you put your hand in the neck of a thief, you will realize that it is not good.,And the thieves under his hand also wake up。
“You are。。。。”
Quan Yi’s hand Chakra,Ended the life of this camitor thief。
Then pull out the water,I only see the knife flashes.,Just awake,I haven’t realized what the thief happened to be harvested by Spring.。
Henity,Two shadows,Then just look at it,Quickly rush out of the tent。
Outside the tent,It is a mess now,But there is no one in the big tent.。

Three people walk to the dormitory direction。

Pointed a curved grass,Two thumb will turn around,Side, turn around:“cousin,When will we go to Yancheng??”
“Two days。”
“Oh。”Buns,“Can you go to work??”
“All finished,You still work?”
“Um。”Bunny,“Ticket money I want to earn back。”
“……I have bought you back.!”
“Oh,Then I will save the money of the earned ticket.,I have earned some money.。”The buns still look at the turnover,“Can these two groups adults can go to work??”
“I asked her.。”
Nano spit weeds in their mouths,Suddenly turned:“correct,She said that you went to see her red dyeing.,She goes with you。”
Zhouzhi oh。
There is no reaction around the buns.,I didn’t ask who she is.,Not interested in this matter。
Chapter 644 Again to bamboo garden
Zhou Qianqian:Holiday
Zhou Qianqian:get home safe
Chang Xiaoxiang:Good ghost/cute
Li Daishi:Summer vacation black
Zhou Qianqian:/ok
Zhou Qianqian:What special food in your Yancheng?,I will remember to give me a point in the next semester.
Li Daishi:Have a hammer, do you want?
Zhou Qianqian:Laozi killed you
The news of the group is ignorant,He has never loved to bubble in the group,Unless I am really interested。
At this time, he is busy cleaning up the baggage.。
Computer naturally bring,Did not finish the snacks,Take away from the like of the powder protein powder。
Bed linen is set to remove,The clothes that change it will take away,The public washing machine in the bedroom is not only poor quality.、Washing ratio,Not too sanitary,He is still more trustworthy。In addition, the ancient books in the bedroom should also take away,Summer vacation is to see,Textbook,He has learned enough lesson,If you take it, you won’t look away.,I don’t bring it.。
In addition, there is nothing to bring.。
For example, mobile phone charger,He has a few sets,The bedroom in the bedroom is fine.。
Pack a small box and a school bag,Zhouzhi will put it on the side,It is dinner with the rest of the rest of the bedroom and the rest of the bedroom.——Unfortunately, I can’t agree.106,Because there are about a thousand thousands of thousands。
After eating, he left school.,And often Xiaoxiang three will wait until tomorrow will go。
Next morning。
Nan Ge played the game last night and played all night.,I don’t know if she is in her own.,Still,To make the king of the 榆, you can appear during the day today.。
When you come out from the room,Some worried about watching the color of Nange,But it finds that her skin is as smooth as ever.,I will have a dark circle before staying up late.,When she was high school, she often stared at the dark circles.,But now is so irregular,The color is very good,Better than normal people。
This skin,Youth girl who carefully care is not so good.,It is the horizontal of the star intensive map.。
Watching some monsters。

“What’s your name?How long have you been here”Xia Jian suddenly asked which little girl。

The little girl smiled and said:“My name is yuan li,Been here for almost half a year”
Xia Jian beckoned,Let Yuan Li approach,Then he lowered his voice and asked:“How does Director Ho treat you normally??Isn’t it a bit powerful”
“Of course she is amazing,She is Mr. Guo’s cousin”Yuan Li said it smoothly,When she realized,Maybe a bit late,The little girl bowed her head unhappily。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Nothing,Don’t be afraid,I am the boss of the group”Although Xia Jian said,Yuan Li who realizes her failure,Don’t say a word,This put Xia Jian in a hurry。
at this time,Heiwa opened the door and walked in,Xia Jian hurriedly sat up straight,Tasting slowly while holding tea。Soon,Guo Meili and He Juan,Maybe from a few financial staff outside,Brought a few thick books。
It seems that people take the financial investigation as real,Xia Jian frowned,Began to turn over the ledger,Fortunately, he has a good memory,He only needs to read these accounts once,Some important figures,He remembered it all in his heart。
More than ten books,Xia Jian spent less than half an hour,I have read it all,He Juan on the side,His face couldn’t help showing joy,She might be thinking,Look like this,Can remember a fart,It seems that this young boss is just a paper tiger。
After reading the last book,Xia Jian threw the account book on the table,His face changed slightly and said:“Mr. Guo,The company has regulations,No more than two thousand white bars per month,You just last month and January,Just white strips53246yuan,Please explain to me”
“President Xia,Did you remember wrong,There shouldn’t be so many”He Juan’s mouth curled up,Slightly despise the taste of Xia Jian。
Xia Jian said coldly“Can’t go wrong”
Guo Meili hurriedly said:“Director Ho, look again,See what’s wrong”
“How could it be wrong?”He Juan picked up the ledger reluctantly,Read it carefully。
Xia Jian asked coldly:“how about it?Who is wrong”
“That’s right!The one who hit the white strip3246yuan,Slightly exceeded the company’s financial regulations,But there is nothing like Mr. Xia said53246yuan,I signed this list,Can’t be so outrageous”He Juan said aggrievedly。
Guo Meili laughed and said:“It’s fine,President Xia is just to let everyone do their work more carefully,We should thank Mr. Xia”
“slow!Director Ho,Scrapped**,Is it a white bar?”Xia Jian sat up straight,Raised his voice and asked。
He Juan was taken aback,I hurriedly pushed the glasses on the bridge of my nose with my hand,Said timidly:“If it is**If it is scrapped,Its function is a white bar”
“Well!You have a fortune50000Meta**,It is obviously covered with a special stamp for scrap,Why is it still accounted?”Xia Jian hurriedly asked。

Summer speed is very fast,Blink。

Opposite,In the eyes are unlimited killing。
Just——Daoh next action,But let the summer frown。
“Give you。”
With the sound,Dora throws an angel thorn。
Summer can’t be stunned,Bulk the arm to catch an angel thorn,Gradient to the opponent,“So will I let you go??”
Daoute laughs,Also shake your head,“My family and an adult have made a transaction,What is the specific?,I will not say more.,And our people have to pay,But it is secret to protect you.,Let you escape the killing ring……Not this time,But the ninth mountain,I originally in the ninth mountain,If you encounter danger,I will come out。”
Toned,Also,“But I didn’t expect you to be so strong.,Later, I learned a message from the mouth of Jah.,Say someone murders you in the dark network……Certainty,Ja’er does not know the trading,So he killed you,My family is not blame you.。”
Speech,He will also throw it to the respected ring.,“Letter don’t believe you,I didn’t want to kill you since I since I was.,Otherwise,Why is the two holy places in my hand?,I haven’t given Idi,A blood family,These two holyers can play a bigger power in them.。”
Summer frown。
Other person’s words,Let him feel doubtful,Semi-skeptical。
“Protect me?
A few days ago in the abandoned factory,You are not like this.……”“I don’t want to。”
Dora laughs,“But the adult requires this,She said that she wants to force your potential,What is the specific,I don’t know。”
Summer squinting,The eye is more dangerous in the eyes,“What you said,Who is it??”
“I don’t know,She is a woman,White yarn cover……”He describes some,Eye flow exposes the color of fear,“She also said,If you don’t believe me,Just tell her dress up,You will definitely believe。”
I heard this sentence。
Summer is immediately shocked。
He just have to continue to ask,Dao is turned to turn forward.,Sound,“Don’t chase me.,Didn’t you find it?,I am playing with you.,Fundamentally does not show our ability,Otherwise,You won’t be so easy to kill those people.,There is also before you abrupt,If it is not my deliberate blocking Baker,How can you kill him?。”
First1933Chapter Victoria’s ambition
Summer did not continue to chase Dao。
Returned to the park of the park with full doubts。
He quickly saw Xianti。
It is not visible Victoria。
Xianti suddenly turns a smile,Hurry and welcome it.,“You are fine.。”
Summer shink,眼 眼 看 周,“Victoria。”
“She is there。”

“Have you seen it??”

Red dyed voice。
“Not the highest。”Red dyeing pointed to the top of the tree,There is a flat place there。
“No road。”
Zhou Zhiyou looked at it。
Can just finish,He feels that his arm is caught.,Ear sound:“My sister took you.。”
Chapter 451 Can anyone tell me this is really fun?
The sky is gradually dim。
This world begins to enter the night。
Zhou has already dropped from the treetop.,Stepping on the ground,Moss under the foot of the foot,I don’t know when I started to have some small spot.,Let this scene like a dream。
Along with the group’s twist in his arms。
“Bright worm coming out!”
Zhouzhi holds a group,Solve her fall,This is finally looking to these small spot。
These small light spots are in fact a bugs of a peanuts.,Just they have love,Like a small elf。It is important that they really have a pair of hands.,Hands carrying glowing small lanterns,The light emitted by these lanterns is still different.,Take Yellow Guang’s most common,Brightness is strong。
Careful investment。
They are flying from a flower from the roadside.,That kind of flower is just a flower bud,On the evening bloom,Flowers also exude weak fluorescence,Dress this forest。
The little elves are flying in the air.,Not much number,Rough,Fly,They fly into the street lamp。
So the road light is on。
Zhou Zhiyou stunned,I am busy turning back and turning back.,Watching four sides。
Far deep road、Aerial branch,Including houses on the tree,Both began to pick up two-year-old,The whole forest is instantly loaded with a light.。
The night of the city began。
The little elves fly out again.,Start hosted in the forest。
Sometimes,Seems to do nothing,Sometimes they will fall on them or other monsters,Sometimes you drill from the window to others.,Sometimes three or two two two gathered in a pile,Like social turnover, I also found that I am welcomed by them.,They often flies around him,Stare at him,Like watching rare。
At the same time, they don’t dare to get close to the sequin.。
This makes Zhou feel very interesting.。
“Do they also demon??”
“Not awkward,Be a bright worm!”The group rushed to answer,Also say twice,“Be a bright worm!”
“Thank you, adult。”Zhou Sheng continues to look red dye。
“It depends on how you understand.。”Red dyeing mouth,Explain,“In theory, as long as it is the hometown of the hometown.、Thoughtful,We all treat them as the same kind,Despite some individual wisdoms, it is more stupid than a speech.。But they are obviously different from us.,We are the same as a long time.,And they are new life that is gestated after your universe.,You can see。”
“Humph!”The group is very dissatisfied。
“This way.”Nod,Touching the head of a group,“But what is this?”
“Humph!”Adults continue to dissatisfaction。
“It is very complicated,But it can also be very simple.,The two worlds have intersected after all.,The general will affect each other。This can be understood as a change in the world’s influence of the world.,It can also be seen as an invasion of your world to our world.,Soft invasion。In fact, we don’t know how this process is going.,See what you use to look at it.。”Red dyeing is very calm,“For example, intrusion is the common statement of your humanity.,Because you have been accustomed to invading,From your racial birth, you will continue to witness the collision between species.。And we are not thinking so,Don’t you think this is not good?。”
“What happened to a group??”Zhouzhi quickly bowed。

“This is a time lag tactic,Let’s see if the Firebirds are really confident in35Destroyed in seconds2Defenders wonBpoint。”

“Do not,They may not need to be eliminatedBPoint two……There is a word called Weidian Dayuan!”
“what!Firebirds inBPoint storm is just a cover,They only have3Team members are attacking,And the rest2People ambushAPoint direction。”
“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!”
“Ghost team2A team member hurriedly encountered an ambush by the Firebirds,Gave a young life,FirebirdsXTianGet a kill with another team member,The blue side instantly decreases2people,The Firebirds really taught them a lesson in the finals!”
“indeed,Now the game time comes4Minute45second,The scene is very bad for the Ghosts,Not only loss2Players,And another2The approximate locations of the players have also been exposed,BPoints formed a real five-on-two,And no reinforcements。”
“at this time,BThe ghost team at the point also knows that the situation is critical,They choose to retreat,Want to return to the farm。”
“XTianWon’t give them a chance,The Firebirds have already arranged for the snipers to find a hidden location,At this time, the jeep in which the ghost team came has been exposed under the muzzle……”
“The ghost squad who came to pick up the car suffered an ambush again,Get a headshot with a steady shot by a Firebirds sniper,The body fell from the driver’s seat of the jeep,A touch of blush in the snow。”
“beautiful,Really neat!There is only one left in the ghost team now,But surrounded by the Firebirds,The range of activities keeps getting smaller,He hides in the coniferous forest,Can he cause trouble to the Firebirds??”
“Thunder Kill,Wonderful Thunder Kill,The Firebirds rely on Xu Tian’s precise shot,Take another head。”

I thought that today is another day without the body.。

The two brothers who lifted the body lifted the body of the old scorpion and then lifted another corpse after the body of the body.。
The servant is followed behind,He saw the forest,Immediately ask:
“Those women left ten silver??”
Lin fingers fingering the silver on the table。
The servant is immediately entering the ten silver into his sleeves.,This begins to explain:
“This corpse is juggling of walking street sanctuary,Because of his confidence,Be killed,I will let you touch the body.,After that, I will let them throw it in the dump.。”
The two brothers who lifted the corpse of the servants came out of the dead.,Just touch the forest。
Lin response according to the rules,First, two,On the two feets of the body,。
As for why do you do this?,In addition to touching the corpse,There are still don’t understand others in the world.。
Subsequent rules。
After death, I will enter the 18th floor hell.,It is necessary to pass the 18 kinds of hardships.,These eighteen mysterious difficulties are most sad to the Knife mountain。
Need to bribe the little ghosts with the money born。
Once the body is sent to the hand of the corpse,One-clean two nets,How to bribe the little ghost。
Touching the corpse also understands that the things that do not do the sun is unable to last long.,In order to make up for the deceased,Give yourself,Ignite two fragrant in my feet.,No money, bribery, you can’t give a little ghost.,But can pass the fog in the land。
So inserting a two-in-one in the foot, the convenience of the living is also the convenience of the dead.。
When the forest is moving,According to the previous order,One-inch one inch。
The body in front of the body is juggling,I hope that there is nothing worthless.,If there is,That is just a few two shards。
Lin ring has always been touched him arms,There is something out.。
Hand explore the sleeve,Be careful,It turned out to be a jade ring,Crystal clear,There is a natural texture,Walking like two dragons in the entanglement,Even if the forest is not seen,Also know the value of the city。
It’s a small look at him.。
Juggling can have such a baby,Iron is stolen。
Take it to make a woman wearing a woman’s head。
I will see it to everyone.。
Two things carefully put in the iron dish。
Lin rang reached out to take the last thing in the sleeves.。
A small book。
【Nanmonic monkey】
(Monkey named,age25age,Craft man walking street skewers show tricks,Occasionally, will be pulled into the farmland。

“All right,You find time yourself,Familiarize,You are now just Chakra.,But what extent can you play?,Also look at yourself”Spring said。

“I want to ask,What ex- now”Sasuke。
He didn’t see Ning,Obviously he must complete the integration than they。
“Oh,It seems that you are still very concerned.,But I can still tell you.,He is except for me and glow night,Strongest existence”Spring said。
“Although this is because you are not strong enough,However, Ning Ji is no longer a general co-wood.”
Sasuke pupil。
This means that Ning is already ahead of them.。
“So strong,It seems that I have to work hard.”Naruto excited。
Springs this metamorphosis,I can’t afford the desire of the nun.,Ning is different。
“You are basically at the same level,Including me too,This is basically the limit of human beings.,The key is to see how you applied power.,This must have a high degree of understanding of strength.”Spring said。
“you are right,But always give us one direction.”Narler said。
“There are two directions,First, body integrity,Ning’s body, you are all,I want to know how to practice can ask Ning.”
“Second, the attribute,Here is the cultivation direction of my blood about five attributes,You can study if you are interested”
From the body of the spring, the purple drifting。
“I want Ray property”Sasuke。
“Feel sorry,You can not”Springs shook their heads。
“Why?”Sasuke’s brow。
“You blend ten tails,I originally mastered the blood of the blood.,Basically, it is impossible to master other blood,But ordinary blood is easy to master”Spring said。
“Do not,I am afraid that Quan Your will walk into the misunderstanding,Sasuke or you can use your strength”Laughing。
“Forehead,Doesn’t it mean that other people have a quantity limit?”Spring。
“Yes,But there is no limit to the understanding of strength,Sasuke is also just can’t engrave into the soul.,It’s not as good as you use.”衣 解。
“Your properties have been integrated into the body and soul,I want to use it.,Even the decomposition of Dao Yusheng can do,But other people have learned all,I can’t decompose and seek jade,They can only use one attribute at a time.”
“And you can’t do transformation of jade,This is you privilege”
“There is a good point in the blood junction,Two types,But it doesn’t mean that they have completed such a blood”
The jade is touched by the muff。
“Forehead,It turned out to be like this”Spring。
It is a six cactus,This knowledge is not other than others.。
That is to say, they can also understand these forces through themselves.,But did not form a blood joint,In use,There is no so easy for Spring.。
Transformation, seeking, jade, don’t think。
I can only have a reincarnation of Ning.,This kind of eyes with strong handling ability。
But Ning will not transform the jade,He masters the soil properties。
“Ok!This is the mine attribute you want.”A purple ball directly flies to Sasuke,And integrated into his body。
Although you can’t transform the jade,But black thunder is also a powerful attack ability。
What extent can you play?,Want to help yourself。
“And I,I want the wind attribute”Naruto shouted。
A purple ball also flew to the Naruto。
“Then I will feel the fire.,Tianzhao is my ability,Yourself,Should be more easy to control”Laughter。
“Oh,This is a good choice”Spring smiles。
A purple ball flies。
If you are, you don’t speak.,He has mastered the blood of the earth.,It is not necessary to learn other things.。

But in the human eye of this fine refiner,Another way of another。

Why have many materials can only purify 50%、60%?
Why have some materials purified 70%,It is called a small best product。
The reason,It is a lot of materials,Do not completely purify。
Once you continue to go deep into,So material nature texture,Will be damaged。
Summer purified jade semen drops,I am afraid that I have arrived.!
certainly,He can do this,Not only the reason for pure surgery。
There is also the factor of the original fire。
Yafu has also been secretly speculated.,Summer black heart fire,What kind of quality has been achieved?。
Generally,Trunker’s heart intensity,From high to low,All、land、mysterious、yellow、To grade。
Yafu’s heart is already cultivated to the metaphysical high level,So she can be in the refineries in Dong’an Xing,Be the palm。
But she knows,Your heart is compared with the summer of this group of black flames,Not comparable at all。
“At least a ground heart fire!”
This is her judgment。
Interrogate,Jiuji jade fused together,Constant deformation。
finally,A round ball。
Ball molding,Still slowly rotating in black flame。
Thereon,Constantly there is brilliant flash。
Yafu immediately looks。
Because she knows,At this moment, the summer is moving in the round ball.。
I don’t know how long,A bright ray transponders on a round ball,That is like breathing,Hurricane。
Be formed?
Yafu eyes bright。
But very quickly,She did not stop in the summer。
Contrary,Summer looks more and more downs,Even a tension and caution。
this……what happened?
Yafu has some doubts,But I don’t dare to disturb,I don’t dare to explore my mind.。
Take her experience,The party should be successful.。
at this time。
Ball again,And transpond to a rhyme that cannot be described。
It seems to be alive this moment.。
“It should be it this time.。”
Yafu reveals the color of the expectation。
However, she saw,Summer still does not stop。
A moment,Spoon again flashing,Ling rhyme。